Sanket’s Review: Katti Batti

KattiBatti In a film that’s essentially a love story, its funny how we never get to witness the inner turmoil of one lead and we are compelled only to focus on the other lead of the story. Katti Batti is one shoddily directed love story that you want to forget about as soon as step out of the hall.

The film never really stays on to its plot for more than few moments resulting in superficial emotions. Before you even get to react on one scene, you are already in the next scene and that goes on forever. Even couple of earnest moments in first half doesn’t help much given its tacky screenplay that feels like is a device to put more twists than conviction in the film.

The second half is particularly clumsy and it gets on nerves when you have a new episode popping up just when you feel the film is about to end. The film slogs to reach to the end and each scene towards the finale is annoying.

The film can be thankful to its musical melodies which help you have them humming. All the songs in the film are enjoyable and especially when they come to rescue to boredom.

Imran Khan, who usually is comfortable in such films, gets muddled with a role that at best can be described – irritating. His character, possibly the weakest character in the film, has presence almost throughout all the scenes which only pulls the film down despite Imran sincerely struggling to make his character work. Kangana is restricted to just a side object of the screenplay and her character never feels like a part of the love story. Her discomfort in the glam-doll scenes initially and her overacting in the last few minutes only breaks the film down.

It’s a film that can be given a miss unless you want to challenge your patience.

Rating – 1.5/5

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  1. sputnik 9 years ago

    Thanks for the review Sanket. From the trailer it looked ok but almost all reviews say the movie is bad.

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