Talaash Public Reviews

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    sputnik 10 years ago

    Another Public Review by bollywoodhungama

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    sputnik 10 years ago

    Watched all the Public Review videos. It seems that lot of people did like the movie and that lot of them liked Aamir, Kareena and Rani. One guy said that all the Khans, Devgns and Kumars are on one side and Aamir on the other. Lot of them were praising Aamir.

    Now some people who did not like the movie were saying its not like you would expect from a Aamir movie – that it is not like 3 Idiots and that it is not blockbuster type movie. I don’t know why anyone who has seen the promos will expect 3I kind of movie from Talaash.

    • Nitin 10 years ago

      All the Khans, Devgns and Kumars are on one side and Aamir on the other. This is certainly incorrect.

      Aamir is good but not the best.

      • Shinji 10 years ago

        I believe Aamir Personally is not the Best.

        But i have seen a pattern were most neutral people, who are think before they check out a flick are like this

        If it is aamir film, we will atleast see it once in theater, while with others this feeling is not that strong, and depends on the nature of the flick, like sallu in masala and srk in romance, and that too among fans.

        This is the quality that people think abt Aamir where they feel if he has made it, it should be seen once.

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