Raees Official Teaser starring Shah Rukh Khan

  1. sputnik 9 years ago

    This has a very Don 2 vibe to it. Even the dialogues sound similar with “Ammijaan kahti thi” and “Aaraha hoon” at the end.

  2. aryan 9 years ago

    Good teaser.

  3. sauravjha 9 years ago

    Fantastic! First look, teaser couldn’t have been better. Entire feel of the movie is very unlike SRK starrer. Has rawness which has been so rare to find in his film. Coming one year is going to be one hell of a year for his fans three films, all as different as chalk and cheese! Hoping for the best.

  4. saurabh 9 years ago

    Kind of mixed trailer, the only new thing about trailer is that it has SRK. Even he follows don mood. Though lil different. Liked the first half of teaser very much. The bottle sound nd entry of SRK is excellent. But next scene looks like outim scene with ajay Devgan. Last scene is don 2 copied. Yes it feels raw. Though I m hving high expectation but it looks SRK will be doing just good, not very good. Poster looks like sarkar. In the poster, srk’s spects don’t look good. Srk’s look is good as he dnt look like a smarty gangster. It will very intetesing to see nawaz with SRK, as this will be the real taste for SRK as far as acting is concerned. Aamir faired well but at that time nawaz was not popular. With Salman, Salman himself dnt take himself seriously as far as acting is concerned. Most awaited movie. Btw 3 movies with 3 different subjects. Best time for SRK fans

  5. Ritz 9 years ago

    Nice teaser. Crisp.
    Except for the last one “i am cuming” 😛 – which was for srk fans

  6. sputnik 9 years ago

    Excellent interview by K U Mohanan, the cinematographer of Raees, Talaash and Don. He talks about Raees, Don’s shooting and Talaash’s shooting and also SRK and Aamir.

    • Ritz 9 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. Excellent interview indeed !

      I loved what he talks in last few minutes about “how we watch cinema”. I usually watch like that – with full concentration …like a ritual. I also object a lot to other ppl moving around and taking breaks and I face lot of criticism for that. I have relaxed these days that bit…(forcing others to watch like I do) . 🙂

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