Sanket’s Review: “Bittoo Boss” is pedestrian and corny.

Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Amita Pathak, Ashok Pathak

Director: Supavitra Babul

Length: 2.05 hours approximately

Annoying to the core and boring to death, BITTOO BOSS has no feather of aiming high. The plot that film catches up is interesting to be honest, but the way the film has been executed, it’s really disappointing. The film begins up with marriage ceremony where the Video shooter arrivers and claims to spread happiness in marriage. But his life takes a turn when he is been insulted by his friend for being a roadside videographer.

The first half of BITTOO BOSS isn’t that bad because you are interested to know what actually the protagonist is doing. Blame it to writers who fail to put any such moments where the drama is high voltage. The scene where Pulkit Samrat breakdown is the only scene in first half, or rather whole film, which you can remember even after the show, is ended. That particular scene is poignant portion and Pulkit Samrat does it with sheer energy and displays exact expressions.

Post-intermission the plot goes so bizarre that you wonder what exactly the film is trying to portray. The director fails to bring contact between two plots- one being the love story, and other being Bittoo’s aims. And here is where the film melts down as badly executed film. The film importantly lacks director’s view and also screenplay which has loop holes in dozen. The emotional set-up in the two stories that Bittoo shoots up with hidden camera is largely superficial.

Music is ordinary. The only track works is the title one which has energy. Rest all is mediocre. The cinematography definitely brings the northern feel and serves beautiful locations of Shimla as well.

Pulkit Samrat has confidence in his act, but though he should stress more on his diction. Amita Pathak is alright. Ashok Pathak has few funny liners and he does it well.

It ails you to see that a good plot is treated so heavily bad and makes the film a pedestrian and corny one! Even at its modest time run of 125 minutes, BITTOO BOSS fails to hook the attention. It’s a film which is clumsy and loosely handled resulting in boring and forgettable experience. Thumbs Down!

Rating- 1.5/5 (Poor)


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