Hrithik Roshan: Sussanne has decided to end our 17-year relationship

Thanks to cr7 for this news.

Actor Hrithik Roshan and his wife Sussanne have decided to separate.

“Sussanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year relationship. This is a very trying time for the entire family,” Mr Roshan said in a statement released this evening. He requested the media to respect his privacy. (Read full statement)

Mr Roshan underwent brain surgery earlier this year due to recurring headaches. He is reportedly undergoing more check-ups in the US and is expected to return to India on December 18.

The news comes just days ahead of their 13th marriage anniversary. Mr Roshan married Sussanne, the daughter of Bollywood actor Sanjay Khan, on December 20, 2000. They have two young sons.

Hrithik has starred in blockbuster hits like Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai and Koi Mil Gaya, which was directed by his father, former actor Rakesh Roshan.


Following is the full text of the statement released by Mr Roshan:

“Sussanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year relationship. This is a very trying time for the entire family and I request the media and the people to grant us our privacy at this time.

I do not wish this news to disempower my fans and the people about the institution of marriage in any way. I am a firm believer in this institution and respect and honour it at the highest level.

I thank my fans for all the concern and prayers for my health. My treatment is going fine. I should be able to resume my life in every way very soon.”


  1. Baba 6 years ago

    good for hrithik.

  2. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    So its not the usual “We have decided to divorce”. Hrithik has made it clear that Suzanne is divorcing him. Wonder why after all these years but then news of their divorce/separation has been going around for the past few years. Feel bad for the kids.

  3. cr7 6 years ago

    I hate divorces .But I guess suzzane has her reasons.Best of luck to both of them .

  4. mate 6 years ago

    Good decision taken by sussanne. It’s better to get rid of a characterless person instead of spending time with him just to show his good ‘family guy’ image in the media.

    • Baba 6 years ago

      no one in the industry is a ‘family’ guy. all have passing affairs and its normal for them.i doubt if this was the reason for divorce considering her dad was a player himself of his time.may be she was just bored of the hindu culture . just like jemimma khan divorced imran khan after years bcos of the fundamentalist pak culture.

      • Serenzy 6 years ago

        “may be she was just bored of the hindu culture ”

        Kya, kuch bhi chaap dene ka, Baba! 😛

  5. cr7 6 years ago

    K3’s inflated figures could be a reason. maybe Suzzane couldn’t endure the embarrassment .

  6. Bored 6 years ago

    @Sputnik – Dude, its true that the decision is taken by Suzanne – but she has been indirectly pressurized. The Roshans have been pressurizing her a lot in recent times to move away from her junkie grp of frds and to give up her cocaine addiction. That had resulted to the couple living separately for months and gossip-mongers have been predicting this for sometime now.

    Being married to a junkie takes it toll (Hrithik had reportedly developed an wandering eye as a result), but Roshans delayed this separation due to Krrish 3 release. Hopefully Hrithik will get custody of the kids – which is the primary motivation for inducing this.

  7. Serenzy 6 years ago

    I really found their kids a helluva lot cute… It’s sad to see that they were together, even from the time before Hrithik entered into the movie world and now they are separating.

    HR’s sudden marriage back then post the earth-shattering rage of KNPH came as a heartbeak to millions of girls and even, guys! 😀

    I have a feeling that they will live separately for a certain period of time but knowing their “circle of friends”, they might get back together, eventually.

    • Baba 6 years ago

      “I have a feeling that they will live separately for a certain period of time but knowing their “circle of friends”, they might get back together, eventually.” haha. you need to get out of the retarded filmi world of kjo/yrf. 😉

      • Serenzy 6 years ago

        KJo/YRF have impacted and poisoned my mind from an early age/stage.

        Ab kya karien… OLDBOY dekhe??! 🙂 🙂

    • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      What if kids were ugly or disabled or retarded? Huh ..

