Aamir’s got eyes for talent

After Abhinay Deo of Delhi Belly, Anusha Rizvi of Peepli Live and of course, Kiran Rao (Khan) of Dhobi Ghat, Aamir Khan has trained his sights on another debutant director, who is all set to make a film about friendship that cuts across religious and cultural barriers. Deepak Diwedi’s film, interestingly titled Kashmiri Glasshouse, will be shot on location in Agra this winter. Apparently, Diwedi has no real experience in filmmaking.

A source disclosed, “Diwedi caught Aamir’s attention without an impressive biodata or past history. Aamir read the story of a friendship between Agra-wallahs; one, a sari-shop owner and the other, a photo-frame shop owner, and he was hooked.”

Kashmiri Glasshouse will also see the re-launch of Chandan Roy Sanyal, who played Shahid Kapoor’s psychotic friend in Kaminey. Chandan will play the Sikh sari-shop owner in the film. “Aamir has asked Chandan to prepare for his role, for which, he will be growing a beard and spending time in Agra. When Aamir saw Chandan’s audition, he immediately selected him.”

Chandan simply said, “I am really not supposed to talk about this. I lost both Kahaani and Santosh Sivan’s Urumi while shooting for F.A.L.T.U. Happens, no regrets. Which is why I don’t want to talk about this wonderful opportunity that Aamir Khan saab is giving me.”



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