Piya Ka Ghar

It reminds me of the days of college when my friends were facing difficulty in finding room for privacy (off-course for 😉 ) but never expected those things to happen for a married couple as the family members are matured enough to understand the desire for lovemaking or intercourse. One cannot possibly imagine the everyday life of people living in a small cabin like house unless they have lived such life or if you are Filipino expats.

Film is about Piya ka Milan in Piya ka Ghar hoga ya nahin? Jaya badhuri performed well including the all the other known and unknown actors in the film. Jaya who lives like a queen in her village is married to dhawan who lives in Mumbai – an accountant by her parents without informing jaya’s grandfather as her parents know he won’t let it happen. However when jaya comes to sasura, she gets disappointed looking at the pathetic life her sasural’s living in a Chawl. The house has one kitchen and it is accommodating two 3 couples (jaya – baduri, bhabi and her husband, parents) including a small brother. The new married couple is given the place in kitchen as a bedroom and rest are in living room divided into partitions.

Now whatever they talk could be heard by one and all and giving the circumstances they avoid suhagrat for the first night. Unfortunately this doesn’t end on day one but continues for months. Both have desire to come together and both are bothered with various circumstances. The film is very engaging and entertaining with many tensions inflicting the minds of audience and holds the excitement of audience till the end. 3.5/5


When a movie consists of stars like Ranvir Shorey, Vinay Pathak, Nasiruddin Shah and Neha dhupia directed by none other than Rajat Kapoor, the film is bound to be different and thrilling. Mithya is definitely a different film but I won’t say it was thrilling but ends up on tragic note. The story itself was such that it was bound to have unorthodox end.

Ranvir shorey is exceptionally brilliant along with naseerudding shah. The story starts on a usual way but after 15 minutes turns into very interesting and engaging plot. Neha dhupia was also brilliant along with other characters.

Ranvir is an aspiring actor doing small roles or sidekicks for advertisers, directors etc… is abducted by some gangsters and coerced to enact the role of another gangster head that is a look alike of him. He is threatened of serious consequences to him as well as his family if he declined to enact the role. He accepts and get prepares to don the role of a don and gets into the act when the gangster that abducted and trained him kills the real one.

The plot and film was on right track till one unfortunate incident happens, he falls from the floor and loses his memory. Rajat kapoor completely failed to utilize the opportunity what could have been a classic finish or thrilling end but loses out the plot and tries to make out of its own kind. By the end I was not sure whether I was happy with the film of not but I liked the film. 3/5

Moonrise kingdom – 2.5/5 – Won’t recommend for sure but if you have time watch this only of visuals and a kiss scene between the 16yr old couples. Have no idea why it is chosen for Oscar when there are enough and better films than these.

Undisputed 1 – there is nothing much to talk about this movie. Its all about boxing and both are real fighters. But it was entertaining as well 3.5/5

Undisputed 2 – all about marshal arts and fights in the ring. watch only if you are interested in martial arts. 2/5

Undisputed 3 – 2/3 Again the same thing

Never back down 2 – Pathetic – Recommending not to watch

  1. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    I woudnt go so far to call NBD 2 pathetic. It was not as well made as the first part but you will agree that the action in the sequel was far more advanced. NBD 1 was mostly beginner/amateur level MMA. What worked for firs part was the journey of the lead character. In part 2,there is no journey.Infact it has no conventional hero. not even the mentor MJW . every character is flawed and it can be interpreted either way. Some may call the characters half baked while some may say they present that typical american badass attitude. I am talking about that scene where MJW convinces the boxer to participate in the beatdown even after knowing it could blind him. superb dialogues from 6.25

    I liked few training scenes and some quotes in the film. like this 😀

  2. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    Two scenes i liked most from the film.

    MJW vs Police:

    This one is superb. Justin revenge :

  3. FS 10 years ago

    Watch blood and bones – the best of the series. Nothing compared to it. Undisputed version have better fight sequence then any recent martial art films can have except (tony jha’s)

    I liked never back down one as it was ok in story line but this ain’t got nothing. I had seen some training scenes of real fighters on youtube hence it looked bad in the film or half baked.

    • Baba Ji 10 years ago

      I liked quite a few fundas in the film especially from Micheal Jay white

      “I never teach any two people in the same way!”

