2 States Theatrical Trailer

  1. Not happening. Nothing that I like so far. Material like this needs the genius of Hirani to be transformed to something magical. And a star-actor like Aamir helps. Right now this is just going through the motions and is barely watchable.

    • Author
      sputnik 5 years ago

      RIP Utkal

      Though I disagreed with him on movies usually I always liked his political views and posts on Facebook. When I first read his posts and comments on NG I thought of him as a 20 year old young guy. Was surprised to see a older person instead but he always had the energy and enthusiasm of a 20 year old young guy.

  2. cr7 8 years ago

    Didn’t like it . I liked the novel .It was fun . But the humor of novel not coming across so well on screen .The dialogues are very witty in book .They are not looking half as a good on screen. Alia looking good . But rest of the cast looks out of place . Also the song playing in background is nothing great .

    • Serenzy 8 years ago

      “The dialogues are very witty in book .They are not looking half as a good on screen.”

      Always knew this was coming.

  3. aryan 8 years ago

    Alia looks natural nice visuals had seen lots of movies in past very recently Chennai Express.

  4. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    Trailer is ok but it gives a deja vu feeling after having watched Vicky Donor. It also had a Punjabi family and it feels like the Bengali family has been replaced by the Tamilian family.

    Arjun Kapoor seems weird with his dialogue delivery. Alia Bhatt seems to be acting well but she is speaking as usual – there isn’t anything South Indian/Tamilian about her. Amrita Singh and Revathi seem to be acting well.

    • shan 8 years ago

      Trailer is okayish. Agree about the deja vu feeling and Vicky Donor. The book was quite entertaining. The movie might turn out to be fine too, provided it is not too long. There are enough high points in the story to keep the viewers hooked, if portrayed well.

  5. Baba Ji 8 years ago

    i liked the initial portions of the trailer. but once the familiy came it becomes lame. the taunts are not well done. it looks gimmicky. alia bhatt is a thespian. she can act in any role i think. arjun kapoor is a slimmer version of abhishek bachan.rest he is just as wooden and boring.his only interest in films seems to be kissing and licking his heriones

  6. yakuza 8 years ago

    Good promo … in cross cultural affairs nothing can beat “Ek duje ke liye” .. but this movie has some fresh feel .. not read the novel, but heard it is second best after “five point someone”

    • Serenzy 8 years ago

      Yes, Yakuza.

      ‘2 States’ was a fun joyride… Hilarious read, espc. the north-south jokes and the witty lines and description of the characters.
      But nothing…. Nothing beats Five Point Someone.!!!

      But tbqh, these are the ONLY two books of Chetan Bhagat worth mentioning about… 3 Mistakes Of My Life, to an extent.

      I’m quite pleased that 5PS got 3 Idiots as it’s movie partner and even more happier that ‘One Night @ the Call Centre’, deservingly got HELLO for itself πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  7. dwnpiyush 8 years ago

    I don’t expect much from the film as the book (like other CB books) was pretty much like reading (and imagining) a movie. Faithful adaptations of his books don’t appeal to me. 3 Idiots was different as it was a complete retelling of 5 Point someone. Anyway as far as this promo is concerned, to give credit where due, it gives the impression of being shot amazingly well, with even the indoor shots been given a lavish treatment. Arjun Kapoor looks terribly wooden though- he needs to loosen up or else he will get stuck in the brood/sullen/anguished/anti-hero roles.

    • shan 8 years ago

      I thought Kai Po Che was a great improvement over the original book. 3 Idiots was entertaining too, in spite of being cheesy at times. The only Chetan Bhagat book that was slightly better than the movie was One Night @ Call Centre. That’s not saying much though, since it wasnt a good book either.

      Agree on Arjun Kapoor : He needs to loosen up and show more facial expressions rather than play the brooding type. Still find him better than Imran Khan, but again, that’s not saying much. πŸ™‚

  8. Serenzy 8 years ago

    What is Arjun Kapoor doing in this movie?!!

