Balma Song – Khiladi 786

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    Suprabh 8 years ago

    Heard the song– haven’t seen the video yet–sounds like a 90s song–but the beats are rather good..the starting sounds as if they are trying to give a tribute to RD burman…I dont think anyone will call this song bad–It will go from okayish to good to brilliant (that brilliant is reserved for Akshay bhakts)

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      aryan 8 years ago

      Song looks good definitely tribute to RD Burman If the movie plot is good Akshay will rule the box office.

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    Akshay kumar tweeted :
    Watch the Khiladi turn into #Balma in the first song from Khiladi 786. It’s a mad, fun song and our small tribute to the great
    R.D. Burman!!

    Song is Superb & Massyy!!

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    Ritz 8 years ago

    Maestro in form!! Nice song.

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    Sneha 8 years ago

    Perfect song to pull in mass 😛

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    sputnik 8 years ago

    Inspired/Copied from the song Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO. Warning: Video may be NSFW.

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      Suprabh 8 years ago

      not really…except that initial snazzy beat..its pretty different…its more in the RD burman tribute meets rustic lyrics meets masala..

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        Ritz 8 years ago


        Looks like Maestro will rock with this album.

        btw, I am waiting for Asha Bhosle comment on this – she had criticized Himmesh and recent songs for his singing style etc and recent songs not upto the mark ..and thinks that RD Burman is God.

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        shan 8 years ago

        Agreed! Its just the initial snippet.

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    shan 8 years ago

    Surprised to see so many people liking this. Found it quite downmarket. Overall K786 is looking like a low brow “massy” film – over the top garbage in the name of entertainment. Cant understand why they wanted to spoil the “Khiladi” name. Although its true there have been turkeys like Khiladi 420 which hardly did any justice to the name in late 90s.

    Wish we could see the Akki of Main Khiladi Tu Anari and Mohra days back in action! Raw fights, rugged looks and super-energetic dances with a complete no-nonsense attitude and seetimaar yet well-written dialogues. Was a huge fan of the guy back then! None of the “gaav taasi, sar pe hath rab ka aur haath mein saat sau chiyaasi” crap.

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    Fearedsoul 8 years ago

    Agree with Shan, this is a surefire hit but somehow don’t see this movie working in urban areas. Looks like a poor man’s dabaang to me

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    Fearedsoul 8 years ago

    Sputnik, you should do a poll. What are the chances that on Christmas, multiplexes will be running movies of the top 4 stars of today simultaneously…..Srk, aamir, salman and akshay…. Talk about bad release timings!

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    Ritz 8 years ago


    “Found it quite downmarket”

    Well this is the lyrics of this song:

    “Fire brigade mangwa de tu…
    angaaron par hai armaan ….O balma

    Tera Rasta dekh rahi hu
    sigdi par dar sek raha hu….O balma”

    What is downmarket about it?

    I love this rustic and simple lyrics here. If people were told this is written by Gulzar they would have praised it to skies.

    Gulzar had these lines – really rustic:

    “Jaa padosi ke chulhe se aag lai Le ..

    Beedi jalaile le jigar se piya…..jigar maa badi aag hai”

    Mind you I love Gulzar and I love his simplicity and unusual (sometimes non-rhyming) lyrics using day to day words….. I think one of his most brilliant work was “Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai” from Mogli serial.

    The Balma song lyrics is not as brilliant as say Beedi jalaile – it still have has bit of that rustic lyrics flavour – but then calling it downmarket just because Himmesh or Akshay is associated with it is wrong.

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      Suprabh 8 years ago

      Agree Ritz… thats what I meant in my first comment..its Burman meets rustic lyrics meets masala

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    Rajarshi Dhar 8 years ago

    Great Song, music and video. Loving HR’s comeback always a fan of his and Akki looking great – The original Action hero

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    dx_shadow 8 years ago

    Song is nice. Not much of sound pushed like MD does lately. I was actually looking more of RD type music , Jatin Lalit would have given more justice from music side but they have spitted…. Lets enjoy whatever we have.
    PanchamDaa is music god.

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    cr7 8 years ago

    liked the song.specially the female part. without video it is very good. but the video is bad. looks like the choreography is also done by himesh .shreya surprised me .she is singing really different songs.

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      sputnik 8 years ago

      “liked the song.specially the female part. shreya surprised me .she is singing really different songs.”

      Agree. Video is par for the course.

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    vijay vejrani 8 years ago

    the balma song of khiladi 786 inspired by r.d. burman from movie shan,kati patang

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    Karthik 8 years ago

    Balma song’s tune is almost like english song ” sexy and i know it ” by lmfao . Glad to hear this song by jus changin instruments !:-/

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