Saanson Ne Song – Dabangg 2

  1. Author
    aryan 7 years ago

    Most Beautiful song attractive appealing.

  2. Ritz 7 years ago

    Song is shot in foreign locations. Doesnt suit it.

    • sauravjha 7 years ago

      Actually Ritz Arbaaz is hell bent to do what’s already there in Dabang 1 it also had a Sonu Nigam n Shreya Ghosal number in foreign locations too. So its like he is showing how he would have made Dabang if he had the opportunity.So everything has Same feel attached to it.

      Anyways always a pleasure to hear Sonu Nigam’s voice! But why is he singing only or largely for Sajid Wajid? In IIP also he has sung for them! He should sing for better music directors IMO. Also Tulsi Kumar’s voice isn’t suiting Sonakshi.

  3. FS 7 years ago

    Dabang was Abhinav Kashyap’s take as Director and looks like Arbaaz wants to tell the world Dabang would have been like Dabang2 (arbaaz’s take) if he had directed it. All songs and their locations are almost same…

    Tere mast do nain = dagabaaz re; (Location and Place same)
    Humka peeni hai = pandeji seeti maare (choreography, background and location same)
    Chori kiya re jiya = Nainon se (Location UAE/Alain Road, palace and jumeriah )
    Munni Badnam hui = Fevicol (location/setup/choreography/tumkas etc.. are similar)

  4. Reddemon 7 years ago

    Dabangg2 will be the first film which is a remake of its prequel

  5. stewie griffin 7 years ago

    sequel= . A literary, dramatic, or cinematic work whose narrative continues that of a preexisting work. 😀

    • FS 7 years ago

      narrative is not continuing, infact they have stopped the narrative and are showing the new version of Dabangg which means he just copied that of preexisting work 😀

      Salman and Arbaaz are being dagabaaz and jhootiyas

      • stewie griffin 7 years ago

        wow fs-didn’t realise u already watched dabangg 2
        by the way for sequel seems to be raaz 1 and 2 right?
        how difficult is it for u to understand..dabangg 2 is a harry potter kind of sequel…taking movie forward from where it ended before..not like raaz or jannat…
        and what exactly do u expect from a character dheela kind of song??
        kamaal karte ho yaar

      • stewie griffin 7 years ago

        by the way are u aamirr or salman fan…? you have been accused of being an aamir fan pretending to be a salman fan..hehe 😀

        • FS 7 years ago

          accusations are there from the date of joining…

          Even me didn’t realize that you have watched the film to defend… whatever i said based on the promos, 4 songs that released till now but just tell me on your defense that on what basis are you saying its a continuation? Have they shown anything that indicates continuation? or just blabbering for the sake of defense.. No offence ok 😉

  6. mate 7 years ago

    Good song n Good picturization.

    BTW it’s off-topic, just see last couple of posts displayed on the main page of NG and TQ. So I wanna share what I see.

    No. of posts 15
    Total No. of views 1522
    Total No. of comments 54
    Highest No. of comments in one thread 31
    No. of posts 20
    Total No. of views 4221
    Total No. of comments 179
    Highest No. of comments in one thread 31

    Hope you guyz like this ‘information’. 😀

    • narad_muni 7 years ago

      good one, bro!

      U guys deserve all the credit 🙂

    • stewie griffin 7 years ago

      ng is shooting itself on its own foot..paid membership,banning danish and anybody and everybody and taking itself too seriously..and although most stars have silly is filled wid silly fans of akki…u know the ones who only write stuff like xhjehkdsj and jali na etc etc..discuss karne main bhi majaa nahin aata..manish jaise fans toh gayab hi hai..atleast before even when there were fights amongst milind,baba and stuff it was entertaining..

  7. mate 7 years ago

    oops, It’s 73 comments not 31, last figure.

  8. sputnik 7 years ago

    Watch this trailer of Mumbai Mirror – wannabe Dabangg. It also stars Prakash Raj and Aditya Pancholi.

    • Reddemon 7 years ago

      Hahaha nice find sputnik

    • Baba Ji 7 years ago

      LOL! seems a combo of wanted+dabang . salman chala bhi jaaye to aisi aulaadein chhod jaayega 😀

  9. mate 7 years ago

    For a moment I thought he was Madhavan. 😀
    Mera ek hi asool he k koi asool na banao warna todna padta he. Kya thakela dialogue he thakeli awaz mein. Is this a BW film trailer or a joke. Maha Disaster.

    • Baba Ji 7 years ago

      this trailer shows which direction those salman hits can take bollywood too. bhagwan bachaye! 😉

      • narad_muni 7 years ago

        well said baba!
        So we ll b hearing more BG type of dialogues in the future.
        mujhpe ek ehsaan karna………… LOL 🙂

  10. Reddemon 7 years ago

    Salman’s golden run at boxoffice will end with Dabangg2. A journey from Dabangg to dabangg2

  11. bunty 7 years ago

    kyu pandey ji lagi to nhi .,awsm

    • Ritz 7 years ago

      Its a gone case for D2 now. I am not watching it. Totally repulsive movie. Salman is irritating and seems uninterested in song promos.

      I loved Dabangg and its a good watch whenever it comes on TV. But not anymore after this film – this film will kill D1 and Chulbul Pandey.

      ..well atleast for me.

      • bunty 7 years ago

        ritz kabhi hass bhi liya karo paji 🙂 .,yeh promo bst promo he

        • Ritz 7 years ago

          @bunty, your id is more funny than the promo.


          • bunty 7 years ago

            ty ritz 😀 pr plz jb dabangg2 aaye gi kahi gayab mat ho jana 😀

  12. Ritz 7 years ago

    Kyon bunty!! D2 itni kharaab hogi? 🙁

    • bunty 7 years ago

      ritz agr D2 kharab hogi to ap kyu bhagne lage 😀 fir apko bolne ka bhana mil jayega ,.,ab record opening ke liye tayyar ho jayo

  13. danish 7 years ago

    @mate – if u are one of the owners of tanweed, u just need to relax. NG apni kabar khud hi khod lega.

    • mate 7 years ago

      I am just an ordinary member and a well-wisher of TQ, find the rest of your comment inappropriate. Anyway have a good time here.

  14. danish 7 years ago

    @ritz – all of teh biggest francises have athing in common – their look & feel is exactly the same, film after film. cases in point – spider man, pirates series, harry potter, super man, batman, narnia, u name it……

    as long as the story moves forward in dabangg 2, nothing can stop it.

    • Ritz 7 years ago

      @danish, I dont know about other series u mentioned.

      But I think Spidy series and Batman series kind of took the story forward

      Spidy 2 was Peter Parker fighting with his personal life, Spidy 3 had Peter parker fighting with easy to gain powers and fighting with his inner powers to take revenge, his obsessions etc.

      There was a clear character graph in all three spiderman films. And all took the story forward.

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