    Alia Bhatt looks resplendent…. The movie rests on the shoulders of it’s ‘FOUR supporting actors’ i.e the parents of the bride and the groom.

  9. Bored 8 years ago

    Bollywood at this point is infested with a new brigade of chick flick actors – Arjun, Ayushman, Ranveer, Ranbir, Varun, Aditya, Sushant … whom did i miss? If any of these lover-boys has any brain, they shud follow SRK’s example of doing some bad-ass roles (Baazigar/Darr) to expand their limited appeal.

    Its actually sad to see a film like Gunday not even able to double its opening weekend. Much like how Ranbir’s so-called mature attempt of Rockstar, that fizzled out fast after a decent opening weekend. Gunday of course is a smaller budget venture than Rockstar was, and Zafar isnt a celebrity like Ali.

    • Bored 8 years ago

      Btw, looks like Imran has retired after 3-4 flops in last couple of years. Is that why Mamu is taking a break after PK – to relaunch pyaare bhatija in his home production? And we blame Bachchan for screwing up his own career in an attempt to push his son …

    • shan 8 years ago

      Agree on the current crop of actors. Of the current lot, I quite like Ranveer though. He has that chichora quality about him which may make him do some wacky roles like Govinda and Salman did in their careers. We need some crazy in this world of prim, proper and toned actors.

  10. Sanket Porwal 8 years ago

    I read this novel. But never thought that the plot is so damn basic. The promo is very lame. The story seem to be so usual that it dried away half my excitement.

    Alia and Arjun looks good together. Couple of dialogues are good.

  11. Saurabh 8 years ago

    @Bored, nailed it my man. I’m fed up with current B’wood movies thanks to the overload of these chick flick kiddish actors. Even in tough guy role oriented movies (Shahid in Rajkumar, Gunday). Heck, I’d prefer watching Mithun’s Gunda over those wannabe badasses in Gunday any day.

    Imran tried to do a badass role with Kidnap, but ended up being halfass and a total fiasco. They don’t have the persona and the maturity to own the screen while playing manly roles and end up making a laughing stock of themselves. Growing a thick moustache while waxing your entire body to expose those abs doesn’t make anyone ruff n tuff. On the contrary, it reeks of immaturity and laziness. That’s why I can’t stand Ranveer Singh in addition to his irritating acting.

    The only actors who look and act like grown men IMO are Nawaz, Randeep, Emraan Hashmi to some extent, Jimmy Shergill and most recently Rajkumar Yadav in Shahid. Kunal Khemu has a flair for natural and easygoing comedy. He needs a good director to bring that out in him. Sushant is trying it with Byomkesh which will again backfire. He doen’t have the everyman quality associated with Byomkesh (He’s no Asperger’s Sherlock and can be anyone with strong detective skills and a keen sense)

    • Bored 8 years ago

      Ranveer is a weird case – he grows beard to ‘prove’ he is a mard – but waxes his chest in RL or Gunday … i mean WTF? Ranbir dances like a girl, while Sushant is also a kid.

      Jimmy has been around and belongs to the group of character actors like Nawaz, Irfan, Manoj, Kay Kay, etc.

      Problem with Byomkesh adaptation is that the character is just too regional to have any pan-India appeal. So the film is bound to be somewhat awkward in Hindi. I am more hopeful of Haider – not for Shahid but for the strong supporting cast who will all most likely do justice to Vishal’s direction. Shahid wont b dancing, so his limited chick-fans wont even show up in theaters … i guess its only for the good relation that Vishal shares with Pankaj that he works with Shahid.

  12. Bored 8 years ago

    But to be fair to these guys, even Aamir Khan did only chick flicks for initial 7-8 years till middle of nineties and only then tried to shift gears. So these guyz can still go it if they have the intention (which they all seem to be lacking).

    On the other hand SRK who started his career by mixing up various roles – became a chick-flick superstar after DDLJ happened for good or worse. Ranbir may not have experimented as much as SRK did in his initial years, but he too seems to get trapped in chick-flicks after YJHD happened, looking at his future lineup of Ali, Basu, Ayan, etc.

