Aamir Khan graces cover of Time magazine

Aamir Khan graces cover of Time magazine Aamir Khan becomes the third Bollywood star to grace the cover page of Time magazine after Aishwarya Rai Bachachn and Parveen Babi.

He is featured on the cover with the caption Khan’s Quest. The blurb says – He’s breaking the Bollywood mould by tackling India’s social evils. Can one actor change a nation? Parveen Babi make the Time cover in July 1976 and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was featured in 2003.

Sachin Tendulkar was the last Indian to make the cover of famous Time Magazine. Other Indians featured on Times magazine include, Mahatma Gandhi who made the cover three times, Sania Mirza, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Narendra Modi.

From garnering overwhelming TRPs to getting prominence on social networking websites, the impact of Aamir Khan’s maiden TV show ” Satyamev Jayate” has been colossal. The talk show, which started with the issue of female foeticide, traversed over various burning social issues informing, educating, sensitising and touching audiences’ hearts.

In 13 weeks of the show , the star evoked a range of emotions as he dealt with the sensitive topics, and each episode witnessed moist eyes among those in the TV audiences and many more at homes and offices across the country as people tuned in to watch the programme.


  1. sputnik 11 years ago

    Funny how they miss SRK in the list of Bollywood stars to grace the Time Asia Magazine cover.

    Some SRK fan tweeted this and CilemaSnob retweeted this.

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      I dont think either of them deserves to feature on the cover.Yes a sachin is fine.Also none of the bw actors are well known in the west nor do the they care for us or our films much.Not talking about the NRIs there.

      • hithere 11 years ago

        These all are Asian editions.

        • Baba Ji 11 years ago

          even in asia,there are actors who are better known than them in the west .Jackie chan,tony jaa to name a few.More importantly,their films have a cultural flavour of their nations unlike the srk,aamir films which are poor clones of hw films or downright worthless of any merit.

  2. hithere 11 years ago

  3. Ritz 11 years ago

    Aamir has really changed my life with SMJ. Thank u the perfectionist!

  4. Baba 10 years ago

    The 2013 TIME 100

    TIME presents its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, from artists and leaders to pioneers, titans and icons

    Aamir Khan
    Film star and activist, 48
    By A.R. RahmanApril 18, 2013

    About 13 years ago, Aamir Khan, the producer and lead actor of the Bollywood film Lagaan, was sitting outside my studio as I was writing the film’s main choral theme. After he heard it, he came in with moist eyes. “A.R., what a great feeling this is,” he said. “My movie is made now!” I saw a childlike honesty in his eyes.

    In a world of false diplomacy and evasiveness, Aamir is a straightforward man. A man of his word. His movies are commercial successes — Lagaan was nominated for an Academy Award — but they also display a sense of social responsibility: they tackle important themes, like poverty and education. His TV show, Satyamev Jayate, is part journalism and part talk show, and it confronts India’s deepest social ills, from sexual abuse to caste discrimination. He uses his gifts as a charmer to give his audience the most bitter medicine. Hypnotized, we take it without complaint. That’s Aamir’s magic at work. Satyamev Jayate was not intended to provide solutions but to ask hard questions, the kind society is often reluctant to address. By showing the courage to ask those questions, Aamir has started a movement that will help change the world in which Indians live. Jai ho!

    Read more: https://time100.time.com/2013/04/18/time-100/slide/aamir-khan/#ixzz2Qq7mGS5s

  5. Suprabh 10 years ago

    Yes I think Aamir is the first Bollywood actor to feature in TIME’s list.

    Having said that, I believe TIME’s list is as good as Times of India’s list (at least as far as Cinema artists are concerned) .The people on this list are chosen by other people from their country… You also have people like Jay Z, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel on the list. Not that any one of them is bad or anything..but I personally don’t think Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon are influential. Entertaining- YES!! (big time) but influential– I think the theme word of the list is wrongly used..

    If anyone is influential amongst the Bollywood stars today its Salman and not Aamir- The influence could be anything..Its not necessary to be some kind of social service…and if it is indeed the all goodey goodey influence,,then what the hell are these rap artists and glam actors doing in this list– telling people how to dope, drive bad and divorce?

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      Agree with you. I just commented this on FB.

      “What matters is whether someone (in this case Rahman who was in Top 100 in 2009) writes about someone in the Top 100. Rahman was in Top 100 because Padma Lakshmi wrote about him.”

      So if Rahman was chummy with Salman/SRK instead of Aamir they would have been in this list instead of Aamir.

