Milind’s Reflections: Remembering the 90’s! Part – I

P.S. This post is inspired by a chat between Baba, Shetty Bhai, Sputnik, Ali Bhai, Arise_Awake and me on FB. Thanks guys!!

Just yesterday Shetty Bhai and I were remembering Campa Cola, a brand that single-handedly dominated twenty years in India before Coca Cola and Pepsi re-affirmed their position and showed Campa Cola the door.Β  And this served as an avalanche that stormed my nostalgia. I merrily remembered my childhood, the then ambiance and then analysed the radical contrasts that I can set up vis-a-vis with the present!

Let us revisit the most nostalgic moments from past.Today you may have a PlayStation, I spent hours making a “gulel” using the torn rubber tubes of a bicycle!! I still remember,they used to say that guava wood was the best for the Y of the gulel. And then making those “golis” from mud,drying them and then shooting at objects, glasses, birds…they always missed the targets but the heart always burnt with an unmatched satisfaction.

The evenings in summers used to be dedicated to the “zing thing” like Gold Spot and Campa Cola. You used to go to the nearest shop and order 8 bottles,rent the opener and take the bottles home. The shop-wallah would charge some 10 rs extra till you didn’t return the bottles or in case you broke them. Then you would run to home and then the family would drink together,quenching their thirst. You had cricket matches with bets–The losing party will make the opposite team drink Campa Cola. That was the motivation that drove an intent back then. Money was not even heard of at such an age,it was a distant non-interesting entity. Presently children carry pocket money at an age of 8,we used to carry “kanche” and “WWF cards” in our pocket.

Sitting on a cemented wall 6 friends would test their cards against each other based on “biceps” “triceps” “height” and “weight”. Hulk Hogan,Undertaker,Yokuzuna were the creme-de-la-creme back then. Evenings back then were so fun. There was no hurry, there was no IPL to catch on TV, there was socialization, the child was allowed to develop a very strong outlook towards the social aspects as he literally grew feeding on them. Today “noodles” have replaced “chapatis” but that is not all. The replacement in itself of anything is not bad but the implications it had must be reflected upon. Agreed our prior generations thought same about us but then even they would agree that the present one is drastically ahead and different than they expected the subsequent generations to be! I do not lament the fact that we did not have such facilities, I am rather happy we never had. Else how could I go out and bicycle with my friends, I would have been becoming a fatso by playing some silly Dragon Warrior on a PC or X-box. How could I go out and steal some guavas and lichis from the neighbour’s garden..rather i would have been way too reserved eyeing everyone with suspicion. The fact is tolerance has drastically reduced in society. Way back then if a child used to steal a bunch of lichis, the maximum one would do is to shout and just run symbolically. If someone does the same now, its highly possible a FIR report may be lodged or a big fight ensues between the parents themselves. Presently we are less tolerant, we appreciate less, we are more concerned with the “I” rather than the “Us”. Not that I was not prevalent way back then but the quanta was barely visible, atleast on the surface.

Can you forget this signature DD stuff. No matter how much the “Soch Nayi,Rishta Wahi” theme song of Star Plus may blast our ears,this tune by DD is as immortal as Nehru’s midnight freedom speech. It is the signature of an Independent India that was on its way to self-dependency and technological advancement. It embodies the spirit of a whole India coming together when the circles[see the add] coalesce. Each Sunday used to be a treat. It used to be a pleasant season that never ceased to exist. The 4pm slot was a prime slot back then. No cricket matches,however high you may want to place the bet,would take that day in evening just because you might have a “Toofan” or ” Ram aur Shyam” playing. Yes Bachchan used to be the superstar and Dilip used to be the thespian. I have faint memories of how my uncle would just go on praising Amitabh and Dilip. I remember watching “Mera Saaya” vividly. Saadhna was my first love. :blush:

