What India thought on 1993, Poll results on Top Stars, Top Movies etc

  1. sputnik 12 years ago

    @Shetty Bhai,

    I got your email and was starting to post it but saw that you had already uploaded the pictures.

    Thanks for this excellent post. Just loved it.

  2. Author
    shetty 12 years ago

    You are welcome Sputnik 🙂

    I thought you might not have received the mail as the size was more than 7MB

    Dedicated this to my 2 kid brothers, Milind & Baba

  3. Milind 12 years ago

    Brilliant Stuff.Thanks so much Shetty Bhai.I am humbled.

    Amitabh was the last bonafide superstar. that is evident!

  4. Milind 12 years ago


    Dear I think this should be put under featured posts now.Mine got its due.Time for other posts now.


  5. Tulmul 12 years ago

    Mr Shetty Thanks a Bunch for this Post 🙂

    ps: Sattu will be so Garden garden on seeing this 😛

  6. Milind 12 years ago

    Thanks Sputnik for making it under “featured posts”

  7. cr7 12 years ago

    chunky pandey was 3rd in most eligible bachelor list ..lol..

    interesting read.

  8. Manish 12 years ago

    Gr8 post shetty bhai 😀 surprising to see all khans so much behind amitabh even in 90s starting :-O

  9. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    great post shetty bhai.I think khans were still in nascent stage when this poll was taken,it was after 1994-95,that the khan triumvirate started rocking.

  10. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    good to see jjws winning poll for best film.

    • sputnik 12 years ago

      It won Best Film at Filmfare Awards too.

      I remember that there was no one at the ticket counter for Sunday Matinee show of JJWS when I went to watch Deewana. I think JJWS had released a few weeks ago. I watched JJWS a few years later (mid or later 90s) in a Sunday Matinee show and it became almost full.

      I think it was a multiplex film but then there were no multiplexes back then.

  11. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    from the poll results i can gather that probably akshay and snajy dutt were more popular than the khans.

    • sputnik 12 years ago

      Akshay is not even there in the Top 10 Favorite heroes He is in the Most Eligible Bachelor and Physique lists only. 😉

      • Baba Ji 12 years ago

        khans were in nascent stage in 1993
        anil was losing his fanbase
        sanjay was in trouble and his image had gone down bcos of bombay blasts
        so public chose old favourite amitabh
        if poll was taken in 1995-96,srk would have won.

        • sputnik 12 years ago

          Sanjay’s image did not get hurt. On the contrary it just increased people’s curiosity about it and made him more popular.

          KhalNaayak had great buzz and had a excellent opening. Youngsters were all talking about Sanjay and his physique and his fight with Jackie in the movie.

          Me and my friends went to 7 theaters to watch KhalNayak but could not get tickets at even one of them.

          • Baba Ji 12 years ago

            sputnik – he had image of a criminal among a large part of the crowd.it got him publicity yes but negative one which worked for khalnayak.it might not have worked for the poll.

        • Author
          shetty 12 years ago

          Baba, Big B continued to stay in top for another 2 years till SRK replaced him in 1996

          • Milind 12 years ago

            In many senes it would not be wrong to say that Bachchan is the last superstar,bonafide one! To be in numero uno position even 7 years past your prime is an unthinkable feat.It clearly reflects how he was just not a superstar but a man who was weaved into the lifestyle of the bourgeois and how he had made himself indispensable to the thinking of the same class.

            It also shows that Bhachchan had actually interacted with the audience in a manner that any competition whatsoever,even when he was on the weaker side of the star-debate,could not make him lose it.His bond with the common movie going audience was a perfect example of symbiotic relationship whereby each could not survive without each other.No other star after him has made such an impact.No other star after him has made that sort of immaculate impact and left an indelible imprint!

  12. lambu 12 years ago

    nice nice..
    good to see some old articles/scans… bigb rocks YO..
    ETT rocks YO..

