Gandi Baat Song – R… Rajkumar

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    Baba Ji 7 years ago

    dont think much about the song but shahids dance at 0.43 and and as always prabhu deva from 1:15 to 1:24 is good.the step that he does at 0:43 is just great. its almsot like the double tour of balet. didnt know shahid cud dance like this.double tour is one of the most difficult step in ballet

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      Agree about Shahid’s step at 0:43 and Prabhu Deva but I don’t understand why he has to keep popping up in the songs of movies that he directs. He was in that Wanted song and also in one song of Ramaiyya Vastavayya. Charmi looks like she cannot dance. Sonakshi looks bad and that coming out of water scene is so bad. Song is catchy but don’t like the lyrics much.

      • Baba
        Baba 7 years ago

        i would not complain about his popping up though. when you can dance like that, you have every right to come

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    Manish Kumar 7 years ago

    Loved the dance … i like the music aroind gandi gandi gandi baat which was in First theatrical as well … decent song

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    aryan 7 years ago

    Shahid looks like a sugar patient in the song he looks very thin.

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    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    Decent song. And good lyrics too 😛 (contemporary)
    Great dance by Shahid.

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