  6. I.One 10 years ago

    International recognition for SRK –

    2003 – A rare species of orchid, Ascocenda Shah Rukh Khan, was named after him in Singapore.[40]
    2004 – Time magazine selected him as one of 20 “Asian Heroes” under the age of 40.[41]
    2004 – British Asian Guild Award for Best Actor of the Decade
    2005 – He was featured on the cover of the Asian edition of the National Geographic magazine twice, February’s issue .[42]
    2007 – He was awarded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of the Arts and Literature) by the French government for his “exceptional career”.[43]
    2007 – His lifelike wax statue was installed in London’s Madame Tussauds wax museum. Additional versions were installed at Madame Tussauds museums in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and New York in 2010.
    2007 – Another lifelike wax statue was displayed in Grévin museum in Paris, along with that of Gandhi, the only other Indian to receive a similar honor.
    2008 – He was conferred the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka, which carries the honorific Datuk, by the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob, head of state of Malacca in Malaysia, for “promoting tourism in Malacca” by filming One 2 Ka 4 there in 2001.
    2008 – Newsweek named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the world, ranking him at number 41. He was the only artist and the only movie-star in the list. Newsweek subtitled his article as “The king of Bollywood is opening minds in some closed-off cultures” and noted, “Who is the world’s biggest movie star? Brad? Will? Nah. His name is Shahrukh Khan, and he’s the king of Bollywood.”[11]
    2009 – He was invited to present the motion picture Slumdog Millionaire at the 66th Golden Globe Awards. No Indian actor had previously been invited to present at the Golden Globe Awards.
    2009 – Great Britain’s University of Bedfordshire awarded him an honorary doctorate in arts and culture.[44]
    2009 – He was given a Black Belt Honorary in taekwondo by the South Korean government.[45]
    2009 – He was declared amongst the 500 most influential Muslims worldwide by Georgetown University.[46]
    2010 – Was invited by NASDAQ, the world’s biggest stock exchange, to ring their opening bell in New York, along with Kajol, for the promotion of My Name Is Khan, thus become the first Indian actors to open the market, an honour usually reserved for CEOs of major corporations.[47]
    2010 – Time magazine’s 100 Poll ranked him as the 13th most influential person in the world.[48]
    2010 – He was recognized as an icon of religious unity by experts from around the world at a conference at Vienna University.[49]
    2010 – He became the first Indian actor to be given the rare honour of signing the guest book at Berlin’s Town Hall.[50]
    2010 – Entertainment Weekly states in their Most Powerful List that Khan is the megastar of Bollywood.[51]
    2011 – He became the first Bollywood actor to be featured on the cover page of Los Angeles Times Calendar section. Shahrukh’s films My Name Is Khan and the recently released film Ra.One have been noticed and appreciated by the American media outlet.[52]
    2011 – He was honored with the Unesco Pyramide con Marni award for his charity engagements and social commitment towards providing education for kids. Shah Rukh is the first Indian to win this accolade.[53]
    2011 – He was honored with L’Etoile d’Or by Mohammed VI of Morocco the King of Morocco during Eleventh International Film Festival of Marrakech. Shah Rukh is the first Indian to receive the honor.[54]
    2012 – Khan became the first Bollywood personality to be honoured with the prestigious Chubb fellowship at Yale University.[9]
    2012 – He was honoured with the prestigious BrandLaureate Legendary Award for his unmatched contribution to the Indian Cinema and also for being India’s foremost brand ambassador in Malaysia.[55]
    2012 – He was conferred with one of Morocco’s highest honours (a rare state honour, Wissame Al Kafaa Al Fikria (award of intellectual merit)) while attending the 12th International Film Festival of Marrakech by Prince Moulay Rachid.[56]

    Got from Wiki 🙂

  7. sputnik 10 years ago

    Aamir Khan: International Star You Need to Know

    Bollywood star has 43 films to his credit, his daytime talkshow reaches 500 mil daily
    Variety Staff


    The 48-year-old Bollywood star has 43 films to his credit. And his 2012 daytime talkshow “Satyamev Jayate” reached an audience of 500 million each day via Rupert Murdoch’s Star India network and government pubcaster Doordarshan. Season two is in the pipeline.

    (From the pages of the April 2 issue of Variety.)


    On the talkshow, he addresses issues including killing of female fetuses, child sexual abuse, honor killings and domestic violence. He successfully campaigned for the Indian government to pass a long-pending child protection bill.


    Steven Spielberg sez he’s watched “3 Idiots” three times (from the Hindustan Times).


    On “Satyamev Jayate,” Khan highlighted malpractice in the medical profession. This earned the ire of the Indian Medical Assn., which demanded an apology. Khan refused, saying those medical professionals troubled by his whistle-blowing were likely the cause of the problems in the first place.


    He starred in 2009’s “3 Idiots,” India’s highest-grossing film of all time, with a cume of more than $80 million and counting, thanks to opening in new territories like Japan in 2013. Khan is known to be a perfectionist who prefers quality films, which is why he has only half the film credits of his contemporaries Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan (no relation to Aamir).


