Most stupid scene of Guru

I think much before Raavan,the acclaimed director Mani Ratnam had crossed all limits of ridiculousness in the climax of Guru.Check this scene and just think how stupid could the writer think the audience are!

Guru is saying dont charge me excise duty,custom duty bcos i hv majority of indians as my companys shareholders.and he is actually defending his act of crime.and by looting the government by avioiding taxes,he is indirectly causing more trouble to economy. and then he says he values “money” lol

He says govt has problem wiht his growth,dude govt doesnt hv problem with ur growth but with ur criminal acitivyt of avioding taxation n bribery and finally mani ratnam should be ashamed of using mahatma gandhi as reference to make guru look rebel.How on earth can a freedom fight be equal to avoiding of taxes and bribery!

  1. sputnik 11 years ago

    Agree Baba. A couple of years back when I saw the movie I had similar thoughts too. I did not like the movie either. It is a typical south Indian movie trying to glorify the hero. The background chorus of “Guru Bhai, Guru Bhai” was such BS in a movie like this. Its like some Rajnikanth movie has the hero’s name chanting in the background during a fight scene.

    The scene is pathetic from every angle – the stupid direction which is trying to justify a person’s crime, the stupid camera angles which keep spanning the room, the over loud background music by Rahman and least of all Abhishek’s hamming where he is trying to channel Kamal Haasan from Nayagan (who himself copied Marlon Brando – there is the slight bloated cheeks too) and also his father Amitabh.

    And the scene is not original either. It is inspired from a scene from The Aviator.

  2. narad_muni 11 years ago

    Yes, this movie is fulll of such bull shit scenes.
    The ways and means in which Guru bhai gets things done is no way convincing and highly over-dramatized which is totally misplaced in a biopic.
    Yet, I found the movie overall enjoyable… it was a masala film more than a biopic

  3. password 11 years ago

    Three films that i liked of Abhishek Starrer are; Refugee, Bunty aur Bubly and Guru. If i missed any of his good movies pardon me coz i cant tolerate his acting anymore. He is turning pathetic day by day

  4. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    Excellent comment from Shaan Khan on this topic:

    Shaan Khan
    As a foodie, in my travels, I have found that chefs generally camouflage bad quality meat with strong, aromatic sauces. The effort is to numb your taste buds so that you don’t notice the poor meat quality. Watching this scene reminds me of that age old trick. It appears that Mani Ratnam, in this scene, like a chef resigned to bad meat, is using loud obnoxious music to hide the fact that he does not have a decent actor to rise to the demands of the occasion. The scene requires a hero, Mani unfortunately has a zero. As bad as Lil C / Abhishek Bachchan is, his poor skills is not the only culprit here. Granted Abhishek ranks lower than pond scum in any honest listing of actors, but as far as this scene is concerned (or as far as Guru is concerned), it is Mani Ratnam who is the weakest link.

    Let me explain.

    It is very clear that Mani is a left leaning person (aka a socialist) who does not understand nor appreciate capitalism or capitalists. All said and done, he is the wrong person to make a movie with a hard core capitalist as its protagonist. In Guru, Mani is like Rock Hudson eying the camera man rather than Doris Day. Given his ignorance, Mani has no clue how to establish Guru’s (i.e a capitalist’s) acumen nor showcase his ability to shock and awe the jury. No wonder then, Mani unfolds the street con trick (on the streets of Istanbul in an early scene in the movie) in a manner that ends up confirming his lack of knowledge, rather than the street smarts of Gurukant Desai.

    This brings us back to this scene. I don’t think Mani knows how to argue like a capitalist. So it is not just Abhishek lack of talent that Mani is covering with the loud music but also his inability to make a case on behalf of Gurukant Desai. This scene sucks because Mani lacks sympathy for capitalism. This scene sucks because the socialist Mani would have to die and be reborn as a capitalist to argue like a capitalist. Ayn Rand could write this scene in her sleep. I could write this scene with half my brains tied behind my back. Sadly Mani drops the ball.

    The question now becomes, what if Mani had not dropped the ball. My response to that is, if Mani had not dropped the ball then that scene would have been played brilliantly by an actor from the south called Vikram, in other words Abhishek would have still screwed it up (proof Raavan).

