Akshay to sport different avatars in Oh My God

Akshay Kumar will be seen sporting different looks in his forthcoming film Oh My God.He will be seen in various getups like that of a Hindu in dhoti and Jodhpuri, a Muslim in pathani suit and even a funky look of a cool dude biker.

Oh My God is adapted from the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Gujarati play, Kanji Virrudh Kanji which was later launched in Hindi with title Kishen Vs Kanhaiya. It tells a story of an atheist played by Paresh Rawal, who incurs huge losses when his antique shop is destroyed by an earthquake after which he challenges God. Akshay has different looks as he represents different religions in the film.

Oh My God is Akshay’s first co-production with Ashwini Yardi under his recently set up production company, Grazing Goat, and will be directed by Umesh Shukla, who had also directed the play it is based on.



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