Holiday Theatrical Trailer

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    Manish Kumar 7 years ago

    Didnt like the trailer 🙁 , original was faadu , this is nothing in comparison … very badly cut maybe to justify the title showing that he is on holiday then still on duty seeing danger in city …

    original ka title better tha and even trailer was cut according to that Brilliantly

    was eagerly waiting for this ,mood spoiled 🙁

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      Yeah the initial Holiday part with Sonakshi looked bad. Sonakshi is almost in every movie.

      It got better after that but the trailer could have been cut better. They should have kept it to usual 2min 20 sec.

      Vidyut would have been good in the villain’s role. Agree that this new guy looks bachcha in comparison. His dialogue delivery is off too.

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    Manish Kumar 7 years ago

    Changing the villain is blunder now it seems , Vidyut looked deadly when mouthing the dialogue , this new guy looks bachcha in comparison :/

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    DABANGG_NIINJA 7 years ago

    3min bhut muskil se khatam huye ,trailer boring aur upper se 3min ka ,2min ka promo hona chahiye tha best scenes ke sath

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    aryan 7 years ago

    Disappointing Trailer.

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    Shalu Dhyani 7 years ago

    Lacks the punch. The Sonakshi part and the rest seems like two different films. Akshay is in the Boss mode, the need was of Special26 mode.

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    John Galt 7 years ago

    Music from 0:20-0:40 in the trailer is copied from this song at 2:35

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      Good find @john-galt. Yes its copied. No surprise as its Pritam unless Harris Jayraj copied it in Thuppaki.

  7. Ipman
    Ipman 7 years ago

    didnt find the trailer that bad. its avg. akshay looks younger than his previous films. if only they could get vidyut in this as the villian, this would have been among my most awaited films.

  8. Ipman
    Ipman 7 years ago

    the original thuppaki trailer. vijay is a cheesy OTT actor.I have seen the climax fight scene from it and it looked ridiculous when that joker was shown fighting vidyut.

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 7 years ago

      I checked out the Thuppaki Trailer after @manish’s comment. Agree with you that Vijay is bad and is overacting.

      • Ipman
        Ipman 7 years ago

        yes.i think akshay is subtle here compared to vijay.Found atleast the promo mellowed down from the original one which is good. though we have to wait to see how the film is.Two things may spoil the film 1) sonakshi sinha 2) the gay villian. this film desparately needed vidyut, would have been a casting coup of sorts

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          Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

          What could be the reson to remove Vidyut? Akshay’s insecurity? After all he is the producer of the film !

          • Baba
            Baba 7 years ago

            may be. why else would you cast an underconfident gay villian instead of vidyut? akshay is a fool actually. the inclusion of vidyut would have given the film good hype and regardless of whether vidyut overshadows him in action, the film would have benefitted and thats what matters.but then when i think again, not many of our great superstars would have the balls to fight vidyut on screen unless they cut down his moves like saif did in bullet raja.right now, i think only tiger shroff can put up a fight to vidyut

  9. Ipman
    Ipman 7 years ago

    Thuppaki climax fight scene . watch from 5:30. check vijay acting at 6:52 and when he self-medicates his joints to fight 😉

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 7 years ago

      LOL on that break dance that Vijay did at 8:10.

      Agree that Sonakshi Sinha and the effeminate villain may spoil the film. Sonakshi seems to have the typical role that actresses in Tamil/Telugu movies have. She will be as irritating as Asin in Ghajini. They could have had that Kajal Agarwal only.

      Vidyut should have been the villain. Its really stupid of Vipul Shah and Murugadoss to replace him.

      “Murugadoss confirms he did think of casting Kajal in the ‘Thuppakki’ remake. However producer Vipul Shah vetoed the idea.

      “Vipulji wanted a completely fresh cast in the remake. We aren’t even casting Vidyut Jamwal in the remake. He played the main villain very effectively in Thuppakki,” reveals Vipul.

      This rebuff, however, didn’t stop Kajal’s aggressive PR machinery from plugging along her imaginary place in the Thuppakki remake. Her spokesperson maintains Kajal has been offered the film and that the deal would be finalized soon.

      Murugadoss, not known to speak beyond mumbles, has another story to tell. According to the director, “We don’t want to repeat any of the actors from the original. Besides, Kajal Aggarwal is also already doing another film with Akshay. We don’t want to repeat the combination.”’


  10. sunil
    sunil 7 years ago

    The trailer is good.Akshay is subtle and not overacting.This is the original.murugadoss first narrated this to Akshay,and then made this into a regional film.This film will be entertaining.

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    Serenzy 7 years ago

    Very poor promo…. I’m sick and tired of watching Akshay Kumar and Sonakhi Sinha in the same frame.

    The initial portions are so crappy and do not even make an impact… Some of the scenes looked so badly out of place and horrifyingly edited.
    GHAJINI had such a superb first trailer back in 2008.!

    Some action scenes were very good… The new villian seems to be copying Vidyut Jamwal a lot in expressions and dialogue delivery(FORCE ka hangover).

    I’d hoped HOLIDAY would be the BEST Release for Akshay this year ahead of Entertainment and Gabbar… But this is BAD.

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    Serenzy 7 years ago

    Remember we’d talked about Akshay and his choices, some time back…
    This is such a sad situation!! 🙁

    i thought he was one of the best’s last year in S26 and it has gone totally unnoticed at all the meaningless award functions.

    • Ipman
      Ipman 7 years ago

      akshay occasionally does good films (s26, omg). I hate him in the boss/k786/RR mode. going by this promo, it could turn out better than the original. akshay has got the acting part right here.

      anyone who takes awards seriously needs to visit a doctor 😉

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    Bored 7 years ago

    Thupakki trailer anyday over Holiday trailer – the hindi one is lacking the punch.

    Only thing impressive out of the 2 trailers is Vidyut.
    Cant see what good Akshay has brought in here, only difference is the absence of south indian accent when they say ‘I m waiting’ or something like that.

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      Bored 7 years ago

      And first part of the hindi trailer is usual Akshay-circus.

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    aryan 7 years ago

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