Have forgotten the exact timing of this show but as far as I can remember it was 9pm on Sundays. Renuka and Kak were fabulous. The show was an easy going one,mostly without any tantrums, still it pleased and entertained. Presently you need 5 nude cheerleaders to dance on an Extra Innings show or else the TRP’s may go further down. Surbhi ranked as an absolute favourite amongst households and after Renuka did that Bhabhi act in HAHK, the show saw unseen popularity. Vividly I remember watching Alif Laila and the “Tilism” and the adventures. Tilism made me remember my favourite ever show with the best ever opening song[unfortunately the original video of that song is not available on internet]– Chandrakaanta. I will write a few lines of the song here:

” Chandrakaanta ki Kahaani,Maana hai Puraani

Ye Puraani hokar bhi lagti hai Suhaani

Naugarh Vijaygarh me thik takraar

Naugaarh ka tha jo raajkumar

Chandrakaanta se karta tha pyaar”

Shikha Swaroop and Shahbaaz Khaan were infact the most loved pair back then. Kroor Singh was an admired villain. He had the transient popularity of Mogambo once upon a time!! Such was the impact of this serial by Nirja Guleri that I remember stopped telecasting in late 1996. Durga Jasraaj and Pankaj Dheer were also popular in their roles.

Then came Shaanti. Mandira Bedi blew away anything that ever had been on Indian Television,except Mahabharata and Ramayana. This serial paved the way for its derivatives like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. This serial is what made the 2PM time slot,the afternoon one a prime one. The lunch was served half an hour earlier,kitchen cleaned and then the ladies at home would savour the plight of Shaanti. Then there was Swabhimaan. Kittu Gidwaani, Ashutosh Raana, Rohit Roy..the show was also a very popular one. Television had finally started realising its worth in a Post-Liberated India. One may despise Manmohan Singh today for being pawns in hands of the Italian Leader but back then as a finance minister, his strong decisions made India the way as we see it today. He single-handedly defeated socialistic over assertions and struck a precise balance with the capitalist sentiments! Ending this piece with an apt song from Swabhimaan.

Devour these clips and the nostalgia. I have loads to write but an admission day at hospital beckons. I have divided the write up thus into two. Thanks again Shetty Bhai,Sputnik, Ali Bhai,Baba and Arise_ Awake for igniting my neurons.

Much remains on the sands of time that waves of time itself cannot erase. Life will lead me to yonder, my heart shall wish to be buried in the sands of time when I was born!! Alif Laila,Mogli and Shaktimaan, Duck Tales too. But more than that my critical reflection on the past with eyes of present also remains!!

Do catch an old DD series– Mitti Ke Rang if you get a chance.


  1. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    Tell me if you liked the nostalgic revisit!!

  2. John Galt 9 years ago

    nice article.

    Some observations.

    Although we may think that the current generation has drastically change from the last one and quite possibly it has but I am sure the previous generation thinks the same. Picture this: From having one telephone in the whole mohalla to one in each house. Seeing one ambassador car or a jeep with the wealthier ones to having a maruti 800 in every home. From black n white to color tv, from doordarshan to zee tv. From Rd burman to nadeem shravan from Hrishikesh mukherjee classics to aditya chopra’s popcorn. The change is there in every generation and yes its a big one.

    I like you mentioning surabhi – It was one of my favorite shows along with star trek.

    Btw, Campa cola captured the market because foreign brands were banned in India for a long time (just some info)

    P.S. You should be glad they did not have trump cards of Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir back then, warna aapke bachpan se toh nisandeh maasumiyat chali jaati.

  3. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    Thanks John Galt.

    I know about the ouster of Pepsi and Coca Cola by George Fernandes and Group. That is why I used the word “re-affirmed” there in the post.But thanks for making it very much prominent in the comment section.

    I have also said same things regards current vs previous generation.

    Read this:

    The replacement in itself of anything is not bad but the implications it had must be reflected upon. Agreed our prior generations thought same about us but then even they would agree that the present one is drastically ahead and different than they expected the subsequent generations to be.