    • Milind 12 years ago

      Lambu–ETT rocks kahaan se aa gaya bhai 😉

    • Tulmul 12 years ago

      Lambu Rocks after his stint of compulsory “unloading” .. Yooooooooooooooooooo

  13. sputnik 12 years ago

    This is a June 1993 issue.

    Amitabh had already declared his retirement and that Khuda Gawah would be his last movie. Amitabh topping the poll is based more on perception and standing/reputation due to his decades old career. In the early 90s people were still hoping that Amitabh would make a grand comeback and rule it like he did in the 70s and early 80s.

    Shah Rukh had only one hit Deewana by then and a few flops. Baazigar/Darr had not released yet which made him a superstar.

    Salman was going through a flop phase during this time. He did not have a single hit after Saajan which released on Aug 30 1991 to Aug 1994 when HAHK released. This is the reason why Salman is so low on the polls.

    Aamir had QSQT, Dil, JJWS (Average or Semi Hit) by then. Aamir Khan used to be a big favorite with girls as is proved by the pin up poll.

    So basically the Khans did not have the filmography or hits to challenge Amitabh.

    Sanjay Dutt was the actual No 1 (since Amitabh had already retired). I am not sure if Roop Ki Rani had released before they conducted this poll. That was the movie that basically screwed up Anil Kapoor’s stardom and career. After that he did lot of mediocre movies and was never the star that he was before.

  14. sputnik 12 years ago


    When Sanjay Dutt was arrested things were still unclear. Now some people thought he was involved and others thought he was being framed because of his father being in politics. You could be right that less people may have voted for him because of that.

    But I don’t think BO gets affected negatively because of things like that. If a movie is entertaining or good people don’t give a damn about all that.

  15. Milind 12 years ago

    See how SRK is touted as the next Bachchan by critics and audience alike.Also read about his some signed but unmade films!

    Thanks to Shetty Bhai and satyamshot.

    He had signed Tevar opposite Juhi and Madhuri,Shikhar with Ghai and Pyaarana with Sippy.

    • Tulmul 12 years ago

      Read the penultimate para 🙂

      “More like it, the king walked away without coronating the prince ” What a Line … But Do we all agree to that ????

      Thanks Shetty bhai again and again 😛

      • Baba Ji 12 years ago

        i agree tulmul

        • Tulmul 12 years ago


          Teri meri kahani bas yeh reh gayi hain.. U agree to me and I agree to you.. Kitna Yaraana hain hum doston main.. Kuch log jalte hain 😛

      • Milind 12 years ago

        No SRK fan has ever claimed that SRK “displaced” Amitabh.They belong to two subsequent eras.SRK fans argue that SRK was an effective replacement for Bachchan in many senses.

        What is there to coronate SRK.If coronation is of some importance,it would have been rightfully applied in matters of Sanjay,Aamir,Salman,Anil……not SRK who definitely did not play when Bachchan was playing.

        So the fact is perspective Tulmul.Do we all have that? 😉

        • Tulmul 12 years ago

          Milu Dear,

          There is Emperor and than there is king 🙂

          • Milind 12 years ago

            Agreed.That is what I have said in my another comment in this thread in reply to Shetty Bhai.

            See SRK is the only star amongst present generation that has had a similar[not same] interaction with his audience.He symbolises 90’s as bachchan symbolises 70’s and 80’s and Khanna symbolises late 60’s. This symbolisation refers to becoming “the” face of an era and this is what has made SRK a force to reckon with.Even when he sometimes finds himself on the weaker side of the debate of stardom,like in 2000 and for past 2-3 years,he has enough to bank upon.That refers to the way he has resources to bank upon on his worst day.That is why you see a Don 2 doing 110 crores even after a decade debacle Ra.One which also crossed 115.His stardom is basically an emotionally based one.He polarises opinions much more than any of his contemporaries.Guess till he is able to do that ,it would clearly reflect the audience is still accepting him in whatever he does.

            Check the twitter world for the immense praise SRK got after MNIK telecast-ed on Channel 4 UK.

            Salman follows a close second in this manner.

      • sputnik 12 years ago

        Very few walk away when they are doing well – they just don’t know when to bow out.