    • Serenzy 8 years ago

      Ranbir’s movie with Ayan Mukherjee is supposed to be a movie based on the lines of a fantasy superhero.

      One with Basu is about a teenage investigator(like Tintin) with Pritam Da’s music.
      What chick flicks are you talking about?

      Even Imtiaz’s movie again is a road-travel based movie, titled WINDOW SEAT.

      • Bored 8 years ago

        I heard Ayan’s next is an adaptation of a romantic novel. Anyways, a disclaimer here – srk fans plz dont start farting if i dont share ur ‘love’ for chick flicks.

  13. Saurabh 8 years ago

    Aamir’s first movie was Raakh, a hard hitting drama, not QSQT. He also did some intense roles like in Aatank hi Aatank, Baazi. He became the chocolate boy due to QSQT, but had a quality which translated well in the somewhat macho (or more appropriately – mature ) roles that he began playing since mid 90s. And most important of all he knew that. That’s why he took his chances with those roles.

    It’s not just about the will to do meaningful roles. The actor should possess the physicality of the character. No one can take Ranveer Singh seriously as a seasoned thug and a kingpin with his fake macho attitude. Some of them burnt their hands and hence have chosen to go with their usual mode of acceptance.

    But if they seriously start to think in terms of the characters (not just mannerisms), get a right perspective of things and wait for 2 – 3 years for the age factor to set in, they may have some chance.

    For example, the late Heath Ledger was typecast as a teen hearthrob in early 2000s and wanted to break away that image. He had an amazing view of things which left a lasting impression on people with whom he worked. Shekhar Kapur called him the most honest person he had ever met. Nolan called him fearless (a quality which won him the role of the Joker). Which states that he had an amazing maturity in thought. In Brokeback Mountain, towards the end, his daughter comes to visit him and he has grown somewhat old. Even though Heath was just 25 at that time, you see the wisdom and experience of old age on his face (with almost no old age make up).

    This maturity comes only with thinking, introspection and just making a proper sense of things. Sadly, no one gives a shit to these things while choosing meaty roles, just some outwardly research.

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      I watched Raakh back in the 90s on TV and I don’t remember thinking Aamir was good in it.

      Yes Aamir did try to break away from his chocolate lover boy roles and do intense roles in movies like Parampara, Aatank Hi Aatank and Baazi but he was bad in most of them just like Imran was in Kidnap/OUATIM2.

      The turning point for Aamir was Rangeela and that changed the public perception towards him. Till then he was considered a chocolate hero. This was the first time he was accepted in something different – the role of a streetwise Tapori with those bearded looks and those costumes. It did not have any action scenes or anything but he conveyed the right attitude. Ghulam which had him again play a Tapori and Sarfarosh where he played a cop cemented the perception that he is a good actor who can do different roles.

      Age can change stuff. So an actor who is considered a chocolate hero when he is young can go on to become a serious actor later on provided he chooses the right roles.

      • Bored 8 years ago

        Agreed. Raakh had only limited release in theaters as far as i can remember … the combination of Rangeela, Ghulam and Sarfarosh changed Aamir’s chololate boy image for good – which laid foundation for the Arc that began with Lagaan in 2001.

        I didnt find him good in Rangeela or Ghulam, but he was accepted by a larger audience. Sarfarosh was the first movie that i liked him as an actor (apart from Earth which also came around the same time).

        • Author
          sputnik 8 years ago

          Liked him in Earth too where he was very good. Liked him in AHAT too which flopped and which was inspired/coped from Kramer vs Kramer. Have never watched Mann and Mela.

