Satyamev Jayate Season 2 Episode 2 – Police

  1. Ipman 7 years ago

    I have been a big critic of smj. but the season 2 is going from strength to strength. If you thought the first episode about rapes in India was good, then todays epsiode on Indian Police is possibly the best episode of smj till date. Very informative. loved all the interactions of aamir with various IPS officers from the south to north to Manchester police officer. The biggest highlight of the show was to see that our police system still follows the act implemented by british raj which was designed to suit them and not the public (army system) and UK itself doesnt have the same system in its country! This season the discussion is about solutions and not merely crying on the problems. I have critised aamir khan for 2 years but i think he has reedemed himself after the fiasco he faced to his reputation post dhoom 3

  2. Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    Kerala and Tamilnadu are best administered states in many respects.

    Just that they don’t beat their chest in the name of “vikas vikas”

    • Ipman 7 years ago

      yes. but kerala and tamil nadu are not very inclusive either isnt it? they have very good percentage of literacy and sex ratio too. they have progressive thinking and good solutions to problems. but they dont try to extend it outside their region. they dont care about taking anything to national level

  3. I.One 7 years ago

    Agree with Baba. Yesterday’s show was brilliant, because in 70 mins Aamir tried to cover the problems faced by public due to police, logistics, mental and physical problems faced by police and what would be the best solution in the given circumstances. The plight of constables (who form over 90% of police force) was well presented. Liked the Kerala police policy of 8 hours duty. It baffles me why the same is not being followed in other states, which obviously are severely understaffed.

    • Ipman 7 years ago

      yes i think it covered all the aspects about the indian police – what we expect of them, the rights and duties of police and what can be done to improve it. this season smj seems to be walking its talk. this is what the show was intended to do

    • hithere 7 years ago

      They didn’t divulge how Kerala police have funds to do all the activities but rest of the state police are complaining?

      I think law and order is most important thing in progress of any country. We can talk about attitude, bias and other stuff but if you have good law and order, things start falling in place automatically. .Things in Bihar improved in first stint of Nitish Kumar, not because of new infrastructure but due to improvement in law and order.

      • Bored 7 years ago

        Yes, Aamir does not talk abt the real issue here at all! How to improve infrastructure, working conditions, promotions, etc … Where will the money come from? What kind of budgets do we need?

        This is similar, one sided, moralistic lecture series or armchair analysis (whatever u call it) aimed for pseudo-intellectuals, just like the first season was.

        Nothing against it, but lectures/bhashans and emotional pricking is necessary for building awareness – but they really dont change anything and nor do they give concrete solutions to any problem.

        One thing though, Aamir is not shedding false tears anymore and is being a more matured anchor here than in first season – i only see improvement in that aspect. But its just cosmetics.

        • Bored 7 years ago

          Its also not just the funding/budget question.

          How are the state laws in Keral different from other states? What are the specifics of these laws? What legislation need to be specifically passed in other places and at national level? Who is going to pass them?

          Why didnt Aamir get senior leaders from Congress/BJP or even AAP and grill them on their stands and legislation details that they are willing to implement on better law n order?

          Just get some liberal and sympathetic high police officers to discuss the problem of police? How Nice and convenient.

          Is this what Aamir calls ‘research’? (How many times did he mention the term ‘research’?)

          • hithere 7 years ago

            If you involve politicians the show will be closed in no time. So in that sense it is not going full length.
            I think his main goal to is to present the problem without hurting anybody. So even with yesterday’s episode police people may complain but I think he positioned himself well by inviting retired people and presented their problems as well.

          • Bored 7 years ago

            True, it is a limitation for this kind of format which are primarily designed to evoke emotions and build awareness abt certain issues. To that extent it succeeds (as did the first season).

            Personally I have issues with the format and its usual consequences (the lack of it to be more precise).

            More problematic is when some starts praising it by saying it is giving us solutions on how to resolve it. Its the blurred understanding of ‘solutions’ that is quite alarming imo.