  5. password 11 years ago

    Well Explained baba ji though i don’t agree with you on some points and those points i don’t want to list out and debate/discuss πŸ˜›

  6. sputnik 10 years ago

    Amitabh thinks Abhishek should have won the Best Actor for Guru. He just tweeted this.

    “T 942 – Sat with Abhishek and caught ‘Guru” on DD, and still filled with pride on his performance, the film and its making .. teary at end ! ”

    “T 942 – Not a single award came his way for ‘Guru’ .. I console him by saying not a single award came my way for ‘Deewar’, …nor to Dilip K”

    ” T 942 – …. nor to Dilip Saheb for ‘Gunga Jamuna’, which to me has been his best ever ..”

    Have not seen Ganga Jamuna but Amitabh should have won Best Actor for Deewar. Don’t agree with Abhishek deserving the award for Guru though.

    The thing with awards is that you win some when you don’t deserve and lose when you deserve sometimes.

    Amitabh of all people should know that. He won a award for Hum when Sanjay clearly deserved it more for Saajan. He won for hamming in Black when Anupam deserved it more for Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara. He won for Paa when Shahid deserved it more for Kaminey.

    • Baba Ji 10 years ago

      well, ppl dont remember great acting or films by the awards that it gets. If the acting /film is really good , ppl remember it anyway. seems big b feels that his sons acting and the film is not remembered and hence he wanted award for his son in guru as a token of approval that his acting is liked and remembered atleast in record books.

  7. Serenzy 10 years ago


    Which was the Last B’Wood Movie & a Performance that Totally Knocked You Out and Left you Totally Awestruck???

    A Movie that You had NO ‘Problems’ to Complain about..?

    A Performance that was Stupendous??

    p.s – It can’t be Vicky Donor for Sure.

    p.s2 – I am Asking you this Question bcz I want to know ur Answer and Your Point on Rockstar’s Songs was Pretty Much, actually Very Harsh and Demeaning akin to a Hate Rant.
    Very Much Hurt!

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      It does not happen to me with Bollywood movies. I always have some problem with any movie.

      I have not seen that many Bollywood movies this year but the ones that I liked this year are Kahaani, Agneepath, Vicky Donor, PST and Shanghai. Last year I loved ZNMD.

      Among actors I liked Irfan the most in PST followed by Hrithik in Agneepath and Ayushman Khurana in VD.

      Among actresses I liked Vidya the most in Kahaani followed by Parineeti in Ishaqzaade, Yami Gautam in VD and Ileana in Barfi.

      Also liked Rishi Kapoor in Agneepath, Annu Kapoor in VD, Abhay and Emraan in Shanghai.

      The last Rahman album that I liked was Delhi 6.

    • hithere 10 years ago

      If you start watching cinema from world, most of the stuff we make is mediocre. In fact we like all below average stuff because we identify with them culturally. A similar movie from other country would be switched off in no time.
      I also didn’t like Rockstar songs much (or the movie). Vicky Donor has very avarage second half.

      • Baba Ji 10 years ago

        agreed. Though i had seen vicky donor in a very poor print but its second half was usual bw stuff. and i got bored.

  8. Serenzy 10 years ago

    “It does not happen to me
    with Bollywood movies. I
    always have some problem
    with any movie”

    I Thought So…
    I always Sensed this from when I was on TQ but just Wanted you to actually Type it on your Keyboard around from your End. πŸ˜‰

    I was Saddened by the Way you Dismissed RS’s Songs One after the Other. πŸ™

    Make Sure u Catch Up On OMG!, EV and Talaash bfr End of 2012. πŸ™‚

  9. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Ultimately, We can Come to a Conclusion that you are too High Brow[ :smug: ] Sputnik, Now after all these Years to Enjoy a Dabangg2 at Chandan, Juhu Or Gaiety-Galaxy, Bandra.
    πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

    If u don’t Mind, Can I Ask u from Which Part of India do you Belong??

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      Ha Ha. I have mentioned a few times that I am too high brow jokingly πŸ˜€

      I did enjoy Dabangg though.

      OMG and EV are on my list to watch. I will be watching Talaash in theater on 30th.

      I am from Hyderabad.

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