        His movies were flopping all around (GJS, Main Azaad Hoon, Ajooba, Akayla, Indrajit, Toofan, Jaadugar, Agneepath). Hum, Aaj ka Arjun and Khuda Gawah did not flop but they were not the biggest hits of the year either.

        So he had to leave because his movies were not doing well but do we all agree to that 😉

    • Author
      shetty 12 years ago

      Milind, Yash chopra cahnged the title from Tevar to maine toh mohabbat karli and then settled for Dil toh pagal hai 🙂

      Juhi was replaced by Raveena and Raveena by Urmila, Finally It went to karisma

      Pyaarana was renamed to Zamana Deewana

      Shikar was planned as remake of Cliffhanger but when Ghai came to know that Vinod Khanna was also planning to remake the movie (Himalayputra), Ghai shelved the film

      • Milind 12 years ago

        Tevar to Maine To Mohabbat Kar Li to Dil To Paagal Hai…. Yash Chopra is known not to name his films to the last day when the film is sent for Censor Ratification where a film must have name.VZ is a classic case of that where the film never had a name till that day.

        I hated Trimurti like anything,that was such an ambiguous haphazard film-making.Thank God SRK did Pardes with Ghai later rather than doing a cliffhanger remake.

        Zamana Deewana– ha ha ha–that pathetic Raveena -SRK movie,I guess.90’s was an easy time.Actors had 2-3 disasters the same year when they had big BB’s.

        Thanks Shetty Bhai for the info. 🙂

      • Tulmul 12 years ago

        Store House of Information 🙂

      • sputnik 12 years ago

        Strangely I never heard of Tevar but remember reading about maine toh mohabbat karli.

        I remember reading that Ramesh Sippy had initially planned another movie with SRK but later started this one as a quickie for some reason. I went to watch Zamana Deewana with lot of expectations because it was a Ramesh Sippy movie but it was crap.

        Ghai had a whole mahurat of Shikar and it was supposed to have music by Rahman.

        • Milind 12 years ago

          By 1995,Shahrukh Khan had become the top notch star and his relationship with Chopras-Yash and Aditya-Darr and DDLJ had resulted in both being blockbuster hits.The showman Subash Ghai announced Mukul Anand’s directed Trimurti as his next big film after Khalnayak which starred SRK besides his favourites Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff.But besides that Subash Ghai wanted to retuen to direction with a bang and he chose the subject of Jammu and Kashmir trouble for his next magnum opus.Even while Trimurti was being shot Ghai announced his dream project-SHIKAR.The movie starred his old favourite Jackie Shroff as a dashing army officer and with him was the new superstar-Shahrukh Khan.The film required a huge budget and a clearance from the ministry of defence as they required to shoot a number of armmen.After the success of Roja,the problem in Jammu and Kashmir was a hot topic and with its banner,canvas and starcast SHIKAR was one of the most awaited film.The grand muhurat was telecasted live on D.D.Metro which feauterd an interesting scene between SRK and Jackie dada.However after the faliure of Trimurti,Ghai almost scrapped the idea of SHIKAR.He shelved the big budget saga and went on to make Pardes thus denying the audience a multi starrer action film on the lines of his blockbuster-KARMA


          • Baba Ji 12 years ago

            milind – “,Shahrukh Khan had become the top notch star and his relationship with Chopras-Yash and Aditya-Dar”

            srk was in a relationship with chopra and aditya? did not know

          • Milind 12 years ago

            baba–that is a comment from some guy on an orkut community–guess his english is a bit weak. 😉

          • Baba Ji 12 years ago

            mukul anand was going to direct trumurti or Dus starring sanjay dutt and salman khan?

          • Milind 12 years ago

            It was DUS.