          • Ipman 7 years ago

            one can misread any comment to convince himself. but i must say the desparation to attack aamir is reaching the level of retardedness. comparing BJP to dhoom 3 and and aamir to modi! i mean seriously one has to be high on weed.

            ppl taunt others about being kader khan but are the same when it comes to them. can someone be so naive to believe smj episodes can bring changes to the society? ofc one is and there is nothing intelligent or something to falsely feel superior about! and i was one of the first persons to say it when others were busy priaising it in the first season. the key difference in this season is they are not merely crying on the problems but also discussing what can be done. this is a good start and they are on the right track.thats all. this season atleast the show has not been an indian version of oprah winfrey! i am happy about it.

        • Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

          “How to improve infrastructure, working conditions, promotions, etc”

          I think the episode talked about these in detail.

          @hithere – valid point. I think we have the money but maybe in Kerala constables dont have to pay higher officials more bribe as compared to other states. Kerala being a communist has different mindset and working. Though I dont have in-depth knowledge on police working.
          But I have known their working and ways in forrest department and it is ground breaking and very honest.

          • Bored 7 years ago

            NO it did not … as i said, to improve all that u need money/budget. What did Aamir say abt bringing in money for all that? Plz answer, since u brought this up.

          • Bored 7 years ago

            How can u think of promoting constables or even give them a pay rise if u dont think abt budget/money? What kind of analysis is this?

            Psychological analysis of depression due to sad life is a solution?

          • Ipman 7 years ago

            “, to improve all that u need money/budget”

            yes and the govt has that in abundance. atleast thats what your idol kejriwal says!

  4. Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago


    I didnt mention money part was in detail. I agree with you they could have covered more on this. Thats why I said to hithere that he has valid point.

    PS: To improve everything you dont need *just* money/budget, we need less corruption also. I already said that in my above comment. That it *could* be the reason for better governance in Kerala.

  5. Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    This is very informative of its structure and history of Kerala Police.


  6. Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    Abb agar Aamir Gujrat pe koi episode banaye to mazaa aa jaaye. LOL, money used for mosque construction. It is clear who is spreading this news.


  7. Bored 7 years ago

    @Baba – just read ur own comments before resorting to personal attacks:

    Baba’s Question – “can someone be so naive to believe smj episodes can bring changes to the society?”

    Baba’s own previous comments – (1)”This season the discussion is about solutions and not merely crying on the problems.”
    (2) “The key difference in this season is they are not merely crying on the problems but also discussing what can be done.”

    Baba’s Logic – SJ is to find solution to problems, BUT not to bring abt changes to society ???

    And then he says anyone who refutes this logic is ‘retarded’. The case can be rested here.

    • Ipman 7 years ago

      i wish you had applied your mind instead of paying more attention to write the codes to highlight my comments and your foolhardiness! you woudl have understood my point is very clear.

      OMG talked agaisnt idol worship but it didnt change anything about society. so its a failure. khuda ke liye spoke agaisnt fake mullahs but did any mullah change? you have to initiate a discussion about solutions. results dont happen immediately. this is real world. not your kejriwals khayali world where a change will be proclaimed to happen in a week or 3 months! item girls dont work in real world

      • Bored 7 years ago

        Check Aamir’s quotes and even the marketing ads of SJ – its his attempt to help in bringing changes to society.

        Films are primarily to entertain, OMG was entertaining with a social message. One does not need to spend time doing SJ if the idea is to just spread social awareness – films on such topics can do much more.

        Anyways, if this episode is being praised for talking abt ‘solutions’, then it deserves to be criticized for the solutions being not thought-through and incomplete. And no, just like the first season, even this season will not help much in changing anything with its incomplete solutions.

        Only nautanki is less this time – so it will fool some pseudos as this is what a show like this is supposed to be.

        Personally, Aamir shud use his stardom to spread social awareness by doing more socially relevant films instead of Ghajini/D3 instead of wasting time in such half-baked and half-researched shows. His blind fans may feel otherwise, but then they love D3 as well.

  8. sputnik 7 years ago

    Very good episode. Liked it a lot. Except for one small part which was good too there was almost nothing emotionally manipulative about it.

    When Aamir started saying that he is not interested in showing the negative side of Police but instead on what can be done to improve the ground reality it felt like he was scared of showing the negative side of the police. He could have used same logic for episodes on doctors or any other issue. Instead he should have just said that we want to present the other side of it.