  8. mate 6 years ago

    If that was the case, then she wouldn’t have marriaged to a hindu. She was very well aware of hindus traditions what they eat or drink, and she spend more or less 13 years with him, done every thing according to hindus traditions, so there is no question of her being tired of hindu culture. Moreover her father always had an inclination towards the lobby that is considered as a typical hindu inside the industry or outside (may be because he wanted to show his loyalty) so brought up in such an environment, she is practically a hindu not a muslim. And to mention and compare their divorce to that of Imran/Jamaima is totally irrelevant. But for your kind information, Jamaima was muslim as long as she was in his relation and there is no concept of divorce from female side in Islam.

      • mate 6 years ago

        Yes so what Khula means, it gives woman right to seek divorce not give divorce as you said. You prove yourself wrong. Khud hi likh diya Babaji ap ne. ache bhale samajhdar admi ho ap, phir bhi bacho wali baatein karte ho. 😉

        • Baba 6 years ago

          not sure if you comprehend english. it is jemima who came forward for the divorce and imran gave his consent.the similar is the case here.anyway this is my last comment on this topic. these things are personal choices and we cant enforce morality and opinions on others.

  9. Kunaal Kohli 6 years ago

    I was your big fan but now I hate u. I think father-son are criminal. First of all they manipulated box office collection and now they wasted sussanne’s and her children’s life. I hope very soon, they will be behind bars for their crimes.

  10. cr7 6 years ago

    Sussanne’s statement – “We are two individuals who respect and care for each other and have made our own individual choices. We are parents to two wonderful kids and our responsibility remains to protect and take care of them.
    Nothing can change that. Would appreciate if we are given our privacy in such a time. Thank you for your warmth and concern for both of us and the family”

  11. mate 6 years ago

    Yes Baba ji, you are right I’m wrong. Itwas Jamaima who divorced Imran Khan. Be happy.

  12. Tulmul 6 years ago

    She is big snorter………

  13. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

    One of those posts which brings down TQ.

    In my opinion this site is more about films than personal lives/ gossips and sad to see ppl here commenting on personal life of someone who rarely made a public appearance..

    And yeah ..the judging game going over here !

    • Baba 6 years ago

      agreed. but then sputnik loves gossips/masala news of perosnal issues of stars 😛 he posted the surrogacy news of srk too.although more than such topics, i think its some of the trash visitors that he allows just to make the blog look busy , harms things more.i have talked about this to him many times.

      • Author
        sputnik 6 years ago

        Some people like Gossip and some people like boxoffice. There is a gossip category too where I post Masand’s columns too.

        But I posted SRK’s surrogacy news only after it was confirmed even though there were rumors long before that. Same with Hrithik’s divorce now. There have been rumors of their divorce/separation for so long but I don’t think I posted any of those articles.

        This is news just as SRK’s surrogacy thing was. People will judge/criticize – that’s what they do.

        Ok this is my thinking on visitors/users. TQ is like a house/home. If I know from before that someone is trouble or that he/she will just cause issues I don’t let them in – I stop them at the gate/door itself. If they make an abusive comment they don’t get in.

        Now I don’t know everyone who comments. But once I let someone in I don’t like to ban them. Its like asking someone to get out of your house after you let them in. So I give them many chances. I edit their comments and warn them initially. I will put them on moderation for a month. If they still continue to do the same then I will ban them. If they are constantly abusing I will ban them sooner.

        But I can’t ban someone for what someone else thinks are stupid comments. Someone can find my comments stupid and disagree. Also most fans are disingenuous. They like every crap thing from their fav star and bash even good stuff from other stars. I can’t just ban them for that unless they are abusing.

        • cr7 6 years ago

          “But I can’t ban someone for what someone else thinks are stupid comments. Someone can find my comments stupid and disagree. Also most fans are disingenuous. They like every crap thing from their fav star and bash even good stuff from other stars. I can’t just ban them for that unless they are abusing”

          Well said .

        • FS 6 years ago

          Very well said.