          • Bored 8 years ago

            Good for u, both were awful to say the least …

        • shan 8 years ago

          Aamir has a knack for choosing good films. Doesnt always mean he chooses good roles, though. To his credit, he tries hard and puts in an effort to fit the bill, though it may not always succeed. For eg. his attempts at being a young college kid in 3 Idiots are evident even though the final impact isnt perfect. Similarly, in RDB, he made an attempt to be Punjabi, although it came across as very filmy (talking about the role of DJ here, not the movie). Even in Dhoom 3, he tried hard to portray different characters for the twins, by giving them specific mannerisms. That it backfired is just a testament to his limited abilities, but not to his effort. Aamir has done really well in roles where he doesnt try too hard – Sarfarosh, Dil Chahta Hai, Ghulam are some of his performances that are effortless. Even Rangeela to an extent, although his attempt to differetiate himself shows. I feel, Aamir isnt a fantastic actor, as is generally made out. He is a competent actor who works hard and has fantastic script sense (for most part : nothing can explain Mela or Fanaa). He is just better at choosing good films and his contemporaries – SRK and Salman – have been goofing off in the same type of roles for too long (again, for most part. No denying a Chak De, a Swades or a Dabangg), which makes him appear much better in comparison.

          • Bored 8 years ago

            Aamir and effortless? LOL, maybe for the blind …

          • shan 8 years ago

            @Bored : Only at times, but yes. πŸ™‚

            Lately, he seems much more laboured than he used to earlier. Not sure if he has become more conscious of his limited abilities and that has affected his performances. Wouldnt have expected him to be so disastrous in Dhoom 3 and play the characters as if a noob is playing them.

          • Bored 8 years ago

            Knack for choosing good films? 5-6 good scripts out of 40+ films … maybe he was plain ‘lucky’ ? He is seriously struggling to prove otherwise.

    • Ipman 8 years ago

      aamirs first film is holi, not raakh. he had talaash kind of look in it and has kiss scene.

      sputnik – you make a big mistake by not watching bad films of big stars. you can afford to ignore lagaan but not mela and mann. stars ki asli aukaat aisi hi films mein pata chalti hai

      • Bored 8 years ago

        Very true …

      • shan 8 years ago

        LOL. Well said baba. A Mann, Mela, Duplicate, Hello Brother or Besharam really shows how low an actor can stoop. If someone can make you not cringe even in a terrible role and a bad film, you have found a truly remarkable actor.

        • shan 8 years ago

          This might sound like blasphemy, but I find even widely acclaimed actors like Pankaj Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah bad at times. I thought Pankaj Kapoor was terrible in Dus. Naseeruddin Shah was horrid in Sona Spa and bad in The Dirty Picture.

          • Bored 8 years ago

            Cant blame Naseer on TDP – he played a character spoof on Amitabh and SRK in one role (specially the EGO part) … i thot it actually came out well considering what the intentions were in the first place.

            Pankaj has always been an inconsistent actor.

          • Author
            sputnik 8 years ago

            Naseer is bad in most of his masala movies. I think he was trying to act like Jeetendra from those 80s southern remakes like Himmatwala and son on.

            Pankaj is good in serious movies but sometimes his mannerisms are irritating like in Ek Ruka Huva Faisla.

          • Bored 8 years ago

            Yes Naseer’s commercial attempts in eighties were pretty poor. I believe he wanted to be a big star than being a niche actor – thats why he is still so frustrated abt everything on earth …

          • shan 8 years ago

            Even Om Puri, for that matter, is very inconsistent. He is fantastic in some two scene roles like RDB and even a riot in 2 bit acts like Hera Pheri. And then, he is embarrassing in movies like Awara Paagal Deewana, Singh Is Kingg or Teen Thay Bhai. Of course, he has a rich body of work from the 80s where he did really well, so my comment is more focused on the last 15 years or so.

      • Author
        sputnik 8 years ago


  14. Bored 8 years ago

    Raakh was a small-scale ‘indie’ kinda production – i am refering to commercial movies. Aatank hi Aatank or Baazi both released in 1995, the same yr Rangeela came out. Thats why i mentioned mid nineties was the time when Aamir tried to change gears.

    Aamir never had the physicality for ‘macho’ roles (he still looks misfit in Ghajini or D3) – but that is not a necessity to play ‘matured roles’ – intention is lacking in our ‘yuppie brigade’.

