NIRAML BABA: Sandhya Pravachan!!


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Nirmal Baba: Sandhya Pravachan

Venue: SS and NG

Nirmal baba ne asan grahan kar liya hai.

Nirmal Baba: Satyam,tumhare nivaas sthaan me aa kar achcha lagaa.

Satyam: Baba kya aap Bachchan fan hai

Nirmal Baba: Jab Nirmal gaandu hua karta tha,tab fan tha……jab se laal baadshah aur raavan dekhi hai,nirmal baba ban gaya hun

Satyam: I always knew about Bachchan’s divine,politically coherent and theologically emphatic contribution to the most important aspects of a bourgeois life.

Nirmal baba: Chup kar,film dekhne ke baad paglaa gaya tha,isiliye baba bana firta hun.alag baat hai ki aaj bhi paoli dam ko dekh ke tanak jaata hai mera.

Rajen: I love panties.I love any word related to panties babaji.Aisa Kyun?

Nirmal Baba: Shayad kabhi maine tujhe panti-vardaan diya hoga..yaad kar. Ab main tujhe kachcha vardaan deta hun.Jaa abhishek ka kachcha soongh!!

Satyam: Babaji,Abhishek ki picture kab hit hogi..kab mere daavon ki hawa nahi niklegi..log mujhpar hasnte hai.

Baba: Tu pehle bata tu abhishek ka fan bana kaise.Din bhar “auteur”, bourgeois” aur politics ki baat karta hai–tujhe kya dikha abhishek me.

Satyam: Abhishek kahaan dikah..bachchan naam dekh kar meri aankhon mein rajen ki tarah panty ke sapne aa jaate hain,phir main hallucinate karta hun aur orgasmmmmmmmmmmm…politically coherent orgasm!!

And the slimy liquid spurted on Baba’s face.Baba wiped it,licked some of it and then Baba ne NG ka rukh kiya….

NG ki kahaani agle edition me!!

  1. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    i saw many videos of nirmal baba and saw a pattern,ppl credit for him anything that worked for them .it could be as frivolous and stupid as getting train reservation for the samagam or even getting proper nature call the morning!

    There are times when we dont take the correct decisiosn at correct happens,in hindus they say ,iska shani chal raha hai,in muslims they call this “iski akal pe parda pada hai” .When we are in correct frame of mind,we take the right decisions in the same circumstances.Ppl need aassurity that the work they took up will be done satisfactorily,hecnce some ppl pray,atheists believe in their own ablitity and some start believing babas like nirmal baba.When we do anything with faith,we do it correctly and also we tend to overlook the wrong and focus on what went right.So When even 1/4th of the work we do ,gets reliased,we think it is bcos of nirmal baba but its not the case.It is not due to nirmal babs chutyaigir but humans own confidence and shift of perception.

  2. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    satyam : Sinha has failed to understand the basics of cinema here and the product seems more a derivative of a hushed up work than a detailed one like Shankar.In this context Robot becomes the reference and Ra.1 seems a distant second to it.Moreover,i also see a distinctive absence of any “ideological” purpose in the film. No wonder, BHTB remains my favourite closely followed by DMD,both of which raised issues evoking some genuine concerns,both socially and politically!!

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      satyam – the film does not question the bourgeois,neither relates to it..what it does is to take a very dismal path and end up in mediocrity.[Just cause bachchan ain’t there] I want to see some seminal stuff like Toofan and Jaddugar,not to forget Alladin and impart a discourse to SRK that films should always be centred around the issues of “grave” concern. Wish films of Bachchan like Toofan and Jadoogar would have released today,they would have been significant grossers.Drona was the epitome of superhero movies ,Goldie Behl also in some mamer outwitted Shankar.With such films BO becomes immaterial.

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        In all contexts,this piece of work by Sinha does not try to comment on the “politics” of cinema and the polemical influences that miught have been possible seem distinctly absent

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