    I am trying to say each generation thinks same about the next one but the current generation has surpassed all zeniths of imagination and expectations,in some good manners and in some bad manners.

    Surbhi was one of my favourite too!!

  4. sputnik 9 years ago


    Excellent post. Thanks for posting this. I should also thank Baba for starting all this discussion by posting the picture on the FB page.

    Gold Spot used to be my favorite drink too till Maaza took over briefly and finally Leher Mirinda. I remember the “Yeh Hi Hai Right Choice Baby” ad for Pepsi created such a big sensation back then. There were two other drinks that they launched – Leher 7 Up which had funny ads and Leher Mirinda which was like Gold Spot. When they started out there was an ad for Leher 7 Up in the newspaper and you had to cut it and give to the shop owner and you would get a free drink. I remember having 7 Up like that. Here is the Pepsi Ad.

    Couldn’t wait for the Doordarshan Signature tune to get over so that the show would start. I also remember the dreaded “Sorry for the Interruption” placard that would pop up sometimes in the middle of a TV show.

    Initially used to hate Surabhi thinking it is a boring TV show and took some time to start liking it. Used to initially hate Renuka Shahane and her 32 teeth flashing smile. That Rahman interview you posted is really good and the Roja songs still sound great. The music, the percussion everything is so top notch and Rahman was so ahead of his contemporaries by a distance back then. I used to be able to recognize that the music is by Rahman by just listening to a few seconds of the song.

    Was never a fan of Alif Laila. I thought it used to have some really bad acting and bad production values. Chandrakanta started off really well and it had everyone hooked to the show for a while till it went bad and they just kept stretching it like a chewing gum.

    I remember the afternoon transmission started initially with just one hour from 2pm to 3pm. It used to have children’s stuff – some “baingan raja”, some puppet show stuff and some women’s serial each for 15 to 20 min or so. Then came the change with the daily soap Shanti and then Swabhimaan. Rohit Roy used to copy Shah Rukh’s mannerisms totally and Ashutosh Rana was the scene stealer of the show. Manoj Bajpai also had a prominent role in that. There was another show which started off really good – Junoon. It was a 45 min or 1 hr show and it had a title song sung by Vinod Rathod – “Kisi ko Mohabbat ka hai Junoon”. Mangal Dhillon was excellent in it. That show got stretched and lost its sheen too and was eventually moved to DD metro in the evening slot.

    Sunday mornings were a great time. Used to watch Mogli, Duck Tales without fail. Never liked Shaktimaan though.

    • Tulmul 9 years ago

      Alif Laila was very BADDDDDDDDD copy of Pakistanti serials of the same name …

      Anyways, some of the Pakistani TV shows were superb … πŸ˜€

      Chandarkanta was roaring success but than it got stuck in legal case, if I remember correctly and on its new turn, it was lost cause… but Krooor singh, Shani were very famous, Kroor singh famous line, “Yuck dimaag ki yuck chaal πŸ˜› “

  5. narad_muni 9 years ago

    Fantastic article milu.
    After reading all the replies here, I am certain that I have a far worse memory than all of you..seriously!
    I was quite grown up in the 90’s but still can’t remember most of the stuff.
    Only when I am reading the post and the replies, I am recollecting stuff.

    Thanks a ton for tickling my old memories..sometimes nostalgia is fascinating.

    I have a take on the social difference across the generations and how badly it has affected us. Now, I have reached the age where kids in their teenage call me ‘uncle’… so I am a whole generation old. And I am apalled to see some social behavioral patterns among the kids of the gen next.,,, seriously, sometimes I am scared to think what my kid will grow up to!

  6. Shalu 9 years ago

    Just yesterday we were having a discussion on the 90s in NG too and now this….feeling so nostalgic πŸ™‚ Very good write up Milind. I am a 80s kid so my childhood was more about Vikram aur Betaal, Mickey & Donald, He-Man, Singhasan Battisi, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi….. But the bycycling, stealing fruits etc. remains the same.

