Sanket’s Review: Dharam Sankat Mein picks up a moot issue, but with little efforts

dharamsankatmein It’s a rule of Gravity which says what goes up comes down. This week’s “Dharam Sankat Mein” gives high hopes because of the audacious issue of religious conversion in India, which apparently are making and breaking news, and then goes down and plunge on to the ground with its tedious narration. No, it is not a bad film. In-fact it is intermittently watchable but that’s all what one can say about the film. Wrapped in the coating of comedy and satire, DSM weaves the poignant issue of religious conversion amidst a comical set-up where our protagonist must forcefully practise two extreme religions.

The film sets its plot straight without convoluting with too many sub-stories. Although one cringes at the unintentionally funny Background score used for every frame of Naseeruddin Shah who is acting so hard as if there’s no other film after this to act in. But DSM benefits sharply from the entire episode of how Paresh rawal and Annu kapoor gels up so that one teach the nuances of Muslim religion to other. Also the comedy of errors format works well in first half to lend few hearty laughs. But one wonders why a twisted interval point further wasn’t explained in second half. One can’t help but say that a better director could have done so much more with the same story.

The second half has some serious trouble especially in the simpleton screenplay that goes haywire especially towards the disappointing climax. Even if I count few good moments in second half, I still was totally unmoved by the emotions or anything that was happening on screen.

If the film is bearable it is because of Annu kapoor who stands out tall in a film that gives him enough substance to play with. He enjoys himself delivering some gem of dialogues and also a heartfelt performance. Paresh Rawal although good, but could not sketch a distinctive figure from what he did in his OMG act. The film although is different than OMG in lot many ways than one, but Paresh rawal plays a part which has just about too many resemblances to that character of his OMG act to let go off.

In the end, DSM is mere time-pass and that too in bits and spurts, which is disappointing only because a very relevant topic was at stake. A marginally better script and an able director could have turned DSM into at least an enjoyable fare if nothing more.

Rating – 2/5

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  1. sputnik 7 years ago

    I had found the trailer and the promos funny and I was expecting that it would be a good entertainer. But looks like it is bad based on your review.

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