Jiya Re Song – Jab Tak Hai Jaan

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    aryan 8 years ago

    Good song finally with beautiful location and fresh voice.

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    Virat Kohli 8 years ago

    I think movie will be flop because it is looking very old type of romantic movie also srk is looking like too much old katrina and anushka is looking his daughter so i am not interested in this movie and i am sure no one interested in this movie except srk fans. so sos is the winner and after dabanng2 is ready for breaking records again.

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    Serenzy 8 years ago

    I don’t Like the Song!

    The Visuals and the Location is Fab though… Shah Rukh luks Good & Anushka is a Stunner in those Shorts.

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    Ritz 8 years ago

    Childish picturization – what with those women in line carrying a tokri on their head. Totally 70s concept that – and a girl jumping around for showing “oh i am so chulbuli”. They have wasted Anushka here ..she cud have been more bubbly with some better dance steps and less jumping.

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    sputnik 8 years ago

    When I first heard the song I felt that it had too much of instrumentation but now the song sounds better with the visuals. The setting reminds me somewhat of the Dil Se title song.

    “Childish picturization – what with those women in line carrying a tokri on their head. Totally 70s concept that – and a girl jumping around for showing “oh i am so chulbuli”.”

    Its like they asked the women carrying tokri to pass by. Well Anushka has been typecasted in that role.

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      Ritz 8 years ago

      “Well Anushka has been typecasted in that role.”

      Well Aditya Chopya used her better in the first film of hers. That remains my most fav film / performance by her.

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        sputnik 8 years ago

        I liked her in Rab Ne and BBB. She was very irritating in Patiala House.

        Even her role in MKBKM also seems to be “chulbuli” type. I am hoping at least Anurag Kashyap and Raju Hirani will give her better roles.

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    Ritz 8 years ago

    Ishq Shava has really grown on me. Second best of album after Heer.

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    Serenzy 8 years ago

    SRK will have to Dance “Out of this World” and Not just go about doing his Steps in Ishq Shava.

    1st of all, he will hv to Match Kat to Sucha Song…2nd of all, A Spirited Dance by SRK to Ishq Shava will take the Proceedings to Another Level alltogether.

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      Ritz 8 years ago

      I dont think Kat is a fabulous dancer – she wasted (or rather she along with the choregrapher wasted ) a possibly very authentic Arabic dance in ETT. She was just doing lame bollywood dance in that song.
      SRK is as good a dancer as Kat is – both are one of the best from bollywood – but yes – as I mentioned in earlier comment – the song requires an imaginative choreography and not run-of-the-mill DTPH type.

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        shan 8 years ago

        Agree with Ritz! Kat is hardly a good dancer! She was bad in Mashallah, and even in the much popular Chikni Chameli, she moved too vigorously for the beat with zero expressions.

        SRK on the other hand has done justice to his dances whenever he had any in his movies. Again, he is hardly someone you can call a good dancer, but his sincerity in work shows even when he dances.

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          shan 8 years ago

          To add to it, Ishq Shava is not that foot-tapping a song that it warrants someone like Hrithik or Shahid to dance to it. SRK-Kat should be fine, even if they put in average effort.

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    rajesh 8 years ago

    I am disappointed with music of JTHJ, ofcourse, visuals are good but songs are let down.

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    fearedsoul 8 years ago

    Anushka is terrific here – she is effervescent as well and I think the next super star among women

    • Avatar Author
      aryan 8 years ago


      I am completely agree with u.

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    Suprabh 8 years ago

    Such a disappointing music album

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    Big letDown
    RIP JTHJ album!!!!

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    mate 8 years ago

    Awesome Video. Anushka is energetic, srk looks fabulous in that bearded look. And yes JTHJ music is under-whelming as per Rahman standard, but still the best of the year till date.
    Now come to SOS prediction. From the promos, the story obviously show the clash btw Ajay as Sonakshi lover, and Sanju as her brother, setup in a Sikh background, that can appeal to a certain section of audience. So I think SOS will definitely not as bad as Tezz / Rascals and not as acceptable as Singham / Bol Bachchan. I think it will open in Bol Bachchan way, but will trend less than that.
    Masala genre is the biggest advantage for SOS, and Love genre is the biggest drawback for JTHJ, as the former trending these days and later out of scene. Everything seems to be going in favour of SOS apparently, but still based on the star power of the respective filmstars, the comparison is unlikely. In case, if the both movies click amongst the certain sections of audience, the difference in total nett collection will be like one JTHJ equals to two SOS.

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    mate 8 years ago

    I never expect anything imaginative from Srk in Ishq Shava. He always want his choreographers to make his moves easy and comfortable with him. Unlike Salman, who experiments with his moves that sometimes look hilarious, but gels well with his persona.

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    Rotlu 8 years ago

    I just like jiya re jiya re initial tune… which also resembles to some other song with same tune. But rest of the song is below average. Shahruk is looking good along with Anushka

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      Suprabh 8 years ago


      rahman does this thing of deriving from his own past creations..You may be reminded of nana re nanna re from Raavan

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    mate 8 years ago

    Off-topic. Srk stills from upcoming Chennai Express. Here’s the LINK.

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    Bored 8 years ago

    Only good thing about this movie is that Yash Chopra has finally retired, and going by the promos its been a sad decision to not having done that much earlier! VZ may still had been an strictly OK sendoff … this is quite shameful.

    Whatever this man had to offer was exhausted 15 years back with DTPH – which was quite enjoyable. He need not have degraded his name in such pathetic manner.

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      Suprabh 8 years ago


      I cant stand that girly..good for nothing movie the entire premise of which was shaimak davar’s dance class assimilated with valentines day on puranmaasi sprinkled with chants of maya maya maya.

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        Bored 8 years ago

        Forgot to mention that ‘enjoyable from SRK’s standard of movies’ ; which obviously quite substandard in real terms.

        • Baba Ji
          Baba Ji 8 years ago

          even from his stds,it wasnt good.quite cringeworthy. I prefer Kal ho na ho to it.some scenes were good in it.

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    What!! 8 years ago

    May ar rehman going insane after Rockstar. He shouldnt compose for dis movie… Boring.. Total dissaster.. Im not sure anybody playing dis tracks.. Watever jthj songs are not in my playlist.

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