Lost Gems 1: Hello Ladies

Hello Ladies A show created by Stephen Merchant, Lee Eisenberg, and Gene Stupnitsky. I think this was the first time when Stephen Merchant stepped out from the Ricky-Stephen duo and made something different. It is to be noted that Stephen Merchant has been under the shadow of Ricky Gervais since the start of his career. Probably because people can’t read the names of two show creators.

So down to the point what is Hello Ladies about?? Hello ladies is about a guy or should i say a giant trying to impress women to find his future soul mate(that we call wife). The Show is setup in Los Angeles and Stephen Merchant plays Stuart Pritchard, a British guy in his mid 30’s who has his very own web-designing business consisting of two guys (out of which he is one of the coders). In the show Stuart desperately tries to woo women of Los Angeles who are of-course aspiring actresses and models. In his battle to impress women he goes far beyond a normal person and end up embarrassing himself in front of others. Stuart always gives preference to hot ladies because for him normal persons are shit.

Other then Stuart the rest of the cast is also excellent. Stuart’s assistant is Rory played by incredibly talented Kyle Mooney.

Kyle Mooney

For those who don’t Kyle Mooney is a writer on Saturday Night Live but he is a great actor too. I think sooner or later he will have his share of fame. It was his youtube channel that made him somewhat famous. Here is a video of him. Check out his other videos too.

Kyle has stayed true to the role of an awkward computer coder and in most of the scenes he just repeats what Stuart says. He’s like Stuart’s wing-man.

Stuart’s best friend is Wade Bailey played by Nate Torrence who is going through a rough patch in marriage, where he is ready to reconcile but his wife is not because she doesn’t know who she is (typical ladies fucking with men’s brains). I hate ladies when they give such kind of abrupt answers (which they do all the time). His acting is very good and very deep. Wherever Wade goes he brings his friend Kives played by Kevin Weisman. Kives is physically handicapped and remains on wheelchair. Stuart hates Kives because he has natural ability to impress women and he is always picking up on Stuart. Christine Woods plays Jessica Vanderhoff who is Stuart’s tenant and is an aspiring actress in her late 30’s. Her competitor in the show is Amelia Gordon played by Jenny Slate who is recently famous for Obvious Child (2014). The 2 actresses have done good job in presenting cat-fights and jealousy which we can see in every episode.

So,why is this show so great and why i have been rooting for it for so long ???  The thing is the show is so fucking deep and brilliant that u will love it. Everything about the show is great. Right from the screenplay to acting to editing just everything. The show clearly represent the reality of Los Angeles or Hollywood in the most funniest way. It shows how typical beautiful actresses and models are in real life and how they deal with men. For example- When women says I will call u and never takes your number. How the hell is she going to contact u ??? and if she wasn’t interested then why did she wasted such a big amount of ur money on dinner. Another, Many women call themselves nerd but don’t even know the true meaning of nerd. Staying at home for 3 days and watching one show doesn’t make u a nerd.

You know sometimes I feel that life is very easy for beautiful women and they get treated about 2 times nicer then an average looking person male or female. Sure they have to deal with pressure but still this my observation what I have seen in my day to day life. That is what is shown in this show to some extent. (It is also shown in the documentary THE WORLD BEFORE HER).

So back to the show the show represents the hopes of a nerd who dreams of dating and sleeping with a model. What is to be noted is that Stuart is not a womanizer. He stays true to one lady .

The background music of the show is very amazing. It has been Given by Vik Sharma. I swear to god when I will make films I will definitely work with this guy. One of the songs from the shows is down here –

The full playlist is here –

The show has many great moments that will stick with you. One of favorites is this one –

The show has rating of 7.6 but in my view it should be 8.9.But the thing is the show has been canceled.Probably because the American people couldn’t find it.This is what happens “If america likes something the whole world likes it”. Similar thing happened with The Office .Nobody knew what office was until people saw it on US with Steve Carell and to my surprise until now too,not many people know that the show was originally originally created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.That is why the Original Office has a rating of 8.7 whereas the US Office has 8.9 but in fact the UK Office is far more better then the US version.Similar thing is going on for Derek that is created by Ricky Gervais.

5 years from now when people will discover this show then they will go mental and call it a cult show then it will be released with never seen footage in bluray. One of the reasons of the cancellation of Hello Ladies is that not much promotion was done. I remember that none of my friends (the few i have) knew about the show,that is why the show flew under the radar of almost everyone.However there will be one special wrap-up episode to say goodbye to the characters.

Should u watch the show yes man but my opinion is to watch it while having a cold beer at night when u are alone and I am not kidding. Just try that for once take a cold beer shut of the lights and watch the 2 episodes at once but please don’t watch it while eating sir because this is not Modern Family or Big Bang Theory.

  1. sputnik 8 years ago

    Thanks for the article.

    Had never watched or even heard about the show before. Will check it out.

    Had watched a movie I Give It a Year some time back which had Stephen Merchant playing a irritating loudmouth friend. Liked both the movie and him in it.

    “I Give It a Year In this romantic comedy, newlyweds Nat and Josh find their marriage beginning to fall apart almost immediately after their fairy tale wedding. The couple seeks the advice of a counselor, but both are also tempted by old and new lovers.

    Its a romantic comedy about a couple who want to divorce. Ok movie but some scenes were hilarious like the digital photo frame scene, the dumb charades scene and the psychologist scene.

    Rose Byrne looked pretty and acted well. Rafe Spall was good as the husband who is annoying. Anna Faris of Scary Movie fame looked old. Simon Baker looked good and acted well. Stephen Merchant was good as the irritating loudmouth friend. Minnie Driver and Jason Flemyng were good.”


  2. FS 8 years ago

    Sounds great and I am sure it will not disappoint me if I watch it because you have put your heart into this article and recommended us to watch it which I don’t want to miss it.

    I have seen so many movies and series but I am very dumb about the makers or the creative team behind the product. I always ignore them or google them whenever somebody recommends them. It’s good to know that someone has joined as competitor to @Cr7 for the series 😛

    Looking forward for more posts from you and keep recommending the good stuff you have been smoking 😉

  3. FS 8 years ago

    About Big Bang Theory, I tried season 1 and was disappointed. Its neither good nor bad but somewhere it doesn’t hook you or hold your attention for long.

  4. cr7 8 years ago

    Very well written .You made me want to watch this show now . And good to know that It is created by Gervais . I’m a fan of him . Will try to watch it soon . And keep writing about lost gems .

    p.s. U seen derek ? How’s it ?

    • cr7 8 years ago

      oops .My mistake. Gervais is not the creator . Anyway still looking forward to watching it 🙂 .

  5. Author
    Ashish J. 8 years ago

    Thank u all !!
    u know before u two FS and cr7 commented i was going to drop this series as seeing that it has got so less views because the main purpose of this article was to catch attention and make people watch it .But since u liked it ,so I will keep on continuing with this series but i wouldn’t be able to post for quite some time as I am moving out and shifting to some other place.
    Thanks again ! Cheers !

  6. FS 8 years ago

    Well Ashish, don’t go by the no of views or comments. Sometimes good posts go unnoticed but when you keep on writing it, members will continue to wait for your posts.

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