Kareena’s Sunny Leone Encounter

‘On reading tabloid reports that Bigg Boss housemate and Indian-American porn star Sunny Leone had emerged the ‘most searched’ celebrity on the internet recently (beating such regular favourites as Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone), Kareena Kapoor reportedly googled the adult film actress’ name to check what all the fuss was about. Curious about why Leone’s name was being bandied about by the papers daily, and aware that filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had personally visited the Bigg Boss house to offer the young lady a role in his controversial new production Jism 2, Kareena is believed to have gathered her friends at home one evening and got down to business.

Having chanced upon Leone’s personal website, Kareena and her friends allegedly clicked on a video, only to discover to their surprise that the young lady was in the business of ‘seriously adult entertainment’. After a few minutes of uttering “chhee” and “yuck” while keeping their eyes peeled to the screen, the actress and her friends logged off, and are believed to have spent the next ten minutes chuckling away conspiratorially at their discovery.

Anyone who so much as passes the street within a three-kilometre radius of Shahid Kapoor is forced to look at shirtless pictures of the actor on his cell phone, say industry insiders. Obsessed with clicking pictures of his flat stomach and six-pack abs, the actor happily flaunts his body shots to anyone who’s willing to take a glance.’

‘Turns out Shahid has a collection of pictures of himself in various poses, sporting no shirt. He chooses among these to use as his display picture on his BlackBerry, and dutifully replaces the picture with a new one every day. In the gym, reportedly, he’ll grab a buddy, make him stand alongside himself facing the mirror, and insist that both of them lift their tank tops and take a picture together.

Even assistant directors on the sets haven’t been spared. While shooting director Kunal Kohli’s film recently, virtually every AD was given a long lecture on health and fitness by Shahid, and was asked to lift his shirt, so the actor could lift his own and make the poor assistant feel bad about his body.’

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