    Also Thumbs Up was the luminary among soft drinks back then. I guess it is the only one from that time that is still surviving.

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Sunday mornings 9-12:30 was filled with one good show after another. Ramayan, Mahabharat and He-Man all came in the 9 am slot. Remember watching Singhasan Battisi, Vikram Betal (saturday evening probably) too. There used to be Space City Sigma too – some star trek kind of show. In the evenings Spiderman used to be a 15 minute show.

      Then there used to be a show called Giant Robot which was a big craze back then among kids. It looks so bad now πŸ˜‰ Cannot embed this one so here is the link.

      And on Sundays there was another show called Street Hawk about this guy fighting crime on this bike called Street Hawk. Used to love the Theme music. Here is the starting credits with the theme music.

      • Shalu 9 years ago

        Wow Sputnik! You just reminded me of my whole Sunday schedule πŸ™‚ Sigma, Giant Robot, Street Hawk….remember them all.

        Very few will know this piece of trivia – film actor Madhavan made his acting debut with Sigma πŸ™‚

        • sputnik 9 years ago

          Really? Who was he in Space City Sigma?


          Johny Socko and his flying robot might be Giant Robot. I had posted a link above – here it is. Check and see if it is the same show.

          • Shalu 9 years ago


            Don’t remember his screen name now but he played the right hand man of the captain. He was also the guy most girls on Sigma used to fight over πŸ™‚ He used to be really slim and handsome in those days.

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      shalu,cult classic show πŸ˜€

  7. narad_muni 9 years ago

    Does anyone remember Johny Socko and his flying robot?
    I was addicted to it πŸ™‚

    • narad_muni 9 years ago

      It must be in the 80’s …. not 90’s.
      Damn, I have become really old πŸ™

  8. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    I remember captain vyom. πŸ˜€

  9. Tulmul 9 years ago

    I am not eloquent writer like you and other commentators here, So will be brief and terse..

    Wonderful gleaning of the times and memories of those lost innocent years..

    Wonderful Read πŸ™‚

    Ps : Its was for low brow :P, broke my cardinal rule πŸ˜€

  10. narad_muni 9 years ago

    When people are talking abt CampaCola n Goldspot, just remembered one drink called milkose …anyone else?
    I loved it .

  11. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    MIlind – very touching post πŸ™‚

    In those days ,i was crazy for “Fun-time” shows which used to be aired on DD during summer vacations in afternoon.Giant robot,the invisible man,fraggle rock,He-man etc.I was really crazy about them.I had even bought a sword like He-man had πŸ˜€
    I also had that eye-mask of ajooba of amitabh.Those days we used to have skipping contest a lot,I remember i had skipped for about 500 times on a trot πŸ˜€ it was a local record :smug:

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      Just to add another unusual stuff form 90s,whenvere there was electricity failure in our building,we used to rejoice and wud go crazy ever if electricity goes for even 5 min,I feel like my life is over πŸ˜€

      • sputnik 9 years ago

        Why did you rejoice if there was electricity failure?

        I remember walking with my friend to the electricity department office (which was a 15 minute walk) to complain when there was electricity failure and we were waiting for a movie to start. Sometimes they would say there was a transformer failure and it would take hours and the whole afternoon used to be ruined.

        Also remember being restless and walking to the next street to try to catch a glimpse of Mahabharat on someone else’s TV when power would go off only in our street.

        Yeah remember Ajooba mask too but it was true low brow for me πŸ˜‰ Remember reading Chacha Chaudhary too.

        I think this was in the 80s but there used to be a show called Ek Do Teen Chaar (saturday afternoons) about four kids and their adventures. It pretty much ended when I had just started watching TV. There was another sci-fi show called Indradhanush on Sundays which I think was taken off air pretty soon. Then there was also Flop Show which was very good.

        Elections were a great time and DD would telecast movies and some shows during the election coverage.

