SOTD: Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya – Mughal-E-Azam

  1. Ritz 9 years ago

    Pathetic leg and hand movements by a “darbari nartaki”. All the long shots are certainly by a duplicate (cant make out “grace” element in the long shots) . Cant believe they chose someone like Madhubala to play this character.

    Having lived 5 years in Chennai, used to visit different temples every weekend and used to see a Live dance performance in temples atleast once or twice in a month. Though I started off as reluctantly – (being an atheist was not even visiting temples regularly earlier) – these dance performances made me visit temples.
    Classical music ho ya Classical dance – unless u see it live for some time, u dont get the hang of it. U dont get the eauty of it.

    Not to say that I became critical of Madhubala’s grace in dancing after that…In my opinion she was a zero before that also (along with Meena Kumari).

    Cant see this song every time it plays on TV/DVD.

    Can listen to it number of times.

    Song is simple – and conveys the feelings aptly.

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      ritz – i dont know about the technical part of the dance,u cud be right,but madhubalas expressions were effective here.she has a great screen presence in the song.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Agree with you on almost all of your points.

      Madhubala is really bad at classical dancing in this song and yes the long shots look like that of a duplicate. She had a beautiful face with great features and she is great in songs like “Aacha ji main haari” and “Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi si”.

      Prithviraj Kapoor was excellent as Akbar and his expressions (seething with anger) from 4:48 are just brilliant.

      I did not like Dilip Kumar in MEA too. He was expressionless and seemed totally out of place in the movie. I think Shammi Kapoor would have probably made a better Salim.

  2. Ritz 9 years ago


    The strongest point in the song video is Prithviraj kapoor’s expressions when he gets hyper angry – and his wife looking worried πŸ™‚

  3. Ritz 9 years ago

    “but madhubalas expressions were effective here.she has a great screen presence in the song”

    About expressions (greatly helped by her facial features) I agree completely.

  4. Ritz 9 years ago

    Baba, did u notice

    –> the many high points in music where they showed others faces instead of Madhubala dancing? It was just like …when in a dance step – u expect a dancer to take the music as a challenge…the next upcoming fast beat taal/taan …and suddenly u see a face of bland/expressionless Dilip kumar.

    I have like watched this movie for 20 times along with my father – who is a die-hard fanatic (or WAS ) of Dilip kumar. And all the time I end up saying “wtf” watching expressionless/lifeless Dilipkumar on screen and graceless Madhubala with him.

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      yes madhubala was probably not a great dancer.dilip i think was subtle here and PRK was hamming a bit πŸ˜€ but i hv seen the film,overall in the movie ,PRK makes far greater impact.DK lagged behind may be bcos his character was weak.

  5. Ritz 9 years ago

    “DK lagged behind may be bcos his character was weak.”

    Not true.

    He had a strong storyline and screenplay with him. He just underplayed it too much. At some points his underplay was very good to excellent. But he overdid it

  6. vandana chitnavis 9 years ago

    is it true that in some todas of the dance a kathak artist performed with madhubala’s mask prepared by khedkar, an artist from pune?

  7. Prem Raj Kapoor 8 years ago

    Papaji was the most effective actor in Mughal-e-Azam. He was a theatre actor after all. Excellence personified!! He should have got an award for this performance.

  8. Bobby 7 years ago

    Madhubala’s performance in this movie represents one of the best all-time by any Indian actress. To say that the director should have chosen an accomlpished kathak dancer for the role, just fot this one scene is rather silly. Her screen presence and expressions are unmatched to this day (except by Madhuri Dixit maybe). The fault lies more in the choreography of this song, See her in the other song from this movie- “Mohe panghat pe” also.

    • yes her screen presence and expressions are very good. but the point ritz made on the technical aspects are perfect. all the long shots which involved the difficult steps are done by the duplicate. you cant deny it.

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