      “I dont teach you what you want,I teach you what you need”

      “Come as often or dont come at all,I dont expect a card at christmas either way!” 😀

      “I want you to punch this piece of paper”

      “You either push your opponent or finish your opponent”

      “Of course its stupid,but I aint done whole lot of things most folks would agree with.But I can live with my choices as well as my consequences,can you?”

      “Fight is about emotional content ,not anger”

      • FS 10 years ago

        There are much more thought provoking and motivational quotes from the film “Playful Warrior” but the execution is on par with never back down 2.

        Even “Forever strong” has some good quotes as well the film is an inspirational one but not on par with listed movies in my list.

        • Baba Ji 10 years ago

          just finished watching blood and bone. action is very good. better than NBD 2 at some places. but I dont think the screenplay was any better than NBD 2. MJW seems more younger here and hence more swift but i think the action scenes were less for this kind of a film. also it didnt delve into the pysche of fighters . now NBD 2 had that in abudance and i liked that.

          But what i liked about blood and bone is the opening scene,superb. MJW is good throughout. the finale fight is with Mat Mullins. he is a real life 5 time martial arts world champion. the fight was again good but short.One of the jury in that scene is a real karate grandmaster. I have seen his videos in various documentaries. overall a very good reccomendation.

  4. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    just finished downloading blood and bone . superb opening scene itself. film banao to aisi banao. thanks fs 😀

  5. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    undisputed 3 bhi download karni padegi bhaya . good come back fs after the bad recco in incendies 😛

  6. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    saw undisputed 3 . cant say i am very impressed. it is like those 100s of badly directed hollywood MMA action films. Now we know in such films , acting is not really a prerequisite but even by those stds, there was some serious bad acting and silly dialogues throughout the film. The climax is super-cheesy 😀 . it reminded me of the agneepath climax but then its a hindi masala film . So hw can also be equally cheesy. I really cringed at that moment where there is a bad animation shown for a fracture of the villians leg. 😛
    wont recommend this film!

  7. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Good to Read Such Views from ur Side, Baba.

  8. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    wrote two reviews on imdb : one for Blood and Bone and another for Tom Yum Goong

    The Protector (2005) 10/ 10

    Possibly the greatest modern martial arts film ever made!

    Tom Yum Goong (The Protector) is that kind of film that will make you an admirer of Tony Jaa from the word go!Its the kind of film where story is just an excuse to show off the brilliant action skills of the lead actor.It belongs to the genre of all those Bruce Lee and Chan films. Tony Jaa himself is like an updated version of both combined together.A legend in his own right. There is nothing that he doesn’t seem to know – Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Kick boxing, Gymnastics, Parkour …. you name it and he has got it! The perfect fully loaded action hero.

    My personal favorite scenes are one in the warehouse where he beats a gang of 20-25 people and it looks believable yet spectacular. His fight with the Capoeira fighter Lateef Crowder and finally, that bone-breaking spree scene which in my opinion,is the greatest action scene in cinema history.Highly recommended!

    Blood and Bone (2009) 7/10

    Good one

    What i liked instantly about blood and bone is the opening scene,superb. The viewer knows what he is going to be treated to. White is good throughout.He seems to have a good technique and for his bulky figure,I think he is quite agile,though miles behind the league of a Tony Jaa or Jackie Chan. He seems far more fitter than he looked in Never Back Down 2 and the action in this is also better than that.

    But the film has less fights for its kind of film.The finale fight is with Mat Mullins. He is a real life 5 time martial arts world champion. The fight was again good but short although a thrilling one.One of the jury in that scene is a real karate grand master. I have seen his videos in various documentaries.

    • FS 10 years ago

      Good Reviews Baba. I told you as above, didn’t like undisputed 2 and 3 but the fighting were done by professionals. the winner of undisputed 3 has some great stunts and moves in undisputed 2 while practising but undisputed is all about boxing. Nice flick

      • Baba Ji 10 years ago

        I liked the villian of undisputed 3 😀 he was very interesting .

        • FS 10 years ago


          • Baba Ji 10 years ago

            finished downloading undisputed 1 yday and from the first scene itself i knew this movie is not for me. Too old school and almost zero action. Then I looked who directed it and its a different director from the other 2 parts. The director of undisputed 2,3 is Isaac Florentine. He is an Israeli filmmaker-cum-martial artist. I have begun following his films from now 😀

          • FS 10 years ago

            @baba – Undisputed takes time to build up story… Not just boxing.

