Satyagraha Teaser

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    aryan 8 years ago

    Teaser looks same as Rajneeti.

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    Suprabh 8 years ago

    The Blockbuster success of Raajneeti screwed up Jha’s head..Seriously.

    he was doing so much better until then.

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    syed imran 8 years ago

    utter flop…. looks like a combo rajneeti, aarakshan and other jha movies… yeh directors nahi sudhrenge..

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    Bored 8 years ago

    Yawn! Does Jha have any issue on his mind or just putting together his routine shots with the same actors?

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    Is Aarakshan2 happening?

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    yakuza 8 years ago

    Poor shots, lame dialogue .. this teaser is even worst than Aarakshan first teaser. Though as a movie I liked Aarakshan despite some glitches and poor climax, specially because of Amitabh stellar performance.

    But this teaser failed on all counts .. even the first dialogue by Kareena as reporter is so lame (Kya ye ek naye revolution ki shuruat hai). Expectations was always low .. and teaser is even lower than that.

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    Serenzy 8 years ago

    This is a Crap Trailer for a Movie of this level with such a starcast.
    Badly Edited with B-Grade Production Values.

    It’s Sad that two of my favourites – Prakash Jha & Madhur Bhandharkar are totally losing it sticking only to their ‘expired formula’.!

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    ank_16n 8 years ago

    on the Teaser…..

    what disappointing is that they have not changed anything at all from the Anna movement i m not saying change the Theme or something like that…i m talking about the execution bcoz we have seen the same scenes(barigade, same characters(ajay playing Arvind, Arjun playing Kumar vishwas and Amitabh playing Anna)…..

    so Freshness and the sort of impact that should have been their is somewhat missing…

    I hope its 1st half is like Aarakshan’s 1st half(execution) but please don’t even try to do a Aarakshan 2nd half….
    i meant…aarakshan 2nd half was worst i have ever seen considering the theme of the movie..!!

    Raajneeti was also boring…!!

    Teaser could have been better but hope Trailer is actually good..!!

    BTW UTV has lost it Releasing Satyagrah 2 weeks after CE(also UTV’s) n OUATIMA……..
    its confirm Either CE or Satyagrah will be loss-maker for them…..

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    Serenzy 8 years ago

    UTV already has lost a Chunk on HIMMATWALA.
    Satyagraha *might* sink too.

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    sputnik 8 years ago

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