Dabangg 2 Full Songs Jukebox

  1. sanjeev-dabangg2-beats-ETT 10 years ago

    easily best music album of the year for me.

  2. bunty 10 years ago

    awsm songs ,,.fevi fevi col se fevicol 😀 grtttttttttttttttttttttttt

  3. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Will Become Popular!

  4. Ritz 10 years ago

    Copycat album.

    Whole album is inspired/copied – for some songs they have kind of made it clear in the lyrics (similar words as originals songs to make u remind) – maybe kind of like a Tribute to earlier songs, but for some they havent:

    Dagaabaaz re is inspired from “Thandi Hawa Kaali Ghata”


    Pandeyji maare seeti is copied from “Pinjarewali Muniya”

    Fevicol se is copied from qawwali “Jhoom barabar jhoom sharabi”

    Pandeyji maare seeti remix is copied/inspired from Lagaan’s “Chale Chalo”


    • aryan 10 years ago

      Completely agree.

      • aryan 10 years ago

        my favorite song in the album is Saanson Ne.

    • mate 10 years ago

      Ritz, they should name the whole album as Dabangg Reprise. Dagabaaz Re is the best song as expected, that is strictly OK. But this album is not as horrible as Khiladi786. Every song looks stale and out-dated, give the whole album C-grade impact, but what can you expect from an out-dated composer duo, Sajid-Wajid.

      • Ritz 10 years ago

        I liked Dagaabaaz Re. Pandeji seeti is OK. Overall the songs are okish but stretched – not short like the old songs from which they are copied.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Yes Dagaabaaz re is inspired from “Thandi Hawa Kaali Ghata” but Pandeyji maare seeti” is straight copy of “Pinjarewali Muniya”. Fevicol se is also copied from qawwali “Jhoom barabar jhoom sharabi” but they have mentioned the words from the original as probably a tribute.

      You mean Pandeyji remix is copied from Chale Chalo or Dabangg Reloaded? The jukebox is going to wrong song based on the click. Dabangg Reloaded seems to be inspired from Chale Chalo and around halfway mark changes to Hud Hud Dabangg from Dabangg.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      ‘Dabangg 2’ song in copyright row

      Yesteryear lyricist and filmmaker Shailendra’s family is unhappy with the song Pandeyjee Seeti Bajaye from Dabangg 2.

      According to his granddaughter, Priyannkka Shaily Shailendra, the song is inspired by the track Chalat Musafir, composed by Shankar-Jaikishen for her grandfather’s production, Teesri Kasam (1966). She has sent a legal notice to the producers and associates of the film.

      Composers Sajid-Wajid have claimed that it’s a folk tune, so they didn’t buy the rights. However, Priyannkka maintains that apart from the first stanza, the tune is a rip-off.

      “There’s definitely an issue of copyright infringement,” she says, adding, “No consent was taken from the family. So, we have raised the issue that some acknowledgement be given to Shailendra and Shankar-Jaikishen.”

      When asked if they’ve contacted Salman Khan and director Arbaaz Khan, Priyannkka says that she’s “trying to talk to Arbaaz”.

      She recalls an earlier experience, “When the song Bambai Se Aaya Mera Dost (Aap Ki Khatir, 1977) was changed to India Se Aaya Mera Dost for Chandni Chowk To China (2009), I spoke to producer Ramesh Sippy. But nothing came of it. So, in this case, I decided to send the legal notice before it was too late.”

      Adds Priyannkka, “It’s primarily about safeguarding and protecting the legacy of the legends who created such beautiful songs. Besides, copyright issues are constantly taking place in the industry.”

      When told that an issue is being made out of her notice, Priyannkka says, “The family only hopes that Shailendra and Shankar-Jaikishen be shown due courtesy, nothing more. But it seems it’s not acceptable to those associated with Dabangg 2.”

      Composer Sajid maintains, “Our lawyer has replied to the legal notice. We’ve used a folk tune, which is a national property and brought it out for today’s generation.”


  5. bunty 10 years ago

    saanson ne song ,.salman ki movie heroes ke song mai jo mangiya si se milta he

  6. bunty 10 years ago

    mate agr jthj nhi chal rahi to tu saara gussa dabangg2 ki album pr kyu nikaal raha h\e 😀

    • mate 10 years ago

      Bunty bro, this is just my opinion, you are free to call it the Album of the year or decade, no one can force you to change your opinion. As far as my likes/dislike are concerned, I like quality in every thing. Some years ago, a song ‘Dede geda’ become very popular amongst the audience, that is sung by Balvir Boporai. And one of my friend declared this song a ‘Classic’ and call the singer ‘an ultimate punjabi singer’. 😀
      Apne apne funday hai boss, kisi ko kuch pasand he aur kisi ko kuch.
      And regarding, whether JTHJ chali ya nahi chali, I think this is the wrong thread to discuss it. Anyways cheers bro.

