My review of BOSS: Way too over-simplistic to entertain.

Boss’ director Anthony D’souza must pat on his back for improving his skills after making a joke of a film in BLUE, an insipid venture. The director knows that audience shall not be taken for granted. Although, that’s not enough. It will be blasphemous if someone expects an interesting story-line in such films. But one definitely craves for a tight screenplay which can hold your attention from commencement to conclusion. BOSS, unfortunately is overtly simplistic to be entertaining.

Agreed, you need to give some dialoguebaazi, some logic-defying action, some comedy…but there needs conviction. The reason why potboilers are losing its flair off-late is because the directors aren’t understanding what exactly is required to make films like these enjoyable. Also it also reaffirms the fact that not everyone can make his character soothing and delicious as Salman Khan does in such films. BOSS relies so heavily on Akshay’s shoulders that you pity the existence of competent players like Ronity Roy and Danny Dengzongpa. The film is filled with nincompoops played by Sanjay Mishra, Johnny Lever, Akash Dhabade. Akshay Kumar plays his part well, but come on, he cannot make it wholly entertaining which the director should realize, thanks to such over-exaggerated character given to him. The director seemed lost at one point when you see that the film is forced with one after the another lazy shots on the hero. The entry scene of Akshay is hilarious and bit-to-bit enjoyable. You enjoy everything in that entire scene. But I guess, D’souza never heard of “too much is too bad” resulting in endless number of scenes where Akshay is flaunting heroism and when story has taken a back seat.

Seeing that the film is remake of a south film, there was no chance of this film being entirely dumb and boring unlike that mind-numbingly boring film “Khiladi 786″. Some dramatic scenes are excellent, also the humor is nicely injected in heavy conversations. Although the climax is a complete yawn. There are so many slo-mos in one fight that you want to fast-forward.

The action is good for most of the parts. Note that scene when Akshay bashes the goons gruesomely in a jammed places and yet doesn’t give a hint of it to his father, who is just few steps ahead. The songs are enjoyable and well shot.

Akshay Kumar is sincere and has the presence although he needs to work on his emotional parts. Shiv Pandit is surprisingly cool and efficient. Ronit Roy is excellent and probably the best thing of the film. Rest, no one has anything substantial to do. Even usually funny Johnny Lever is totally wasted after the hilarious entry scene.

BOSS has no real plot to speak off, but that’s still not the problem. The screenplay written is puerile at times and the director still is in his learning stage where he has created some good scenes, but lags totally in few scenes especially in those painstakingly boring father-son moments. Give it to the few chuckles, as adorable act by Akshay, and that menacing one by Ronity Roy. Rest there is nothing much to say for this otherwise mediocre so-called entertainer.

Rating- 2/5

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  1. FS 9 years ago

    Your Review is entertaining though… Akshay films are not going beyond 80Crs but read some article recently where he has charged some 50 Crs… which producer would pay so much when his hyped films are not collecting enough?

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