    He produced and starred in 2001’s “Lagaan: Once Upon a Time” in India, which scored an Oscar nomination in the foreign-language category; and is starring in “Dhoom: 3,” India’s first film shot on Imax, which will get a Christmas release.


  8. ankur 10 years ago

    Actor Aamir Khan Is On Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People List!Interesting, how Time feels calculated tears on a TV show means Influential.

  9. Ankur 10 years ago

    Well this is not the first time a Bollywood actor has featured on TIME cover. SRK was there in 2004 on Time Asia and he’s been a part of both Time’s Asian Heroes list as well as Time 100. This is the first international power list which Aamir has managed to make it to in 25 years. Whereas SRK was already in Newsweek’s 50 Most Powerful People in the world list and other power lists by Entertainment Weekly, E!, BBC, New Statesman, Georgetown University etc.

    And Aishwarya had been part of Time 100 twice that too a decade before Aamir. Even Chetan Bhagat has been in Time 100 before Aamir! So dunno what’s the big deal about his at last attained achievement?

    I find it funny how they’ve put Aamir in category of pioneers! What was new or pioneering about SMJ?! Several shows like Zindagi Live, We The People, Amazing Indians, Real Heroes, Crime Patrol have existed on TV before this show and addressed more taboo topics plus they were all a regular affair than just a 13 episode series like SMJ which never got TRPs and even ceased to trend online by the time its last episode had come.

    They’ve made much ado about nothing really. It’s not a never seen before show and after that Aamir was never seen speaking on issues again except for an ad on malnutrition! Never saw him in protests or TV talks during Delhi gangrape last year and this time absolutely no sign of Aamir Khan – the messiah of Indians either in print, electronic media or real life as protests again happen after brutal rape of a minor in Delhi and other parts of the country.

    He’d posed as a great child rights advocate post TZP. Why no word from him now as country witnesses shocking cases of child rapes daily? Busy shooting as a clown crook in Dhoom 3 or doing photoshoots for Time?

  10. Ankur 10 years ago

    On some other blog I read that Aamir had done a “one up” on SRK by featuring on Time cover thus overshadowing his Filmfare cover with Amitabh & Dilip Kumar. For them and others who think like this I’ll say that the Filmfare cover was about 100 years of Indian cinema and it was an all time list. A special commemorative issue covering the entire gamut of Hindi cinema. Whereas this Time cover featuring Aamir is just an annual affair.

    There is no question of Aamir having managed a one up on SRK here. You can neither change history of Aamir’s lack of success pre Lagaan nor can you take away SRK’s success in cinema, or international honours that acknowledge his global impact.

    Aamir is just managing to “catch up” and be counted as a relevant guy. No point of having done a “One up” on SRK or any other star!

    • Baba 10 years ago

      giving so much importance to magazine covers and media footage is foolishness and delusional. 90% of SMJ was centered only around female issues. but ppl just watch it like saans bahu tv shows.it didnt make an impact at all.Rapes and female foeticides have only increased since last year. today a 5 year old also gets raped so easily.shows like SMJ or featuring on time magazines is dil behlaane ke khayal. actors feel good about themselves that way. it means nothing much beyond it.

  11. Suprabh 10 years ago


    Whether SMJ was a dil behlane ka khayaal or not is a different debate but going by your interpretation- there shouldn’t be any show at all…No motivational films or no inspirational bits in arts. RDB was an inspirational film perceived by the youngsters- so did it end all political dhandlebaazi ? How many people like Sivaji Rao have emerged after Nayak or How many Senapatis after Hindustani? Do you think a TV show or a film is like a ENO tablet that will end your gastric troubles in an instant. How many budding entrepreneurs have cited Rocket Singh as their inspiration (something you rate very highly) ?

    Impact of a show /film is not a remedy to be sought. Impact happens gradually over time. What people retain from an art form, they utilize it or recall it in their practical lives- if at all they get impacted.

    Even if a show like SMJ or Zindagi live doesn;t mean “anything beyond it” as you put it- it is a different story for people who did actually learn something from it.

    Let me give you an example–though a cheesy one 😉 – Recently, I shared my future career plans of making films with my dad- that is, after already having done good enough in the IT career for so long….He reluctantly said–okay as you wish..its your life… After a long discussion, I asked him why are you so reserved about it… He said..Beta tumne pehle bhi 12th ke baad arts lene ka kaha tha aur maine tumhe Engineering karwa di..Kaash ye 3 Idiots pehle aayi hoti.. 🙂

    • Baba 10 years ago

      i dont think SMJ was made with the right intentions. its first promo was misleading. i thought aamir will do roadtrips, visit the actual places, stay with them, talk to victims there and come up with some hope in the end. instead what we got was oprah winfrey crap. a staged and excessively dramatic version of the events with victims singing poems and aamir giving canned expressions. it was embarrassing to watch. it was nothing more than any saans bahu show for me.

      again you misquoted me on RS. i have never said RS is socially relevant or for that matter any movie. even a film as bold and edgy as OMG wont move ppl beyond a point.RS is great in the context of bw films. same for films like nayak or RDB. but none of these are good enough to be called influential or important in society.