        • Baba 6 years ago

          i wasnt referring to the stupidity in the comments, its some of the trolls who are in hibernation for the whole year and are active for certain films/stars.

  14. mate 6 years ago

    I think the people who come here once in a while harms the blog much lesser than those who continue their useless ‘bakwas’ throughout the year. They blame others being fans of different stars, but infact they themselves are the biggest fanatics of a particular star but in disguise. Because their each and every word starts from a lie and ends at a lie, so most of the times they hardly get any opportunity to discuss the things on merit on certain topics, so they stick themselves to those debates where they can explore their so-called intellectualism (How much logic involved in those debates is another discussion) but If by chance, things happen in accordance with their will (though that moment is either temporary or by some fabricated and false sources), they waste no opportunity to de-grade their opposition by using the extreme tapori and bazari language. You can find these trolls all the time either on different forums or FB or Twitter, once they get humiliated at one forum they run away to twitter and so on, in this way their days, months and years are being spend.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      Mate, don’t waste computer ink. Its precious. Each and every press of spacebar and ENTER key counts.

      Do you realize you haven’t made any sense in your above comment? Its a total waste of computer ink and you abused mother Earth a bit more in doing so.

  15. mate 6 years ago

    HaHAHA… nice one.
    By the way, How many dozens of inkpots you waste daily? 😉 😛

    • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      Next time I feel or hear about global warming, I am going to call you up and blast you !!

  16. mate 6 years ago

    That will not serve the purpose, instead just ask for a water tank and throw the whole at your ownself. 😛

  17. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    Ok this discussion has now diverted to something else and is not helping. So please stop it.

    I would prefer people who contribute to good discussions regularly with their comments and who are not just here either to support/praise their favorite star’s movies no matter how bad they are or to run down their fav star’s rival’s movies.

    Members who recommend good movies to others so that they can also enjoy those movies are great contributors. And members who write good original exclusive articles which leads to more discussions and participation are the best contributors.

  18. cr7 6 years ago

    “What got Sussanne’s goat was Hrithik’s affection for Barbara’s family, especially his fondness for her brother Kintaro. He had taken the Moris on a secret holiday to Aamby Valley without informing Sussanne,” said a source close to the family.

    Hrithik had wanted Kintaro, a struggling musician in Mexico, to sing the film’s title song. But eventually, Rajesh Roshan — the film’s music director and Hrithik’s uncle —had put his foot down.

    “The track Kites In The Sky, sung by the actor, was initially written for the Mori boy. However, after listening to the scratch, Rajesh Roshan felt Mori wasn’t ready to make his playback debut. Eventually, Hrithik sang that track,” said the source, who is married to a top industrialist.

    After Kites flopped at the box office, Hrithik introduced Kintaro to some Bollywood biggies and passed on his demo tapes to music directors. Things reached such a pass that Sussanne walked out of the Roshan home and returned to her parents in April 2009.

    Although the couple later denied any rift, the rumours about their difficult relationship never died down in Mumbai’s socialite circles. But Hrithik’s association with the Moris continued.

    “Hrithik threw a huge birthday bash for Kintaro at a posh pub in Mumbai in 2010, and though Barbara was present at the party, Sussanne was not,” said the source. ”

  19. 6 years ago

    Whatever has happened is not good. May Almighty give some sense to both Sussanne and Hritik for the sake of their children. Whatever may be the financial condition of parents but without family (I mean complete family) children cannot have the perfect life what they deserve. More than money any child need love from their parents.

    Feeling very bad and sad.

    • Author
      sputnik 6 years ago

      I edited your post to pending review for now and I will fix it tomorrow. My laptop stopped working and its hard to fix the post from tablet.

      • 6 years ago

        Thanks a lot !!!!

      • 6 years ago

        Actually i wanted to post both the versions of the song. Pushto by Ismail kan & Junaid and Urdu version by Shaaz khan. request for both the versions. Thanks once again

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