English Vinglish First Look Trailer

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    sputnik 8 years ago

    Trailer concept is unique but they overdid it with Sridevi reading those words. Its a bit long. It would have been great if it was shorter.

    Not a fan of Sridevi but it was good to see her after a long time when she turned around.

  2. Avatar
    Reddemon 8 years ago

    Welcome back sridevi. liked the trailor. Nd btw when is ETT trailor relasing, only 2 mnths left now.

  3. Avatar
    Serenzy 8 years ago

    Din’t Like it Much @ all.

  4. Avatar
    aryan 8 years ago

    Boring trailer.

  5. Avatar
    pr 8 years ago

    most boring trailer ever made

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