        • Baba Ji 9 years ago

          sputnik – during electricity failure,playing games like hide-n-seek etc becomes 10 times more nobody can see you,you can do whole lot of things πŸ˜‰

        • Author
          Milind 9 years ago

          Remember putting my ear against neighbour’s wall for a serial called Tehqeeqaat. That was damn good. Especially an episode where the table on second floor was moved by a magnet under the floor of it by a man on the first floor.

          Also loved that Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiya!!

          • Baba Ji 9 years ago

            milind ,i feel like crying whenever i see this song.the kid who has sung it probably had the purest heart.just listen to his/her voice.

          • Author
            Milind 9 years ago

            Yes babaji..ek chidiya,anek chidiya is a timeless composition!

          • Shalu 9 years ago

            Adore this song, absolutely adore it!

  12. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    I think i forgot the worthy mention of my craze for diamond comics.from chacha chaudhary to raman ,i had it all πŸ˜€

  13. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    Thanks All. Another aspect of the summer holidays was Chhutti Time aired on DD at 11 am. They used to show English version of Hardy Boys and Secret Seven. They also used to show some great series.

    Another famous serial was Shaktimaan in late 90’s which achieved heights of popularity. Add to it the various religious stuffs showed like “Jai Hanuman”. The beginning hym of that serial is legendary stuff.

    Lots of nostalgia here!

  14. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    Used to borrow Naagraaj and Dhruv comics along with Pinky and Chacha Choudhary for Rs 1-2 from a local shop.

    Later Harry Potter erased all such habit and changed the way the surreal world was seen but those memories remain as fresh as ever!

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      Raj comics was the low brow one among all comics of that time.I remember once i had went to buy a Nagraj comic.The shopkeeper didnt hv it so bought another interesting looking Raj comics,The title was “Kafan main doonga” rofl ,it was about some wicked tantrik,very funny.Raj comics was full of B-grade titles and stories but somehow i found guilty pleasure in them.

  15. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    LOL at Baba’s comment. Kafan Main Doonga— seems straight out of a suniel shetty and Amrish Puri flick. πŸ˜€

    I loved Nandan and Chandamama those days–Also Saurabh Suman.They were wonderful.

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      I had gokulam,tinkle,nanhe samrat,criket samrat too,later i used to read mayapuri too,very famous film magazine in north πŸ˜€

  16. Manish 9 years ago

    good one …milind i remember . we used to have season of games , cricket , football , Lattooo , gulel , kanche .. and it used to give immense satisfaction when u come back home after winning kanches πŸ˜€ i think the big kancha was called banta or something πŸ˜€

    I was not avid serial watcher .. but i used to watch mowgli , chandrakanta was good but last few montsh it becmae boring .. i had crush on shikha swaroop πŸ˜› , ramayam , vikram betaal , mahabharat , sigma etc ….

    i havent seen surabhi , shanti etc as i used to go to sleep or go at friend’s palce after having lunch so that i can play πŸ˜€ was crazy abt cricket ..

    Comics were huge craze then – my fav nagraj and dhruv .. i started liking bhokaal as well πŸ˜€ pinky and chacha chaudhary was fun πŸ˜€ …

    But Bankeylal was hilarious – “WOH MAARA PPPAD WALE KO ”


    i used to play video game as well but wasnt like everyday playing …..

    trump cards were fun we used to wait for new series …. Yokohama , andre the giant , undertaker and Hulk hogan used to make sure u wil end up winning and that stupid ric flair used to have maxmum fights ..

