Scene of the Week: Darr

Check out this excellent scene from Darr. Well directed by Yash Chopra, well shot by Manmohan Singh and what I love the most – the background music by Shiv-Hari especially the Tabla beats.

I know I had posted this elsewhere (that video does not work now) and for those who had already seen this scene check out another scene from the same movie.

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    Reddemon 9 years ago

    1st scene is hilarious…
    Sunny paaji carried same expression throughout the chase and he was not at all tired same was the case with srk. Both would should participated in ongoing olympics. Probably they will win a gold medal for India. Not worthy of being SOTW imo.
    2nd scene was much better compared to the first one and srk was more than brilliant in the later part.

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      sputnik 9 years ago

      hmm I don’t think it was hilarious. In the end both are tired – SRK gets almost caught and Sunny is too tired to catch him. Well we can say that all our heroes (Bollywood as well as Hollywood ones) should participate in ongoing Olympics too because they are so superhuman 😉

      I remember people in theater screaming in joy when SRK stabbed Sunny in the 2nd scene. Yes SRK was brilliant especially after the stabbing scene.

      • Baba Ji
        Baba Ji 9 years ago

        Both scenes are good.The first scene has good thrill in the context of the movie although the chase is a little too keep rooting for srk 😀 but i agree reddemon that it is not good enough to be called SOTW.

      • Baba Ji
        Baba Ji 9 years ago

        you also screamed sputnik? 😛

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      aryan 9 years ago

      Both are fantastic scenes I loved SRK role in darr with grey shades.

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    Reddemon 9 years ago

    Sputnik- i cant believe that people were supporting srk when he stabbed sunny deol. So according to your comment srk failed to portray himself in villainous role coz imo a villan should be hated by the audience and i actually disliked him in darr and bazzigar and for me he was convincing in the negative role.

    • Baba Ji
      Baba Ji 9 years ago

      darr is not about a “hero” and a “villian” as is a film about about characters.srk is an unusual lover who is sort of coward yet a bit was a very interesting role.even his baazigar role is not really “hero”.Both were unconventional,interesting roles.

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      I don’t agree that a villain should always be hated. Its also about the performance.

      People love villains or characters with grey shades – Joker from The Dark Knight, Gabbar from Sholay, Mogambo from Mr.India, Amitabh from Deewar, Sanjay Dutt from Naam, Aamir from Earth and so on. Goody Goody roles are boring.

      And anyways it was a complex role – he is a stalker terrorizing the heroine but he is docile one moment and maniac at another moment.

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    milind 9 years ago

    Terrific scene..terrific execution..yash Chopra has a diverse filmography..not many have one like it.From the manicured lawns of Waqt to the splits of Daag and the politics of Deewar….lamhe..darr…vz…maestro!!

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    Reddemon 9 years ago

    I agree with baba ji to some extent that darr was not a typical ‘hero’ ‘villan’ movie. But still SRK was menancing in some part which makes you dislike him and support the other party.
    Sputnik- even i dont say that a baddie should always be hated. I loved ‘maya’ from SAL and there r many others too. U may be one in a million who loved joker or gabbar in the movie. Liking the artist who played the character and liking the character is two different things. Pople may like Heath ledger or amjad khan for playing their respective role with such perfection but i wont agree if u say that people liked joker or gabbar in the movie.

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    Serenzy 9 years ago

    I never liked Darr as a Movie nor Shahrukh’s Performance of the Crazy Lover in it(Still don’t).

    OTOH, I am a Hugeeeee Baazigar Fan and dat Movie plus the Music, SR-K-ajol and Shahrukh’s AllTime Cult Performance(in d Leagues of any Ledger,Amjad Khan etc) Rock.

    I watchd it wen I was 7-8yr old and SRK killing Shilpa, changing dose contact lenses, killing d girl by Suffocating her gave me Sleepless Nights.

    OTOH, Darr is Below Avg Movie IMO.

    Baazigar,DDLJ,KKHH,Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa remain sum f my Fav SRK Movies f d 90’s.

    • Baba Ji
      Baba Ji 9 years ago

      I like srk’s baazigar,darr,khkn,pardes ,swades,CDI.

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      I did not like Darr that much either – it is way too long at over 3 hrs and it drags quite a bit (Juhi’s seduction dance for Sunny, Anupam Kher’s silly comedy track) in the second half. Moreover Sunny survives three attempts (car accident, that gun shot and finally that stabbing). I like SRK’s performance more than the movie.

      Darr was bold and groundbreaking for its time though – movies back then never had a guy love a married woman. There was a unwritten rule that you don’t cross that line. The other guy would either sacrifice his love and sometimes even his life or end up like a Devdas after the girl got married to someone else.

      I saw a Interview of Honey Irani, the writer on some TV channel a few months ago and she was saying that they decided to not stop at the marriage.

      Never liked some of Baazigar’s servants comedy track either but Baazigar is a better movie than Darr.

      Both Baazigar and Darr made the whole anti-hero roles cool. Everyone started doing similar roles or similar movies. Arbaaz is supposed to have refused Baazigar but he made his debut with Daraar. Then there was Nana with Agnisakshi, Sharad Kapoor in Dastak, Kajol in Gupt, Urmila in PTKK, Akshay in Ajnabee and so on.

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        Milind 9 years ago


        To tell you the truth I havn’t seen Darr in one sitting ever! No one will believe it but till a few months ago I hadnt seen “Jadu Teri Nazar” video.

        This is SRK’smost radical performance to date.If he repeats it,he can again create sensation!

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 9 years ago


      I had posted that throwing Shilpa off the roof scene from Baazigar sometime back as Scene of the Week.

      Scene of the Week : Baazigar

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    Serenzy 9 years ago


    u only liked Shahrukh’s 6 Movies till date?

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    I.One 9 years ago

    A brilliant scene and performance by both SRK and Sunny. Of course SRK went away with all applause for his performance. Many people do underestimate the importance of this movie in SRK’s career. This particular movie actually was turning point of SRK’s career. He did won best actor for Baazigar, but this particular movie gave SRK permanent slot in Yashraj movies. Since Darr, any movie directed by either Yash Chopra or Aditya Chopra had SRK as the lead and we all know every movie was a box office Hit with some chartbuster songs. Many already have a knowledge of SRK movies with Yashraj, still reproducing it for birds eye view of SRK’s association with Yashraj –

    1. Darr
    2. DDLJ
    3. Dil Toh Paagal Hai
    4. Mohabbatein
    5. Veer Zaara
    6. Chak De! India
    7. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

    And of course in most probability the 8th one too will be a runaway hit, which is scheduled to release this Diwali.

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    aryan 5 years ago

    Darr 2.0 Teaser

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