Dhoom 3 Theatrical Trailer

  1. Author
    aryan 10 years ago

    Good Trailer liked it excellent picturization specially at the last scene.

  2. max 10 years ago

    after 7 years and still dhoom 2 trailer is much better .Its good but totally much below the mark

    i mean their is nothing new or fresh from what we have already seen

    also what the hell is wrong with Aamir expression why in the whole film his expression look weired and also how he run on the building really is this asuperhero film loool

    location look great and the mysic look great but in general i expect much much more

  3. Rajeev Dash 10 years ago

    The trailor is much better than the teaser …

  4. shinji 10 years ago

    That scene at roof top seems inspired from The Dark Knight… i may be wrong.. but seems so.

    It’s ok ok trailer… didnt like it much.. though will have repeated viewings before to say something concrete.

  5. yakuza 10 years ago

    Trailer is good .. but Aamir is looking quite wrinkled now, that freshness is missing on his face.

  6. yakuza 10 years ago

    What makes this promo distinct and better than past two series is, it gives a sense of interesting storytelling .. Jackie Shroff on opening scene of promo is surprise entry.

  7. shinji 10 years ago

    And i am still not able to understand what role does Mumbai Police Department has to play for a robbery in New York. Hope they explain that stuff properly ( though in a filmy way! ). I am sure there would be jurisdictional issues.

    Otherwise it seems fun American swat fully geared, and two cowboys in full coloured clothing…

    Katrina seems to be let down comapred to Aish… atleast from promo, previously Ash was a bigger highlight in Dhoom 2 trailer, here she doesnt even have a dialogue!

  8. Author
    aryan 10 years ago

    Why Abhishek trying to do Amitabh’s dialogue delivery style? katrina kaif also should have one or two dialogues in the trailer.

  9. John Galt 10 years ago

    Good trailer, aamir casting is good..liked everything about it (considering its dhoom series..so not much to expect 😉 )..the two things i didn’t like about it– aamir’s cool as cucumber expression while doing stunts– really??..and Abhishek’s dialog delivery..absolutely horrible.

    • Author
      aryan 10 years ago


      Agree Aamir’s Cool as cucumber expression while doing stunts I too didn’t like his expressions on dangerous stunts in the particular Dhoom 3 trailer.

  10. Shalu Dhyani 10 years ago

    Except for Aamir and Abhishek looking miscast, the trailer is AWESOME!! 😀 Just hope these two heroes don´t spoil the film.

  11. FS 10 years ago

    Visually stunning, very clean & stylist action, well choreographed stunts and awesome cinematography. Loved everything about the trailer, it’s fantastic, brilliant and awesome 😛

    Expecting Spectacular and mammoth opening and total from Dhoom 3

  12. John Galt 10 years ago

    Also, Don2 trailer was much better than this on all aspects.

  13. sputnik 10 years ago

    Trailer is good visually and its much better than the teaser. The magic scene setting seems inspired from The Prestige/Illusionist. Also I am suspecting an inspiration from Now You See Me with the father-son magician angle and Aamir robbing banks for revenge or something like that. I think Aamir running down that building scene is copied from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

    Aamir looks totally miscast and his expressions are horrible. He looks like Rancho at 1:35. He seems to be totally overdoing his expression while running down that building. Look at this still which cilemasnob tweeted as “kya look, kya expression, kya acting, kya eyebrows”.

    Katrina seems to be just a showpiece and its probably a body double who is doing all the gymnastics anyway. Abhishek seems ok. Uday looks like someone who just wandered into the frame.

    • Baba 10 years ago

      even aamir has used a body double. check 1:04-1:07. that stunt double is taller. not sure why bcos even the double is held by cables. there is practically no risk there. the easiest give-way for katrinas body double is everytime she does some technical move , the background is kept dark so that the face cant be seen. chek her backflip at 1:16.a top camera angle is used when she is doing the windmill at 1:20, again to hide the face.

      agreed about the rancho look. dont know why he had the 3i hairstyle in this too 😀

  14. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    “Hollywood walon, originality ki aisi ki taisi”

    – chor

  15. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @Sputnik, actually Aamir was not told he was running down the building. They made the frame vertical in editing.

  16. Baba 10 years ago

    mixed feelings about the trailer. the action is uniformly poor even compared to dhoom 2 as was obvious after the first teaser.aamir, as sputnik says, is totally out of sync in the action and coolness department.uday and abhishek are wooden as usual adding nothing to the table like the previous two films. katrinas role seems unnecessary. but she is good on the eyes as usual.the only potentially interesting aspect about it will be his magician background as a child and what tragedy resulted in him becoming a thief.

    his infatuation with hindi words and and filmys references to his father – he seems to be playing an outdated character who is a lot older than the vilians of the previous two films who were somewhat modern in their demeanour.

  17. shinji 10 years ago

    I have notice one thing, Aamir’s film usually tend to be have better/more/dramatised Emotional Arc.

    For eg. Be it fanaa, terrorism angle, TZP, Ghajini.. etc. And wont say with conviction, but in his movies people tend to be involved more in a emotional way, as there is always some thing really tragic or sad for one of the main character.

    Here again there is this father – son angle, as Baba rightly pointed.

    Whether emotional arc has a role to play in a Dhoom Series ? as John’s Character in first flick didnt have any emotional reasoning for his actions, as i recollect, neither did Hrithik in D:2.

  18. Sanket Porwal 10 years ago

    Good one. Looks like its a very story-based film. What´s also good is that it has very less of Uday. Katrina looked missing and seems she has nothing substantial role as Ash had. Aamir doesn´t fit this role. Also I don´t think Aamir-Jackie portions will be entertaining as they will be emotional based.

    What I loved is the visuals. Also the action looks stupendous. And the BG is superb too. Interested to see what songs it will have!

  19. Manish Kumar 10 years ago

    saw it on phone … will check it again .. looks Blockbuster material with aamir´s expression n some axn sceens looking laughable ..w ill catch it again

  20. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    To be fair, aamir is bad in that running down the building scene – but his expressions might be right and work for the last scene in this trailer. I think he loses out on crossing across that gap in the bridge but still wanted to try an impossible task.

    • narad_muni 10 years ago

      May be I am unfair but Tingu looks totally miscast, trying too hard n terribly out of place. May b after a long time Jr B will finally get much needed praise .. thanks to the awful act by Tingu

  21. sputnik 10 years ago
  22. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Aisa koi gaana (with same words) MNIK me bhi tha?

    Sounds total crap and done to death. Havent seen the visuals (as always – when I hear a song first).

  23. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    Dont search for fake songs. 😉

    Here is a real song of Dhoom3 called “Tu hi qaraar..tu hi junoon”

    You can hear Vaibhavi Merchant in both..choreographing.

  24. sputnik 10 years ago

    Dialogue Promos

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