    Anyways good one liked it πŸ˜€

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      “stupid ric flair used to have maxmum fights ” bob backlund had more fights fought in the trump carss,i think 122,hulk hogan has 121 and ric flair had 120 πŸ˜€

      • Manish 9 years ago

        hahhaha yup i forget bob backlund , i think he was there in very starting series but later on he vanished .. Ric flair was ahead of Hulk hogan i believe by 1 fight ar per my memor but yeah bob backlund was ahead for sure πŸ˜€

  17. Manish 9 years ago

    oops it was yokozuna πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      worst was 123 kid

      • Manish 9 years ago

        123 kid used to be panauti πŸ˜€ he was almost the lowest point of al the physical attributes as well as fights :D….

        we used to start like turn the card upside down and used to say tu le le yaar .. πŸ˜€ later we started tricking for bigger cards as well where the other person used to sometime say chal zyada waale attribute se nai haruanga πŸ˜‰ but since upside down it was something else so result used to come out different πŸ˜‰ but it didnt work for long just once or twice

  18. Doga 9 years ago

    Very Good Post , Great Job Milind!

  19. aryan 9 years ago

    @Milind Excellent post.
    In those days my favorite was Spider Man and I think hardly missed any episode. Almost every sunday we used to play friendly cricket matches and we tried to finish matches before 10 AM because around 10.30 lots of programmes available on TV. like Ramayana, Mahabharat, Chandrakanta and many more.

  20. sputnik 9 years ago


    I tweeted this to Sukanya Vema, the rediff critic and this is what she replied.

    ‘@tanqeed Brought back some really fond memories, that. I loved Campa Orange too. And Fido Dido. πŸ™‚ @Navjotalive ‘

  21. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    great sputnik..thats a good news. πŸ™‚

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      some ppl on mujragaana take pride in celebs Rt-ing copy paste stuff from internet.this is an actual response to a post.good job milind

  22. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    one of the best ads from the 90s that used to crack me up:

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Nice videos Baba. Ek Chidiya is such a lovely song and yes Vikram Betaal is cult now. I remember watching that at my neighbour’s house as we did not have TV back then. The Pan Parag ad is cult too – remember it used to come just before the movie.

      • Baba Ji 9 years ago

        spuntik / milind – The video of anek chidiya is in itself a masterpiece.A girl is shown as the educated protagonist who teaches her little brother.The seemingly normal bro-sis conversation is beautifully intertwined with social relevance.

        I think such simple yet effective narrative styles are neither seen on TV now nor in films.Yes,sometimes I find this doordarshan style narrative in aamir and hirani films.and may be thats why these two have pan India appeal and both are highly revered.Hopefully Aamirs latest tv show Satyamev Jayate will bring back the classic Doordarshan style narrative back.

      • Baba Ji 9 years ago

        Another jeans denim ad that used to fascinate me back then.It was my childhood fav akshay kumars ad where he used to deliver a spinning back kick and then say “Ruf and Tuf ho, to Ruf and Tuf pehno”

        have a look,tried finding its video but could not πŸ™

  23. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    used to love this theme as a kid:

  24. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    can anyone post that ad of dhaara….the child says,main ghar chhod ke jaa raha hoon.and then he sees jalebi and decides nt to was a cute ad.

  25. fearlesssoul 9 years ago

    Excellent Post Milind… Damn did I miss all these.. All i could remember is of Two morning shows of Chandrakanta and Alif Laila, then some puppet shows in the afternoon and Surabi – Most favorite in the evening, infact use to post letters to win prizes πŸ˜‰ We (me and my brothers) were hardly given any opportunities to watch the TV apart from the shows i mentioned above.

    My father was abroad and i still remember, we use to walk 400-500 mtrs away from our home during night hours like 1:30am to our neighbours home to attend the telephone call of my father πŸ˜› , today my 1.4yr old daughter knows how to unlock iphone and flip, zoom in zoom out photos. Can’t even imagine wht and how will be the next 5-10yrs. Like Shilac even I am worried abt my daughter’s future.

    I was so desperate to watch this liril ad, but like we were cautioned by our parents and grand parents to close our eyes or close tv if such bare skinny ads or shows turn up

    I can only recall some ads of colgate gel ad featuring aishwarya, Rasna Ad etc..

