Katti Batti Official Trailer starring Imran Khan, Kangana Ranaut

  1. cr7 7 years ago

    Looks similar to 500 days of summer .Decent trailer .Performances look very ordinary.

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      Agree that it “Looks similar to 500 days of summer.”

      Its an ok trailer. Imran Khan looks bad as usual. Kangana’s acting does not look anything great in this but her recent success might help at boxoffice.

  2. Tall Pike 7 years ago

    Once again, in yet another Kangana film, there appears to be ample substance for this venture to ultimately have traction with the audience. Kangana’s act is mesmerizing enough to make even Imran Khan look fresh.

    From a timing perspective, this is the perfect project to follow up and cash on TWMR’ success. I think she is one of the best thing happening in Bollywood today. I really dig the hip, city girl Kangana in KB.

    Nikhil Advani will finally have something genuinely big after KHNH. Imran Khan will also be able to overcome some recent set backs.

    I think as a star commodity Kangana is so hot that she can even get Kabadi Bachchan back into the game. No kidding, she is at a point that she can do the impossible. HNY completely exposed Kabadi wanna-be-Khan, reduced him to being a Johnny Lever. Now, if he is smart, he would lose some weight, tone up his body, get a face lift, take some voice coaching, hone up his acting skills with a few lessons, and then get down on his knees and beg Kangana to star in an ABCL movie. Kangana is so damn hot these days that she will finally get him in the running. The best part is that politically speaking, my poor Kangana is such a push over that all credit of any success will goto Kabadi Bachchan.

    Anyway after this trailer, I will now change my Facebook status to “Eagerly waiting for KB”.

  3. Tall Pike 7 years ago

    Listen Gals/Guys, you have as usual misunderstood me. Please stop sending me messages as if I have joined the Bajrangi Chaiwala’s party. Read my comment carefully.

    It is very true that I said that Ms Ranaut is, as a star commodity, so hot that she can achieve even the impossible. I stand by that statement. At this instant, forget longevity etc, for this micro moment in history, she is not just a Khan, but The Khan. She is bigger than Changis Khan. Yes I said that.

    Nonetheless, I say once again, read my comment carefully.

    Yes I also believe that she can do for the Kabadi Master, what his last name, JP Dutta or SRK could not do. Kangana can get Johnny Lever wanna be a spot on the starting line in the Bollywood Derby. I stand by that statement too.

    But please for haven sake read what I said before you call me and ask me to explain.

    Kangana can do all that, but in order for that to happen, Kabadi Bschchan will still have to, lose weight, tone his body, get a face lift, go through voice coaching, and learn acting. Hence , please don’t ignore my full statement, please don’t parse my comment. Allow me now the opportunity to turn the tables on you, and remind you that even the Devil can quote the Bible to suit his purpose. Sure my comment can look different if looked at in a narrow selective manner, but please read carefully, read the whole statement. I stand by it.

    Besides the comment was meant to show how hot Kangana is. Let’s not go on a tangent. Let’s keep the focus on KB and Kangana.

  4. Tall Pike 7 years ago

    In the interest of getting the focus back on Kangana Ranaut and KB, I give up. I apologize for my misleading comment. This is, as I now understand, a case of the glass being half full or half empty.

    I think Ms Ranaut can achieve the impossible. Additionally, as I explained this is not going to be easy even for Ms Ranaut. Cooperation and intense effort from Kabadi Master is an imperative requirement.

    But others believe that only Devine Intervention or a ‘Modern Day Miracle” can get Kabadi Bachchan onto the starting line for the Bollywood Derby. They say that the window of realistic opportunity has passed, ergo Kabadi Master is past his expiration date.

    I see and appreciate the position of those that oppose me. I also know that I do not have the ability or words to convince this group. Schrodinger of the Schrodinger’s Cat fame had an easy reconciliation. I cannot bridge this difference. Hence I give up, I accept defeat. I accept that not even Kangana Khan can bring back Kabadi Master from the dead. This requires Devine Intervention. Sorry for saying otherwise.

    Now let’s get back to Katti Batti.

  5. aryan 7 years ago

    Average trailer.

  6. FS 7 years ago

    Tall Pike – Do Often Talk To Yourself?

    • Tall Pike 7 years ago


      You should set your creativity bar as high or as low as you desire. That is your choice. I support your right to even not be creative at all. That too is an option. Whatever suits you is absolutely fine with me.

      Needless to say, you have a right not to enjoy my comments. You have aright to disagree. I don’t want to take away any rights from you.

      Likewise I do not subjugate my rights to anyone. To each his own.

      Recently at an Oscar, Clint Eastwood spoke to an empty chair. Some enjoyed it, some did not, but no one questioned his right to take risk or be creative in a manner he chooses.

      Anyway, we cross path again.

  7. FS 7 years ago

    On KB – Looks good and Kangana is fab in it

  8. Gurvinder 7 years ago

    Kangana in her usual form. Imran is playing the same role he played in Break Ke baad.

    I dont think it will work unless it is a path breaking movie like Queen

  9. aryan 7 years ago

    Lip To Lip Song

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