Sing Raja Song – Joker

  1. cr7 12 years ago

    they should officially name it tmk-2 .

    • Author
      sputnik 12 years ago

      They would have officially named it TMK 2 if TMK was a hit 😉

      Seriously it is looking a lot like TMK 2 with the whole fooling everyone part.

  2. Serenzy 12 years ago

    Kunder wud be Fucked Big Time now!

    SRK Fans shud Blast him on Twitter now.

    Best Part will be Salman Turning Down ‘Kick’.

  3. Bored 12 years ago

    Rowdy Rathore was one Akshay movie that was enjoyable after a long time. And somehow this seems pretty entertaining, probably due to the fact that the promos shows that the makers or actors does not take this seriously at all.

    TMK had the Farah Khan’s irritating pretense of ‘Oh look this is the latest coolest movie on the block’.

    This looks more on the lines of Bhool Bhulayai which focus on feel-good flippant entertainment with a few laughs. Considering the low budget and selling price, this should be a winner.

  4. aryan 12 years ago

    This will be one of the worst movie in Akshay’s career because of Shirish Kunder and I am sure Salman will turn down ‘Kick’ after the release of Joker.

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