    I wudnt bring Heath into a discussion of Bollywood stars, thats blasphemy!

  15. Saurabh 8 years ago

    Haha. Blasphemy indeed. Stupid of me. Lost my sight of things. Cash is flowing, their names have been cemented (thanks to papa, mamu, chachu, fangirls, etc) they don’t feel the need to stretch their acting capabilities or try out new roles. Whenever that happens, it’s just to prove themselves. And it ends up in a fiasco. Even in commercial roles. (most recently Shahid in Rajkumar. Looks like an overgrown kid)

  16. Bored 8 years ago

    I think SRK has the time to reinvent himself instead of being a fading chick-flick superstar, if he chooses films wisely.
    But unfortunately he is stuck with parody/spoofs at this point – CE/HNY. Doing Fan/Raees doesnt mean much except for trying to repeat the diminishing returns of JTHJ/Don2.

    • shan 8 years ago

      Agree. SRK can be an excellent character actor if he gives up his irritating mannerisms and need to romance someone in every movie. But he is still stuck in his “I am the King” image so dont see it happening anytime soon.

      Same cannot be said about Salman though. He hasnt shown enough spark to make me believe he can pull off character roles.

  17. Saurabh 8 years ago

    SRK has now become a full fledge businessman and is concerned with IPL, Red Chillies, business and marketing of his movies rather than the actual craft etc. So acting has taken a backseat for him. He can indeed reinvent himself, such a take a supporting but a meaty role (like Aamir in TZP.) for a change (Bhootnath was an extended cameo) But his ego is massive. So that’s somewhat difficult. Also the success of CE might have reinforced his faith in his image. So I don’t think he will think about shifting gears, at least for some time.

    The same holds for Akshay. But again he’s too busy making goofy faces in the name of comedy to think about such sensible things.

    • shan 8 years ago

      Akshay is a different case. He has limited capabilities as an actor and has come a long way in spite of his limitations due to hard work and perseverance. I dont think he has the shrewd understanding of the art or the business as much as an SRK or Aamir does. He does an occasional good film like Special 26 but also does an occasional dud like Tasveer when trying out different stuff. I dont expect him to do anything superlative in the rest of his career. Having said that, he has already done pretty good supporting roles in Khakee, Aankhen, Waqt, so we already know what kind of character roles he can pull off. Since his career hit a low an a lead actor in late 90s, early 2000s, he already tried his hand at character roles then.

      SRK on the other hand doesnt have the guts to accept his time as a romantic actor is over and hence, will take longer before we see him in good supporting/character roles.

  18. Saurabh 8 years ago

    When asked why he refuses to play different characters, Salman believes there’s no point in being someone who you are not. That’s his rationale behind acting. Such are the views of one of our top stars regarding their profession. Inspite of a vast experience, he has never done anything which made me believe in his acting capabilities. His 90s action stuff was basically him maintaining one note serious expression throughout. His comedy was irritating and juvenile for me. Only Tere Naam worked for me to some extent. That too because he was going through the breakup so he found that connection with Radhe on an emotional level.

    • Bored 8 years ago

      He also claims Rahman is an average composer … and that Jai Ho did not do 200 cr becoz ticket rates were not hiked like CE/D3. He is a simply awesome!

      • Author
        sputnik 8 years ago

        Salman saying Rahman was average was just in humor and he was being sarcastic. The stupid media has tried to sensationalize it as usual. Here’s the video.


        • shan 8 years ago

          Salman has a weird sense of humor that not everyone gets. He is clearly joking here but neither Rehman nor the media thought so. He uses a specific type of self-deprecating humor and sometimes tends to extend it to others too. Something similar happened when he hosted Star Guild Awards this year. If you have seen the show, he called Arijit Singh’s performance in Tum Hi Ho as average and said “aisa gaana hoga to sula hi dega na”. The musician and lyricist of the song did not like it, but Salman was trying to get a few laughs. He is like a little kid in a grown up world. Doesnt always know what to say where, but at least he say what he feels and isnt diplomatic. That much we can give to him.