  7. bunty 10 years ago

    yr mAine abi hud hud dabangg suna yeh to phele wale se bhi bhut acha he wow
    Teer chale talwaar chale
    Aur maut khadi tharraye….
    Char dishayen thar thar kaapen
    Sher sa jab gurraye
    Gala pakad le jab srk ka
    srk ki Saans vahin tham jaaye 😀

    Read more: https://www.hindisongslyrics.in/2012/11/dabangg-reloaded-title-song.html#ixzz2COORub6S

  8. shan 10 years ago

    Very very pedestrian album! Other than Dagabaaz and to an extent Saanson Ne, the album has nothing to offer 🙁 pandeyji and Dabangg reloaded sound like Bhojpuri numbers. Fevicol is ordinary too but the energy burst at the end and Kareena’s video when it comes out might save it. Overall, it’s too derivative and I am beginning to feel worried about Dabangg 2 – this one wont have the heavy backing of a popular music album like the first movie and that can make a big dent in collections. Looking fwd to good dialogue promos in next few days.

    • Ritz 10 years ago

      “Overall, it’s too derivative”


      But I dont think its pedestrian. Its an OKish album in today’s age – I like the sound the of it – very indian and not heavy on western instruments – for a change it does sound good to me.

      • shan 10 years ago

        I have heard the album just once so its my first impression of it. Hopefully with more iterations, it will sound better.

        But feeling a tad disappointed – no sureshot chartbusters this year from Sallu 🙁

        • shan 10 years ago

          After listening to the album 3-4 times since yesterday, I think I am taking a liking to Pandeyji Seeti 😀 It has some riduclously fun lyrics and the Sallu inputs make me wonder what he’s going to do on screen 🙂 Fevicol is okay too but it somehow doesnt have the Munni magic. Dabangg reloaded continues to sound like a bad remix of the original Dabangg.

          Overall, my first reaction was “how could they make such an album!!” and that has changed to “Its not as good as Dabangg but in its own right, it is fine and might sound better on screen” after multiple listens.

  9. Ritz 10 years ago

    Dagaabaaz re is also heavily inspired from this: IMO its combination of below song and Thandi Hawa kaali ghata..


  10. TopShot 10 years ago

    I have just heard Dabangg Reloaded.. Very Average Song.. I am a huge fan of Hud Hud Dabangg song from Dabangg. And was expecting similar energy here as well. But frankly speaking Disappointed. .
    Rest of the songs are yet to be heard. So will give my opinion on them latter…

  11. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    The fevicol tune reminds of that ila arun song ” Holiya Me Ude Re Gulal” 😀 but the arrangment is slower here


    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      The Ila Irun song sounds like this song “Main Awara Ek Banjara” from Sangeet.

      • Ritz 10 years ago


        “Fevicol se” is no doubt an inspiration/copy/trubute to Jhoom baraabar jhoom…with lyrics like…

        “pyar kar le tu aaj angoor ki daughter se

        nasiyat bhool jaayega tu aaj ek quarter se…”

        etc ….

      • Baba Ji 10 years ago

        its old folk rajasthani song. jackie song is copied. even fevicol the basic tune sounds similar.

  12. Reddemon 10 years ago

    #RIP originality
    #RIP lyricist

  13. stewie griffin 10 years ago

    sputnik..becareful of turning this site into a witch hunt site for copied stuffs…you guys are starting find copied stuffs in everything…if the above songs are copy then it could be said “don’t u worry child”by swedish hoise mafia is a copy ofapologize…humko maloom hai starting tune is copy of titanic and every other song is vcopied from everything else…i tried to listen carefully and there is hardly any copy..some similarities maybe..but copy it aint

  14. shan 10 years ago

    Sputnik : This may not be the best place to say this but I couldnt find a better place. I have been a visitor of tanqeed only for 3-4 months while I have been on NG for more than 1.5 yrs. Just wanted to tell you I love the way you have organised and manage Tanqeed. The formatting is very easy on eyes, webpages are responsive and topics are well-organized. Single posts for BO, reviews etc makes it very easy to follow and comment on topics. The thing I love most is the lack of stupid fan wars where members stoop to pathetic levels and fight like dogs on chavanni-athanni earned by a movie. Maybe I havent been here long enough to witness anything yet 🙂 But nevertheless wanted to call it out. Keep it up! I had been looking for a good movie discussion forum and this seems as good a place as any. Plus most NG members are already here so the comfort level is good.

    Btw, anyone here who was on PFC before it shut down in 2010? It was too anti-mainstream but there were quite a few interesting discussions there.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Thanks shan.

      I started this forum because I was sick of the stupid fan wars and people abusing each other. So far there have hardly been any fan wars and definitely no abuses here.