      I am not against awareness shows.But the intention has to be right. infact during delhi rape in dec, i had recommended that awareness and training programs should be conducted for females to prepare them for the worst of scenarios.and for such programs you need field experts and professionals, not film stars.

      • Suprabh 10 years ago

        How do you know SMJ’s intention was wrong? Or are you just making a guess?

        • Baba 10 years ago

          i never make guesses to critise anyone. i have given the reasons why i think so.

          • Suprabh 10 years ago

            Baba- you only said what your expectation was and what it turned out to be. Expectation and Intention are two different things. So you see a person drowining in the sea and a person rushing to inform the life guards who eventually save that person. Will you say– “Oh ..This is all bakwaas..I expected that person to jump in the sea and save the other person himself….This is all just boring because he instead went to the life guard”

            The format of SMJ and its treatment may have disappointed you..It disappointed me too..I also wanted it to be a road show but that doesn’t necessarily imply that Aamir’s intention was bad

          • Baba 10 years ago

            no, first i talked about how promos misleaded. then i talked about the show being a crappier version of oprah winfrey with over dramatization of events with aamir and victims mouthing scripted lines.this is not my guess or opinion but a fact.

          • Suprabh 10 years ago

            No Its just your highly opinionated take on it.. You can’t term something as a fact because thats how you feel about it.

            Even if bits of the show were scripted- how can it make the intention bad?

          • Baba 10 years ago

            suprabh – yes the intention is bad when the camera focuses on how aamir weeps instead of the issue .the intention is bad when victims come and start singing poems and songs. the intention is bad when events are dramatized with manipulative BGM.the intention is bad when the show is not well researched but is quick to play blame-games and so on. i had talked a lot about this during smj. you can read it on tq if you have time.i liked only one episode of smj which was the generic medicine one as that was the only one topic which was somewhat well researched.

            you are such a good analyst when it comes to films,why are you closing that analytical mind for SMJ? you seem to have some soft corner for it 😉

  12. Suprabh 10 years ago


    I have seen all episodes of SMJ except one (the old age issue one), hence I don’t need to read the discussion.

    Here’s the thing that you probably aren’t uunderstanding about my comments. I don’t have issues if you call SMJ a bad show.. Thats alright, if you didn’t like the format, the intention or even its issues address. As I mentioned before even I was disappointed that Aamir did a studio show rather than a road show. I was also disappinted with a considerable focus on Aamir in some of the episodes. And most importantly I was disappointed with the selection of topics. Most of them circled around the same topic (Women problems)

    But I don’t term my disappointment with the show as its bad intention. I think the sow had a noble theme althouh it could have been made much more better. Having said that I did find the show very relevant and informative. Yes Aamir’s emotional depiction was distracting but that didn’t take anything away from the show.

    Here are some episodes which were great

    1) Doctors/Generic Drug

    2) People with Disabilities

    3) Pesticide farming

    4) The Water issue.

    5) Child Abuse

    Even despite the flaws you mentioned..these episodes did give a fair amount of information and were impacting.

  13. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    To each his own;

    For me; the show changed my life – literally!!

    How? you have to wait atleast 3 years from now to see the results and me tell about it. (if at all what I am doing turns out to be something positive so that you can “measure” it ,,,,as thats the only parameter u have ….””measure”…”measure” and “measure” 🙂 isn’t it 😀

  14. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    ….but I think just measuring (emotional quotes?!?) is not a good idea to measure a “goodnes” of a person.

    I think I am better off …

    Lets talk abt this after 3-4 years. I think I am on a correct line. Lets see…

    Thank you! 🙂

  15. hello 10 years ago

    Dont understand whats the point of bringing up something thats being discussed on other blog. if u want to say something on that why not go there and do it ? i thought the thread was about Aamir being on the Times cover so what Srk has got to do with that ? Insecure much. Your obsession with Aamir is quite amusing it seems like these days the only reason u keep coming back here is to talk trash about him … guess that makes u feel better and less insecure. Aamir making it to the US cover is definitely means lot more than Srk making it to the Filmfare dont think anyone would deny this unless offcourse one is a Srk fan or thinks Times and Filmfare are same.

    Aamir is just managing to “catch up” and be counted as a relevant guy. No point of having done a “One up” on SRK or any other star!

    Talking about catching up Everyone knows even after 5 years A Self Proclaimed King is still struggling to go past Ghajini ! Best of Luck with CE and HNY .

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