Satyamev Jayate Season 3 Episode 2 – Road Accidents or Murders?

  1. yakuza 7 years ago

    Not seen episode yet, but this is the topic i always discuss with friends. Safety of citizens should be prime concern of every government, but alas, once you are on travel .. you are on death road. 95% of roads in India not adhering the safety standards. Many highways around my town are highly dangerous to drive. Causality rate at each of those roads are 3 deaths per day. This is horrifying .. My friend lost his parents in accident at one of those highways recently. Since last 20 years, whenever i drive those roads, this thought continuously on my mind “Why government not converting this highway to 4 lane and repair the bad quality and big potholes all the way ?” I mean seriously .. i used to hear during my college days that these highways will be repaired soon .. its almost 20 years now man, no one caring about accidents, deaths every other day.

    • yakuza 7 years ago

      Just saw 30 minutes of show. Topic is more about accidents due to negligence of driver .. i wanted also to focus it on government negligence on bad road conditions. No idea if later portion of episode talks about it ..

    • yakuza 7 years ago

      Saw full episode now. It covers most of things. Even Govt. flaws as I mentioned above. It says that 30-40% accidents happen because of bad conditions/design of roads. IMO it is more. Yes self negligence is also equally responsible .. fact that truck drivers are always on drugs and short of sleep is frightening.

  2. Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    I lost my best friend in a road accident! (at the age of 15)
    He was super rich and kept begging to passers-by that he will give them good monney …if they rescued him….

    no one rescued him from the situation….he was just 16 or so…

    no one cared to listen to him for a minute….

    such a haunting story…

    Fuck life.

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