    The show was very informative and I did not know many of the stuff like 92% of the police force is constables or that they do not get many promotions. But it was kind of ironic that only top cops were invited when 92% of the police force were constables. Constables being made to do household work or errands part was sad and I think that’s true for the peon/office-boy in lot of other jobs too.

    The first interview with the Uttar Pradesh cop about the amount of diesel that they get was very good. Also the second interview with Prakash Singh where he said that the corrupt cops list was instead used to their advantage by the politicians was so ironic. The part of UK cops having to all start as constables was very good.

    The best part of the show was the Kerala cop part. Agree with @hithere that “They didn’t divulge how Kerala police have funds to do all the activities but rest of the state police are complaining?” So it felt like that cops from the rest of the country were just giving excuses for their corruption and/or incompetence. Very impressed with the work the Kerala Police have done. Its very important that the public perception of Police is changed. They should be seen by ordinary people as their friends. Installing security cameras within lockups and having at least one female cop in a Police station and 8 hr duty seem to be very good steps. I still don’t understand why cops torture the suspects and get them to confess when that confession is not even admissible in court.

    And lastly the Bhiwandi part about there being no riots during 1992-93 in a place with a history of riots was also very good. It showed that good cops can prevent riots with simple steps if they want to.

  9. sputnik 7 years ago

    Just found out that Suresh Khopde the cop who is featured in the last part of the episode for having worked towards preventing riots in Bhiwandi is an AAP candidate in Maharashtra.

    “Suresh Khopde has the unenviable task of taking on Supriya Sule for the Baramati seat, one that has remained fiercely loyal to Pawar and his party’s candidates over decades. Sule is the also the current MP from the constituency. However, it’s not something that’s worrying the former police official who was initially reluctant to even enter politics. “Initially, I was reluctant to contest. Then I decided to accept AAP’s offer because I felt I can contribute to the development in Baramati,” Khopade told Times of India on Wednesday. The former IPS officer is banking on the assessment that people are unhappy with the NCP and are seeking a non-corrupt political option. Khopde, who is widely credited for helping create a functioning mohalla committee in the loom town of Bhiwandi on the outskirts of Mumbai in the nineties, is the recipient of the President’s gallantry medal.”


  10. Bored 7 years ago

    Business Standard published this review of SJ season 2 – which seems to be written after going thru our discussion here):

  11. sputnik 7 years ago

    Forced to sell our flats for Aamir Khan bungalow: Mumbai family

    An octogenarian woman and her daughter have alleged that the managing committee of their housing society on Pali Hill in Mumbai’s upmarket Bandra neighbourhood is misleading homeowners and pressuring them to sell 60 per cent of the premises to actor Aamir Khan, who apparently wants the land to build a bungalow for himself.

    Dr Pamela de Sa, 87, and her daughter, Dr Geneve de Sa, 50, complained to the deputy registrar of co-operative societies last week that the society managing committee has been pushing Khan’s proposal, which they said was a “falsely conceived redevelopment scheme”.

    “The Managing Committee is favouring the acceptance of a proposal from Aamir Khan who is trying to purchase 60 per cent of the flats for his own residence by forcibly dis-housing the existing members of the society and compelling them to search new premises,” the de Sas wrote to the deputy registrar on March 11.

    The society in question — Virgo Co-operative Housing Society — has 23 members, and comprises two ground-plus-three-storey buildings, Marina Apartments and Bella Vista, each of which has 12 flats. Khan owns two flats in Marina and one in Bella Vista, and first expressed interest in acquiring a part of the plot in December 2011.

    Pamela de Sa owns two flats in Marina, and Geneve de Sa owns two garages in Bella Vista.
    A spokesperson for Khan said, “Mr Khan has indeed sent an offer to his society after the society requested him to make an offer. We assume that the society will assess all offers received, and members will then decide on how to proceed, which is the normal process.”
    Khan has offered to buy 20,000 sq ft of the 36,207 sq ft (3,364 sq m) property at the rate of Rs 70,000 per sq ft of carpet area from society members interested in selling their flats or garages to him.