      I used to be on PFC too but lost interest after a while because of their anti-mainstream attitude. Yes they used to have some interesting discussions.

      And the inspired/copied discussions or posts are no witch hunt. Just like some people are interested in BO some are interested in inspired/copied stuff.

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        my point is here even if there is vague similarity..u guys try and make it out like a blatant copy..most songs will sound similar to something or the other if we go by the standards here..most scenes will be similar to some other scenes from some other movie…ett action will be similar to bond and bond will be similar to jason bourne..all romantic comedies will be a copy of one another..
        another point i wanted to make regarding similarities of dabang 2 wid dabangg-
        it’s like criticising avengers of being a mixture of thor,hulk ,iron man and captain america…i mean how can thor hulk iron man and captain america fight just like they did in their respective solo movies?? instead avengers should have had iron man smashing like hulk,hulk in a iron suit like iron man..captain america fwid a hammer and thor wid a shhield just for the ssake of making something different….
        how can a sequel which is a continuation of the first movie look similar to the first part?how can chulbul pandey behave like chulbul pandey?there should be something different…hai na? 😀

  15. Anzee2u 10 years ago

    Overall a nice album. Good chorepgraphy will make these songs craze.

  16. TopShot 10 years ago

    i agree wid shaan.. TQ is much more organized.. its easy to find things on TQ..
    I have been on tq for 4 days.. so may not be best person to agree or disagree on level of fan wars here.. but uptill now very happy wid the proceedings…

  17. Aditya007 10 years ago

    Well love the album of D2
    @Mate, K786 is worst & JTHJ is best ?? Wahh Kya pasand hai.

  18. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Teaser for Fevicol song is out. Nothing much in the teaser will wait for the song promo for posting.

  19. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Salman Interview on Abhinav and Anurag Kashyap and fans calling him “Bhai”.

    ‘What’s this story about you taking offense when someone calls you ‘bhai?’
    All sorts of idiots call me that. Even rank strangers. Not everyone has the right to call me bhai. (Gets animated, mimics a kid) Kids call me, ‘aye Salman how you doing…Mr Khan… oye Salman Khan, I love it. But when some people call me bhai I think they are faking it. I hate it when some people call me Sallu. But when they call me that out of love, it shows. It’s the tone that matters. Only Arbaaz and Sohail should call me bhai. Besides, my parents have given me a name, it’s a superb name, Salman Khan and I prefer people calling me Salman. I think this ‘Sallu’ was started by Jackie (Shroff). Now he calls me Salley!

    How much of Abhinav Kashyap is still there in Dabanng 2?
    When Abhinav came to us, it was a very dry art kind of film. The kind of films they (the brothers) make. In fact now, his brother (Anurag) has changed his style. He has now got that masala touch. There were no songs earlier in Dabangg, and we had to change that. We kept improvising and that the film achieved a certain form is also thanks to Arbaaz. But Abhinav contributed as well.
    To give him credit, he realised that if you want to make a saleable film, you need a commercial touch, you need songs. That’s when Arbaaz came into the picture. But then Abhinav decided to opt out of the sequel.

    Didn’t you want him to come back?
    I did a lot. I told him – ‘I don’t know who has tutored you to refuse the sequel. Meri baat mano, do the film’. I called him twice. Then his brother gave some weird interviews and all that stuff happened.

    That he refused to take up your offer must have surprised you…
    Yes. I was in Thailand shooting for Ready. Arbaaz told me that Abhinav simply texted him saying that he doesn’t want to do it. Then the brother (Anurag) went on twitter and all that stuff happened. I thank Anurag for planting the idea that Arbaaz should do the film and he has done a good job. He has taken the film to a new level.

    Dabanng had drawn very negative pre-release vibes – doob jayenge mar jaenge, industry ko duba denge etc.
    But it went to become the fabulous film it was.

    How did you and Arbaaz get along?
    We had massive fights during both the films. Creative debates turned into arguments. It went on till one of us too a step back, calibrated our responses. See, its either black or white, tum bologe off-white hai grey hai… what nonsense!

    So who wins the argument?
    Whoever is right.

    Reena Roy once said… (As if on cue, Sonakshi walks in)
    That Sonakshi looks like her? (smiles)

    No, that you are responsible for how Sonakshi looks on screen. Do you try to make your heroines look ‘respectful’ on camera?
    (Nods in agreement) It gets very awkward. Women have these little ‘oops’ moments while dancing. I just say thoda sa upar kheechlo.

    Have heroines ever told you what to wear ?
    Ya. Why, Sonakshi was the one who approved my moustache in the movie.

    How much has Sonakshi changed between Dabangg 1 and 2? (Sonakshi, next to us suddenly looks on coyly)
    I think Sonakshi is going to start killing it now.

    And you are open to Dabangg 3..
    Of course, we have already thought about it. We will go back to his past, the making of Chulbul Pandey.’


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