          • Author
            sputnik 8 years ago

            I think Rahman initially did not get that Salman was joking and Rahman is socially reserved. But I don’t think media is stupid to not get that Salman was joking if they saw this live or on video. They just wanted to sensationalize it coz it makes for better headlines.

          • Ipman 8 years ago

            media is not as foolish as we imagine it is. it is not a rocket science that it was meant as humour.media is merely exagerating the cold reaction given by rahman when salman tried to shake his hand.they got an opportunity to create a controversy there.

        • Ipman 8 years ago

          the most awkward moment is salman putting forward his hand towards rahman for a shake and rahman simply not interested. salman tried to cover it up by forcibly taking his hand out lol

          • shan 8 years ago

            LOL. Rahman has always come across as very serious and someone who lacks sense of humor. Havent seen him laugh at any of the award functions either. In any case, he does his job really well, so it doesnt matter.

          • dwnpiyush 8 years ago

            Salman is so effortless and clever with the self-deprecating humor. Actually what’s funny is the number of people not getting his joke. And newspapers like TOI carrying the news. So many dumb-asses around.

            The point that he was trying to make was that the event had the presence of so many luminaries, and yet he was invited to launch the album. It was a jibe at himself.

            Hardly a lame joke, just that it was delivered with great timing and with a straight face (barring the naughty twinkle in the eyes). Some actors would have to give 30 retakes to achieve this level of effortlessness.

    • Ipman 8 years ago

      among the big stars, salman is irrepairable. to expect anything from him is banging head agaisnt wall

      • Bored 8 years ago

        From the video its obvious it was a joke – but its really embarrassing to see Salman giggling in public after cracking any of those lame jokes of his … Govinda/Dhawan wont mind though!

    • shan 8 years ago

      Agree on Saurabh’s views on Salman. He has never tried to do something different. Even Tere Naam was not different enough, although he did perform better than usual in that movie. I think rejecting Chak De was one of his biggest mistakes. He would have done well in that role (provided he played it seriously) and it could have given his career a new direction. I know people go gaga over his latest success, but in the long run, who is going to remember Ready, Bodyguard, Jai Ho, Ek Tha Tiger or even Dabangg? A Chak De would have added much more credibility. Then again, dont know if Chak De would have succeeded as much with Salman in it, even if he had performed well. Neither the media nor the paying public like Salman in anything other than his regular bhai avatar.

    • Bored 8 years ago

      For Salman its not ‘Being Human’ but just ‘Being Hanuman’. He is an embarrassing aberration to biological chain of evolution.

      Disclaimer – i mean ‘monkeys’ not God Hanuman!

    • dwnpiyush 8 years ago

      Salman has always been prone to such sweeping generalizations. Was watching Jaaneman last Sunday. There hasn’t been a classier musical romance in Bollywood that has so much finesse. From the sets to the acting to the music to the background music to the use of special effects to the inventiveness of the scenes to the subtle humor. It is such a polished film that it was beyond most of the paying Indian public’s acceptance levels. Indians accept the multiplex films that are devoid of layers (that spoon feed)- the half intelligent people get overjoyed with such half-cooked attempts that are different from the main-stream rut. They get something to write about and talk about and thus sound intelligent (at least more than what they actually are). Coming back to Jaaneman, I am sure years down the line the movie will attain cult status when the Rangans and the Satyams of the 2030s would write exhaustive praises of the film, extolling its creativity of treatment and finesse.

  19. Saurabh 8 years ago

    Whoa. Really? Looks like the court cases have started taking their toll on his mental health. If he continues to make an ass of himself like this, he’ll soon lose his mind completely.

  20. Saurabh 8 years ago

    Off topic : This came just in. After missing Nolan’s Interstellar, Irrfan has been cast in Jurassic World. Details of his role aren’t available yet. Here’s hoping the role isn’t like ASM.

  21. aryan 8 years ago

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    sputnik 8 years ago

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