Wong Kar Wai’s The GrandMasters Trailer

  1. Shinji 12 years ago

    Thanx Sputnik.

    i am a huge fan of Martial Arts Movies. I wasnt aware of this film, it’s good u post such diverse trailers on ur blog.

    • valisa963 12 years ago

      it is good.

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      good to know you are a fan of martial arts films rooney. we both can follow each other’s posts 😀

      There is some decent discussion here


      • Shinji 12 years ago

        great baba.. will check it soon.

        I had once written something abt chinese movies during my college days, on satyamshot, if i find the link i will show u that 🙂 and hopefully in my next vacation i can write something worth to discuss, as i have seen tons of chinese movies… martial art and philosophical…

  2. Shinji 12 years ago

    It’s interesting another movie based on Ip Man.

    • aryan 12 years ago

      Chinese Zodiac International Trailer
      Jackie Chan Movie.

      • Baba Ji 12 years ago

        looks like dhoom 2 trailer 😀 . is this the first film where jackie chan has depended completely on harness/cables ?

  3. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    Good trailer . seems some kung fu philosophies will also be touched upon which is always interesting to watch. The action seems a bit grandiose though.not hardcore.

  4. shezad10 12 years ago

    ip man one and two are very great movies, from strory to fighting scene
    this one look average
    and i have ip man 3 ( its not the 3rd part of the two first movies ) in my future watch films , already dowload it.

  5. Ritz 12 years ago

    Never thought he will make an action film.

  6. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    Kind of Off Topic

    10 great film roles rejected by star actors

    Did not know that Cary Grant was supposed to be James Bond, Will Smith rejected Neo role in Matrix, John Travolta rejected Tom Hanks role in Forrest Gump and Kevin Costner rejected Tim Robbins role in The Shawshank Redemption.


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