    For me One of the inspiring ad or theme of doordarshan was – check below

    I use to find PT Usha in it πŸ™‚ as myself was fastest runner/athlete in my school from 1st std to 10th std πŸ˜‰ and i heard lot of stories of P T Usha during that time.

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Used to love the video and find it very inspiring too. The music is inspired from the Chariots of Fire theme by Vangelis. It won an Oscar for Best Orginal Score.

      • fearlesssoul 9 years ago

        Great! I never knew anything abt that. Btw Who is PT Usha in it? Is she the First Girl who grabs the Torch? I am still clue less πŸ˜‰

  26. fearlesssoul 9 years ago

    And Have to say, felt so good to read all the above comments… Some were excellent in its own right…

  27. Serenzy 9 years ago

    Well, i am the lone ‘late 90’s’ kid here.

    Some of my memories,
    – gi joe action figures and WWE Cards

    – tom & jerry,scooby doo,captain planet,swat kats,dexters lab,powerpuff girls,samurai warrior, ninja turtles etc etc etc.

    – spiderman cartoon in dubbed hindi on Star Plus

    – the POKEMON craze(hugeeeeeeeeeee…Ppl used to fight for tazos)

    – the HRITHIK ROSHAN CRAZE during KNPH was unprecedent,unmatched & amazing…I used to dance to KNPH songs wid my cousins in frnt of uncle/aunties

    – the lagaan/gadar craze at Mumbai Cinemas…Ppl used to cheer for India in one theatre hall and wud pep up sunny paaji in d adjacent hall…Serpentine quees,black tickets(d last time) bfr the multiplexes.

    – samosa+mangola, my snack @ intervals.

    – DDLJ,RH,border,taal,KKK,HSSH,kacche dhaage,dtph,kkhh,pyaar to hona hi tha,krishna… some of my initial interaction wid cinema inside the theatre halls.


    – mom gifted me cassete of Gadar,KNPH wen i scored well.

    – going to circus,mela

    – 2 samosas, 1 piece of cake,potato chips,1 glass coldrink, return gift….B’day over.

    – endless hours in under-arm cricket


  28. Serenzy 9 years ago

    Always saw all the Govinda movies of the 90’s on TV.

    Ishq was also a Big HIT wid us kids.

    KBC,Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi ruled like never before on TV.

    2003 WC memories is more fresh in my mind den 2011 one.

    GTA Vice City game on newly bought Desktop.

  29. Serenzy 9 years ago

    Camera dat had reels in it.

    No pendrives,hard disks…We used to ‘write cd’s’ and share….

    Going to tution classes on a cycle…For maths one tution,for marathi another…One more for English.

    Nokia 1110 cellphone(d first one my dad bought…It had a Torch).

    Doing the stunts heroes use to do in movies….

    Comedy shows on SAB TV…

    My first crush —> Priety Zinta post KMG(a rage wid d kids)… Prayed to God while seeing d movie dat Jadoo remains wid HR….Had the time of my life seeing the Basketball match.

    Shyam,Raju & Baburao Ganpatrao Apte.

    Samir,Sid & Aakash

    Johar’s K3G and KKHH

    Kya Kool Hain Hum & Company(my first brush wid bold/vulgar and adult content cinema).

    and then, **Harry Potter** happened during 2000.

  30. Author
    Milind 9 years ago

    wonderful comment serenezy

  31. ali 9 years ago

    Just read the Post and have to say that this is undoubtedly one of the All Time Best Post/Article, I have ever read till now.
    While I was reading the Post, I was able to experience all those things Milind bro explained there.
    I still have to read all the comments and I will share my experience too after reading all the comments.
    Here one thing I must have to confess…….
    Anupam bro,
    You are Magician of Words.
    You have this amazing quality, keep it up bro.

  32. sputnik 9 years ago

    Nice to see so many people talk so fondly of their 90s experiences.

    Today a 16 GB flash drive doesn’t seem enough and we used to make do with a 1.44 MB Floppy disk. I remember I used to have a small box with10 Floppies in it.