  9. hithere 10 years ago

    I have Moonrise Kingdom – Will let you know my thoughts. Saw Amazing Spider Man and quite liked it. I liked the fact they were trying to make spiderman more human .

    • Ritz 10 years ago

      I loved Amazing Spiderman. But can u pls explain how they were “trying to make spiderman more human “? you mean in physicality or some specific scenes?

      I still prefer Toby.

  10. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    FS – just finished watching Undisputed 2. Great film. Excellent action. nothing OTT like the third has even got a decent story.One can be sure of that when MJW is around. His role is as usual dominating and the only time he loses is when he is drugged 😀 . Scott adkins was the hero of third part but here is the villian . The film showed how boxing is a limited sport in free style fight. I liked that. The climax is superb and MJW displayed some amazing Muay Thai moves . I am slowly becoming his fan 😉

    Another interesting thing to observe is it endorses the same TDKR ‘s “fear as a motivation” philosophy (towards the climax) and this came way back in 2006. I had said during my TDKR review that there is nothing new in Nolans philosophy and it had been shown in many movies before. This is one among them.

    There is this cliched I have observed in all prison-based films. There will always be a creepy old bearded man who always gives some philosophical lectures and motivates the hero to get out of it. But he himself doesnt try it ever 😉

  11. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    A review of Ong Bak from imdb which really hits the nail on the head especially for action films. Something which I have always said.

    8 December 2004 | by mastercko (Palo Alto, California, USA)

    Saying that Ong Bak was a bad movie because of the weak story is like saying that the Simpsons is a bad series because of the lack of continuity from show to show.

    YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT! The story is only there to loosely tie together the fact that this guy is being a badass. Which he is. There were only a FEW fight scenes? What are you talking about? There were so many fight scenes and chase scenes and the like. Every time you thought you saw the coolest thing ever, he breaks out another move that STILL totally blows you away. The only reason that this movie exists is simply to showcase Phanom Yeerum’s skills as a martial artist and an acrobat, which frankly, is enough for me.

    *sigh* If you care so much about story, steer clear. If you have any interest whatsoever is the GENRE of martial arts movies (where the quality of the story is usually not the primary concern), watch this movie. You won’t be sorry.

    This one is equally good:


    14 November 2005 | by PacManPolarBear (Canada)

    I have watched this movie several times and have come to a number of conclusions. The first is that 90% of the North American audience knows nothing about Asian films and more to the point, martial arts. Several other IMDb members commented on the repetitiveness of the movie, comparisons to Jackie Chan/Jet Li and its use of Kung Fu.

    First of all martial arts flicks will always be redundant to some extent since there are only so many ways to pick a fight, but stories do vary as does the quality of action. Tom Yum Goong is very similar to Ong Bak in its simplistic story and the noble feeling that surrounds Tony Jaa’s character. Mind you in this movie Tony is much more violent and brutal to his enemies. His sorrow at the loss of the elephants is a big part of his rage and the simplicity of the story left lots of space for action. Perhaps left simple for international appeal or for the simple fact that a simple, pure story would be more poignant. Anyway, if you go to a martial arts flick looking to pick it apart and analyze the acting skills then your a fool and should never leave your American Hollywood watering hole.

  12. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    FS – i need more reccos of undisputed/ blood and bone type.

    • FS 10 years ago

      Then Watch – “Man from Nowhere” and “Raid Redemption” Full of action pact movies, one stylish and other gruesome

      • Baba Ji 10 years ago

        thanks. how is ninja assasin (2009) ?

        • FS 10 years ago

          i didn’t like it… He has some good moves in the film but it is OTT.

          • Baba Ji 10 years ago

            yes i thought so. I just saw some videos of it on youtube and didnt like much. reminded me of the kill bill scenes 😉 wont download it so.

  13. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Ninja Assasin was All Blood, Gore, Razor Sharp Objects Flying Everywhere cutting Body Parts like Watermelons!

    The Story is Garbage Pathetic, the Main Villian was like Amrish Puri..Not Fighting himself but Only Ordering his ‘Chamchas’ to do all the Dirty Work.

    Movie was Made only to Display it’s Lead Actor-Rain.

    Guess even they have their Own Salman Khan’s.

    • Baba Ji 10 years ago

      ” the Main Villian was like Amrish Puri..Not Fighting himself but Only Ordering his ‘Chamchas’ to do all the Dirty Work.”

      LOL! good observation.

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