Dear Zindagi Official Teaser starring Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt

  1. saurabh
    saurabh 5 years ago

    Story’s main theme looks old like free rahna chahti hu and happy jindagi.. These kind of movie now feels kiddish and immature because they provide a view of life which is not realistic and they make it like they are giving some gyan about life and movie is realistic..
    [if you look at human life deeply, you know that we cant be totally free and society, relations and friendship exist for a reason. We are inherently are insecure animals and we need company and so other animals too. ].

    Though may be last scene hints about that.

    But Pairing is different. Srk looks really old.. and why he is using that Raees voice.. Alia lights up the screen. I heard about the story and it is lil different than other movies. I think the movie will have good location..

    Gauri shinde looks like a solid director in this genre. Probably she is the only reason I am keeping high hope from this movie. Its good that a female director’s name adds value to a film..

    Songs may be soulful and I am sure alia will win hearts.. Srk will be average or good but not great.

    There is one point though which kind of make me feel irritated.. a old guy can be fun and all.. He may not have married.. But a old woman cant be fun. You see Dil Chahta hai and you feel intense..
    A old woman will always be divorcee or alcoholic or sad.. I know its because of society’s subconscious understanding that a woman will definitely be married after a certain age… But its irritating.

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      sputnik 5 years ago

      I never liked the Akshaye Khanna and Dimple Kapadia track of Dil Chahta Hai. Akshaye Khanna overacted a lot with his facial expressions. Also I think it made the movie boring. I think Farhan Akhtar should have played Akshaye Khanna’s role but then the character was probably based on him.

      Forget the “old guy can be fun and all.. But a old woman cant be fun” part. There has not been a single mainstream Hindi movie on women bonding or going on a road trip so far. Gauri Shinde’s husband made Cheeni Kum with a younger woman falling in love with an older guy. Would like to see a reverse version of it someday in Bollywood.

      • saurabh sharma
        saurabh sharma 5 years ago

        I actually loved akshay in it. Though now i think about it yes “Akshaye Khanna overacted a lot with his facial expressions”. But that is the only part which made me attached to the movie.. That relation was unheard in any movie before it or even if it was shown, it wasn’t shown in a mainstream movie..
        For me it didn’t make the movie boring but akshay overall all time serious character made me think that how could this guy be a great friend with other two.. and character was serious most of time when it was not even needed..

        what make you think “then the character was probably based on him”. I read that farhaan and uday were really great friend and movie was based on that. I think farhaan was amir.

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    sputnik 5 years ago

    Interesting teaser. Liked it. There is a freshness to it.

    While the idea of an older guy giving advice on life to a younger girl may be cliched or kind of silly the movie seems to be not doing it in a cheesy or serious manner. It appears that it has a funny or comic tone to it.

    SRK and Alia Bhatt are looking good and seem to be acting well. Liked Gauri Shinde’s English Vinglish. So looking forward to this.

  3. saurabh sharma
    saurabh sharma 5 years ago

    Can you put the loev trailer on a separate page.
    what your view on the trailer..

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      sputnik 5 years ago

      Trailer is obviously bold but it feels like a regular love story with gay characters instead.

      I gave you posting rights. So you can post it yourself. Just post the youtube link and it should embed the video.

  4. saurabh sharma
    saurabh sharma 5 years ago

    Please put this too on a separate page.. I don’t have right to create a post.

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    aryan 4 years ago

    Official Teaser 2

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    aryan 4 years ago


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    aryan 4 years ago

    Teaser 4

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    aryan 4 years ago

    Full songs jukebox

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