Jannat 2 Has Very Good Opening

Jannat 2 had a very good opening of around 70-75% on average. The Central India belts of CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan took an excellent opening of 80-100%. Gujarat was also very strong.

North India was a bit weaker as Delhi/UP opened to around 60-70% while East Punjab was 50-55% but overall its still a very good opening as Central and most of Western India has opened to excellent numbers. Areas dominated by premium multiplexes like Bangalore and Gurgaon had a lower opening.

The first day collections will come out very strong and could even be the third biggest opening day of 2012.

Jannat 2 has been released on 1975 screens at 1575 theatres across India.


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    saurabh 8 years ago

    luv the movie…………………………..\

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    smriti 8 years ago

    excellent movie

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