Khiladi 786 Public Reviews

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    aryan 9 years ago

    More Public Review video

  2. Aditya007 9 years ago

    Another Public review-Hit hai Boss

  3. sameer 9 years ago

    Khiladi 786 is a super entertainer. It was excellent comedy at iis very best. The movie will surprise many as how super star Akshay Kumar can come up with such excellent comedy even in his upteenth comedy. The action was awsome. The music is already chartbusting. The performances of Asin, Mitunda, Rahul Singh, Raj Babbar, Bharti Singh, Jonny Lever all are fantastic. But above all Akshay Kumar just walks tall through the movie with a brilliant performance.Action, Emotion Comedy whatever he does everthing with great aplomb. What an actor…..What a superstar. All in all an enjoyable action comedy film. Just go and treat yourself to some great laughter and time. Superhit…Blockbuster…

  4. sameer 9 years ago

    The film is excellent comedy action entertainer. Superstar Akshay Kumar has entertained up in upteen comedies. So has he done this time round. Comedy is superb and brings the house down. The action is fantastic. The music by HImesh is outstanding and even his act is good. Mithunda, Asin, Johnny Lever, Raj Babbar, Bharti Singh, Rahul Singh all are good. ut Akshay swaggers through the movie with great aplomb. What a fantastic performance. Comedy , Action, Emotion you name it and he excels in this movie. Go and give yourself and your family a fun time with this paisa vasool movie. My rating 4.5/5

  5. vivek baloda 9 years ago

    4 all akki fans like me, must watch movie 4 them
    akshay is back into his khiladi style, songs are awsome especially balma, hooka bar,
    salute to akki

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