Kismet Love Paisa Dilli Movie Review By Taran Adarsh

When you hear a title like KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI, expect fun, humor and naughtiness rolled into one. Come to think of it, besides the content of a film, the titles as well as songs are getting interesting [read bizarre] by the day. So a title like KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI doesn’t raise eyebrows anymore.

Like his directorial debut EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL, Sanjay Khanduri’s KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI is set in one night. Nope, it’s not a sequel, nor does it take off from where that film concluded. But, like that film, you are introduced to distinctive characters, unique situations and wacky circumstances in a single night. This time, the action takes place in Delhi.

Despite the wacky tone and concept of the film, KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI comes across as an underprivileged clone of Khanduri’s first film. The energy is intact. It’s just that the narrative lacks the inventiveness and ingenuity of his first film, which I regard as its major blemish. Also, this one is vulgar, offensive [the gay jokes especially], crass and embarrassing. Most importantly, KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI is handicapped by a lackluster script.

Set in Delhi, KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI is a one-night story of Lokesh [Vivek Oberoi] and Lovina [Mallika Sherwat]. Lokesh is a college-going middle class guy and Lovina is the girl next door, who misses her last metro back home and a series of episodes occur through the night.

One look at the promotional clips of KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI and you expect it to be crammed with dynamic moments, hysterical moments, anxious moments, outrageous moments. One expects the film to be a roller coaster ride that makes for a spicy, pleasurable viewing. But there’s a hitch: Not only is the basic premise similar to EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL, Khanduri fails to pack it with amusing and engaging moments.

It is an acknowledged truth that your second venture dictates whether you are supremely talented and here to stay or were plain lucky in your first endeavor. Khanduri has the trappings of a fine storyteller, a narrator of wacky stories and let’s give the credit where it’s due, KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI has moments that charm you [in the second hour], but they are few and far between in this case. The problem with KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI is, you keep going back to his earlier film while watching this one, although the situations/sub-plots are completely diverse. The recall value of EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL is so strong, and with Khanduri borrowing a few occurrences from that film, KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI comes across as a deprived cousin. Additionally, what could’ve been communicated in a concise and snappy format is lengthened for no particular reason.

Besides, a number of sequences in the film are outright vulgar. Not just sequences, even gestures, dialogue and names/surnames too. It’s loaded with toilet humor and lewd jokes. They make you uncomfortable after a point. What’s more, some of the characters behave so ridiculously, like Ashutosh Rana [watch the sequence when the villain pumps bullets into him] and the delivery boy [who literally flies like a superhero], it gets on your nerves.

The soundtrack of KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI is a mix of racy and peppy tracks. ‘Appy Budday’ and ‘Dhishkiyaon’ are hummable. Cinematography captures the feverish goings-on well.

Vivek Oberoi has the boyish charm that makes him do outlandish and outrageous stuff. He does it all with sincerity. Mallika Sherawat enacts her part monotonously. Ashutosh Rana is wasted. Ditto for Neha Dhupia. The remaining actors just fill the bill.

On the whole, KLPD – KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI is a comedy that neither entertains nor tickles. In fact, this comedy is more of a tragedy!

Ratings One and a Half star


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