    90s was the decade where a lot of new things came – the CDs/VCDs and most important of all the Internet. Had to go to to Internet parlours to email/chat and today if the net connection at home is down for a few minutes I feel like I am disconnected from the rest of the world.

  33. sputnik 9 years ago


    I think you are talking about Shakti. I dont think it was Madhavan. I posted a article that I found online and it says it was played by some Sanjeev Suri.

    Blast from the Past: Space City Sigma – Doordarshan’s 1989 Serial

  34. shetty 9 years ago

    Wonderful post Anupam…Brought old memories back πŸ™‚

  35. rajesh 9 years ago

    Excellent post, evokes nostaligia.
    BTW, have you gone through this website –

  36. sputnik 9 years ago

    Interesting article on the origin of All India Radio’s Signature tune.

    All India Radio’s caller tune has been heard by hundreds of millions of people since it was composed in 1936. Somewhat improbably, the tune, based on raga Shivaranjini, was composed by the Czech man in the middle of the trio pictured above: Walter Kaufmann. He was the director of music at AIR and was one of the many Jewish refugees who found a haven in India from the Nazis. The violinist on the recording is thought to be Mehli Mehta, who is also in the image above.

    Kaufmann had arrived in India in February 1934 and ended up staying for 14 years. Within a few months of landing in Bombay, Kaufmann founded the Bombay Chamber Music Society, which performed every Thursday at the Willingdon Gymkhana. At the performance pictured here, Kaufmann is at the piano, Edigio Verga is on cello and Mehta – the father of Zubin Mehta – is playing the violin. By May 1937, the Society had given 136 performances of works by old masters and modern composers. β€œMembership of the Society is open to all music lovers,” The Times of India reported. Full membership cost Rs 15 a month, but students, working women and missionaries could attend all concerts for only Rs 5 a month.

    Kaufmann, whom I was prompted to remember after the excellent Rajesh Devraj wondered about him, was no ordinary musician. He was born in 1907 in Karlsbad in the former Czechoslovakia and in 1930 graduated from the Staatlich Hochschule fΓΌr Musik in Berlin. He moved on to do a PhD in musicology at German University in Prague, though he refused to pick up his degree when he found out that one of his teachers, Gustav Becking, was the leader of the Nazi youth group. From 1927 to 1933, he conducted summer seasons of opera in Berlin, Karlsbad, and Eger.

    The most detailed account of Kaufmann’s life in India is Agata Schindler’s essay, β€œWalter Kaufmann: A Forgotten Genius”, in the volume Jewish Exile in India: 1933-1945. The musician’s reason for coming to India was simple: β€œI could easily get a visa,” Schindler quotes him as saying in one of his letters.

    In the same letter, the musician is disarmingly honest in describing his initial reactions to Indian music: the first records he heard were β€œalien and incomprehensible.” But Kaufmann wasn’t willing to give up. β€œAs I knew that this music was created by people with heart and intellect, one could assume that many, in fact millions would be appreciating or in fact loving this music…I concluded that the fault was all mine and the right way would be to undertake a study tour to the place of its origin,” he wrote. His study would be so intense, it would result in books such as The Ragas of North India, The Ragas of South India : A Catalogue of Scalar Material and Musical Notations of the Orient: Notational Systems of Continental, East, South and Central Asia.

    Kaufmann’s stint at AIR from 1937 to 1946 gave him the opportunity to learn from some of India’s greatest classical musicians. It also allowed him to observe some of their quirks. β€œMost of the older artists refused to accept their remunerations in the form of cheques. They insisted upon receiving bare coin,” he wrote. β€œIt was interesting to note that some of these great and wonderful musicians would bring along with them a young boy, a son or a nephew, who was able to count the rupee coins reliably. The old artist and his young helper would settle on the floor outside the studio and carefully count the money received which had come in a little cloth bag.”

  37. sputnik 8 years ago

    60 Things That Defined Your Childhood In India


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