    His offer letter to the society, dated December 28, 2011, states that, “of the caveats/conditions in the offer is that minimum carpet area floor space index (FSI) of 20,000 square feet and proportionate 1:1 land area of the society should ultimately belong to me for this deal to go through”.

    This means that a certain minimum number of members should be willing to sell their premises outright, so that Khan has at least 20,000 sq ft of carpet area for himself.
    For members not interested in selling, Khan has offered to build a separate building on the rest of the plot.

    Virgo Co-operative Housing Society member secretary Kondon Sabloak said Khan wanted to buy 60% of the property to build a bungalow for himself. According to the minutes of the meeting held in the society on December 22, 2013, 18 of the society’s 23 members voted in favour of the redevelopment scheme, while five voted against.

    However, Geneve de Sa said: “Of the 23 members who voted, a quorum of at least 75%, or 17 members, must be physically present. In this case, only 14 were present in the meeting, while the rest sent their votes in sealed envelopes, which is like a proxy vote. This is in gross violation of the redevelopment rules.”

    Sabloak denied the allegation. “Such allegations are baseless and are intended to spoil the development of the society by some members who have not given their consent for redevelopment. The voting was done in a fair manner and the entire process was recorded on video camera,” he said.

    Sabloak added, “While Aamir Khan has offered to buy a majority of the flats, he will construct a separate building for the remaining residents. This is a proper redevelopment scheme.”

    In their letter to the deputy registrar, the de Sas have written: “Without placing a general body feasibility report, the committee has obtained a majority vote supposedly for proposed development. But the mandated government guidelines for redevelopment have not been followed.”

    Geneve de Sa told The Indian Express: “The scheme proposed by Aamir Khan is not for redevelopment and re-accomodation, it is actually for selling the society’s property to Aamir Khan and also de-registering the society. The appointment of the architect for proposed development is not done, including failing to call tenders for inviting developers for proposed redevelopment.”

    Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Housing Societies S M Patil said he was yet to go through the complaint “in detail”, but it appeared prima facie that the proposal did not qualify as “redevelopment”.

    “This proposal cannot be considered a redevelopment proposal as it involves selling of a majority of the plot. Under Section 79 of the Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Societies Act, redevelopment must include majority vote of 3/4th of the members and all members must be re-housed in the new building. It also mandates that a developer has to be appointed for the same. However, I will have to go through the letter in detail before taking any action in this case,” Patil said.

    Shirish Sukhatme, president of the Practicing Engineers, Architects & Town Planners Association (PEATA) and head of the redevelopment cell of the body, said: “Any redevelopment scheme involves re-accommodating all tenants in the new building. In this case the mandatory appointment of an authorised officer from the office of the registrar under redevelopment rules has not been done. The society cannot blindly sell the majority of flats to any one person, instead a society must invite private builders to redevelop a plot.”


  12. sputnik 7 years ago

    2009 Dehradun fake encounter: CBI court finds 17 Uttarakhand policemen guilty of killing a man

    In the biggest ever conviction of police personnel in a fake encounter case, a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in New Delhi found 17 Uttarakhand policemen guilty of killing a young man.

    The policemen had killed 22-year-old MBA graduate Ranbir in Dehradun five years back. There were a total of 18 policemen who were being tried in the case and 17 of them have been convicted. One policeman has been found guilty of destruction and fabrication of evidence.

    The other 17 convicted have been found guilty of murder, destruction of evidence and criminal conspiracy.

    “I am happy with the court’s judgement. In future, people will refrain from committing such crimes. I want the guilty to be sent to the gallows, that’s the only way justice will be delivered,” said Ranbir’s father Ravinder Pal.

    The prosecution was able to prove that the encounter site where Ranbir was gunned down was dressed up and the bullets that were fired from an AK-47 rifle were in fact from a police weapon.

    CBI Director Ranjit Sinha said that he was proud of his officers. “The CBI did a very professional job. We are very happy, we are proud of our investigators. The CBI has lived up to its reputation,” said Sinha.

    On July 3, 2009, Ranbir was gunned down by Dehradun Police on charges that he was a part of an extortion racket in Doon valley. A case was first probed by CB-CID and it was later transferred to CBI.

    The trial was transferred from Dehradun to Delhi following a petition by Ranbir’s family.


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