            “It was a well established fact that Mukul would take great pains in finding real locations that would suit the cinematographic vision he had mentally forged first . As the leading lady(Raveena Tandon) of ‘DUS’ has remarked in a recent interview(to us) his films were highly ‘visual’ . Frames were always ,breathtaking breakthroughs,spectacular and grand .Nonetheless they displayed a scrupulous respect for detail. ‘Khudagawah’ and earlier films such as’Sultanate’ had already exhibited these traits quite spectacularly. Mukul had made several location hunting trips to Utah ( having foregone the idea of being then able to shoot in a war-infested Kashmir See'(Does Utah look like Kashmir?Mukul Anand Thinks so ‘Rediff on the Net 1997) to discover the shooting spots for this specific schedule as per the scenic instructions and sequences outlined in his screenplay.
            Prior to his departure Mukul had told the Rediff journalists that he had 72 locations in mind for 3 weeks of stunt work then and 6 weeks of filming in the fall .Before films like ‘Dil Se’ and ‘Mission Kashmir’ were made Mukul’s ‘DUS ‘ was a forerunner in globalised film -making.. Although Mukul’s roots and his ambitions linked him solidly to the country he was born in and the times he was part of -very much not only a 20th century ‘Hindustani’but a way in advance 21st century global’Hindustani’,he had far reaching visions of film -making. . He had a mixed crew -a -65 member crew half from India,the rest hired in Utah and California -working on the stunts.They had constructed a 50 ft. replica (a 1/3d scale model)of India Gate as well as full sise replicas of the monuments base -into which a flaming limousine is supposed to crash. (All these scsnes were filmedduring the ensuing shoot) They would work together but be paid by Indians. The Third world label attached to India would be outdated soon(when one considers the present Bolywood dominated scene regarding world cinema…..) and this is very true today”


            Mukul in UTAH for the shoot!

    • sputnik 12 years ago

      I had made similar comments on NG before about SRK having benefited from making his debut in Deewana which came after Amitabh’s last release Khuda Gawah. Also the other top contenders Sanjay and Anil self destructed their careers.

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      milind – akshay is also touted as the next amitabh in your article.

  16. aryan 12 years ago

    Brilliant post. I loved reading this.

  17. fearlesssoul 12 years ago

    Awesome Post Shetty Bhai and Tulmul rightly said – you are store house of information.

    Amitabh ruled and still rules

    but young stars, Aamir ruled in 1993 will rule in 2013 @Milind

    Ya lambu – Salman Rocks, ETT rocks… 🙂

    Pooja bedi as sexiest ❓

    Salman became the sexiest after Oh Oh Jaane Jaana song from Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      fs – who can forget that skirt moment of pooja in jjws? she gave marilyn monroe some competition 🙂

  18. John Galt 12 years ago


    Good scans although,

    Just out of genuine curiosity, since when does scanning of other’s material (already printed by someone else) give you the right to put your watermark/label on them. Its like photocopying a Harry potter book and putting your mark on it.

    • sputnik 12 years ago

      I think there is a difference.

      Harry Potter book is continuously sold but this magazine was sold when the issue released. I don’t think this is being sold anywhere and neither has Movie Magazine website put this up online (to the best of my knowledge).

      You can say the watermark is for the effort to upload this rare material online and to stop others from using this without giving credit to the person who uploaded this.

  19. John Galt 12 years ago

    I understand the reason but my point is, a watermark gives an indication of source, which in this case is untrue. Anyone else in possession of such a magazine can scan it a 100 times.

    For instance, if I told a friend about a famous quote that I heard in a speech by a famous guy. Then I cannot expect him to always provide my name as a reference every time he tells about the quote to some one else… He can always say, “Nelson Madela once said…………” instead of saying, “my friend John Galt once told me that Nelson Mandela once said …… ”

    Anyways, its not an issue, just curiosity.

    • sputnik 12 years ago

      Well yes they can scan it and they can watermark it. But if they use these watermarked images they cannot remove these watermarks.

      Well before I did the site revamp I had a lot of posters, stills and I never watermarked any of them. I hate watermarked pictures. BollywoodHungama, glamsham every site out there watermarks these pictures and these pictures are not theirs. The pictures belong to the respective production houses. Any picture that BollywoodHungama puts on their website they watermark it even though they themselves got it off the web.

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