RGV finally zeroes in on his ‘Kasab’

After auditioning 500 applicants, RGV has finally found an actor to play Ajmal Kasab, the prime accused terrorist in the 26/11 attack on Mumbai, in his upcoming film based on the same incident. Delhi boy Sanjay Jaiswal is playing the much controversial character.

Casting call
Qasab’s casting was the most crucial aspect of the film. Ramu informs, “Qasab was the face of the entire episode. No body knows the faces of the other terrorists. He became the centre of attention in terms of being the only surviving terrorist.

And the fact that it is an extremely realistic portrayal of Kasab, I wanted my actor to look very similar to the actual person.” Ramu had a tough time finding his Kasab. Divulging on the challenges he faced, the filmmaker says, “Kasab was just about 21 years old back then.

Ram Gopal Varma

So to find a guy of his age, who matches Kasab’s height and has a similar face and is also a terrific actor is a tall order.” However, Ramu was got lucky. “Casting for a typical film where you need an actor to fit a profile is different from sending out a word that you are looking for a guy who looks like Kasab. That’s how I found my Kasab.”

Shocking effect
The director adds, “When he walked into the room I was dazed. I was further shocked to see the range of his performance during the audition. You wouldn’t expect a guy of that age, to be able to understand and essay such a complex character as Kasab.

He has got a very strong command over the language and from the time we zeroed upon him, he learnt to speak Urdu. By the time he came to meet me, he was fully prepared and probably knew more about Kasab than me.”

The film’s shoot starts from today. According to Ramu, the first scene to be shot is around Kasab entering Mumbai. Producer Parag Sanghvi adds, “Since it’s a very sensitive matter and we are shooting in the sea, we took permissions from the Navy, the Bombay Port Trust and also the Customs and the Police.”

Who is Sanjeev Jaiswal?
Sanjeev Jaiswal hails from Jamshedpur. After spending a few years doing theatre in Delhi, he is a currently doing a small role in a TV show. When asked if he is worried about being typecast in the industry after playing the notorious terrorist, he says, “I am nobody so why will I worry about the image?

In fact I am thrilled to be working with a director like Ramu in such a big banner film. I have got this role after struggling for four years.” Speaking about prepping up for the role, Sanjeev says, “I have read a lot about Kasab and I also lost weight to look like him.” The actor, who is engaged to be married, says his family and fianc © are not apprehensive about him playing the terrorist. On the contrary, they are said to be thrilled.



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