Baby Doll Song – Ragini MMS 2

  1. cr7 10 years ago

    Liked the song . Addictive tune . And Sunny leone shown more expressions than katrina 😛 .

    • Serenzy 10 years ago

      Hahahaha Rafsan…. Mee too loved the song, very much.

      Hadn’t expected it to like it and all… It’s being played around my college a lot these days.

  2. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    I am in love with this song. After a long long time , a nice item song which doesnt quite fall into usual “item song” category. Tune as well as lyrics is lovable.

  3. FS 10 years ago

    Nice song and yeah really addictive. Sunny is a total misfit for the song and they have tried to copy lady gaga’s applause song’s trade mark setting.

  4. sputnik 10 years ago

    Baby Doll Remix

  5. cr7 10 years ago

    Can’t get this song out of my head . Most played song on my phone last month 😛

  6. sputnik 10 years ago

    Baby Doll Song Full Video

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      @Baba, her black bra goes off here when she falls on ppl groping for her.

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      should include this song in visually pleasing songs

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