Ranbir Kapoor’s creepy behavior with Robert De Niro

  1. Baba Ji 8 years ago

    gaysharam :v

  2. Tulmul 8 years ago

    I Loved them…. Such a lovely pics …. Its just feeling of baby when long lasting wish is fulfilled. I see it that way. I posted them in fb group long back….

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      Sorry even babies don’t go and kiss someone’s knees the way Ranbir is doing in the first picture. One can justify touching of feet as Indian culture but then De Niro is not Indian and it would creep out or make him uncomfortable.

      WTF is kissing his knee and reclining on his knee.

      • aryan 8 years ago

        Agree looks Chillar itna maska lagane ki zaroorath nahin hai Ranbir Ko.

  3. amit3880 8 years ago

    Nothing creepy about it..
    Its just a matter of someone who is meeting his idol.. leaving his dream in reality…
    I think its so feel good moments for ranbir..!

  4. Tulmul 8 years ago

    You are assuming on DeNiro’s behalf that he will get uncomfortable but Pictures dont show that uncomfortable-ness… He is cool and so is Ranbir. We are now judging everything through western eyes and forgot our own Indian cultural Eye.

    PS :The way We friends ( a most of us all) lived as roomies by western eyes we are all Gays… Just west has narrow outlook doesnt mean we ape everything blindly

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      You are forgetting that De Niro is a actor and a great one at that. Even if he is uncomfortable he can pretend to be cool or he may be just about tolerating it or trying to ignore it.

      Ranbir is not being cool. He is either being cheap or doing all this pretense. He is unfortunately not that great an actor to pull off this pretense.

      There is a western guy involved here so one can’t judge based on only Indian cultural eye.

      Anyway my post was about the whole obsequiousness of it not gayness. Yes Indians are not as homophobic as the westerners but that doesn’t mean that a Indian guy has to start hugging/holding hands and doing all the Indian male bonding stuff with a westerner.

  5. saurabh sharma 8 years ago

    I would like to do it if I ever get the chance to meet my idol..
    But then Ranbir is a public figure.
    some people commented lil similarly when srk bowed down to hugh jackman.
    A lot exaggerated video on similar.

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      Well Farhan said that he along with Hrithik and SRK touched De Niro’s feet in Dubai.


      Some outsider perspective – not western but from South Asia.

      “De Niro was primarily in India to attend the annual ‘Think’ festival organized by Terun Tejpal, the founder and editor of the Tehelka magazine and media company. As part of the festival he was interviewed live on stage by Tehelka magazine editor Shoma Chaudhury. She subjected him to a sort of acting school viva voce of his own career asking painfully detailed questions about the processes that went into creating many memorable characters.

      One could see that De Niro struggled to confect answers commensurate with the unnecessarily showy questions. At least once he said he did not understand the question. This is what happens when people read too much into what goes behind the scenes of any creative process. Overall, De Niro did say things that made eminent sense. For instance, talking about his acting process he said, “The less you do the better. It’s up to the director to get you to not do anything. (When the scene cuts to you) it should say it all… In every character you use something of yourself, whatever is applicable. Why not? It’s there.”

      Coming back to the unequivocal affections that he received from the Indian film fraternity, De Niro visited Kher’s office where he met a bunch of people from the movies.One of them was Ranbir Kapoor, a third generation scion of Hindi cinema’s most illustrious movie dynasty of the Kapoors (Prithviraj, Raj, Shammi, Shashi, Rishi and Randhir Kapoor). Ranbir opened up the floodgates of his cutesy (See the pictures below)

      Actor Ranbir Kapoor in what seems like part natural, part contrived gesture of affection for De Niro. This picture is taken from the twitter feed of Priya Gupta, Bombay Times managing editor”


  6. ank_16n 8 years ago

    I see nothing wrong in this accept that indians are facinated by western lifestyle n Americans/europians are facinated by ours………
    plus u can’t figure out the chemistry/comfort level n talk that ranbir n de niro’s had shared before n while doing such stuff so it wud be im-mature n childish to comment what we think of this act..!!

  7. Manish Kumar 8 years ago

    hahahahha … it seems show off and pretense .. touching feet was ok … bt rest all stupidity … apni matrabhaasha mein kahu to ranbeer chaat raha tha and i dont like chaaatus 🙂 .. my favourite have been akki ganguly , shewag since the start bt even if i meet them i wont do any of these chutiapa ever … they are bloody humans like us .. i cant be chaatu

  8. Shalu Dhyani 8 years ago

    There is deferential and there is weird.

  9. Anajanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    If a person is really impressed with a personality and thinks of him/her as a great actor one wud never do this chichorapan.

  10. Anajanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Look at the way Anupam Kher is standing. That clearly shows whole group was not high. JUst because DeNiro is not reacting Ranbir seems to have acted weird – 2-3 peg pi gaya hoga. I can clearly see DeNiro is not quite happy with it.

  11. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    On second thoughts I think that he has got his genes from his Uncle Mr. Shammi Kapoor – and all the masti from him. (why so serious kind of attitude ) 🙂

  12. Amina 4 years ago

    I can see all this display of affection and attention has clearly freaked De Niro out. He comes from a different culture and set up altogether where people are not that tactile and expressive. These Indians might be unaware of that and hence felt that he was being rude by not reciprocating. Ranbir kapoor looks sooo adorable by showing that kind of love but the fact is that De Niro is not used to all this. Anyway I would have kept an elegance display of myself, my emotions if I was there as an Indian celebrity. Any way I am from Pakistan and my most favourite actors are number 1. Leonardo D, then Ryan G, Jackie C.

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