A Silent Melody Short Film Inspired from Signs

Watched this short film A Silent Melody on NDTV. It seems inspired from the 2008 Australian short film Signs directed by Patrick Hughes. This is not the first time that a short film has been inspired from Signs. Paperman which won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film last year was also inspired from the same short film.

And here is the short film Signs.

And here is the animated short film Paperman. Paperman seems to have been inspired partly from Signs and partly from the animated 1995 French short Paroles en l air by Sylvain Vincendeau.

Here is Paroles en l air by Sylvain Vincendeau

  1. Avatar
    aryan 7 years ago

    Its a excellent short Film by Patrick Hughes liked it and thanks for sharing Indian version also not bad.

  2. Avatar
    Serenzy 7 years ago

    PAPERMAN was such a sweet, little movie naa!

    Will surely watch the rest..

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 7 years ago

      Watch Signs. That’s better than Paperman.

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