Bombay Velvet Public Review

  1. Tall Pike 8 years ago

    There is difference between Gourmet Cooking and Home Cooking. No doubt home cooking is the authentic food that people typically eat. Home cooking is real, and in comparasion, one can say that Gourmet cooking is a kind of heightened reality (not authentic). But Gourmet food has its own appeal.

    BV is a gourmet version of a by gone era. To look for realism in it is unwise. One needs to just appreciate it for what it is. This is not to say that it may not have many flaws (other problems).

    Anyway BV establishes KRK as a critic that cannot be ignored.

  2. sauravjha 8 years ago

    The third guy is so furious! Seldom has a big budgeted film look as destined to be a disaster as Bombay Velvet has. Today was just the completion of formality. Ranbir needs a hit! And sooner it comes better it will be.

  3. sputnik 8 years ago

    These are tweets by people I trust on twitter. Navjot is close to Anurag but even he did not like the movie.

    Manish’s tweets

    “impossible audience reaction was even worse than Besharam”

    “yess was watchable but audience was jhel’oing”

    “ok but very strong negative reactions not working #Interval”

    “Was OK but if given choice will prefer to watch AK’s TGIYB again. F. L. O. P”

    “Aam Hindustani ‘audience’ was like ‘dhobi ka kutta jaise ghar ka na ghat ka, poori tarah na idhar ka, na udhar ka ”


    Navjot’s tweets

    “Karan Johar’s reaction on Ranbir’s meaning of ‘Tender’has to be the moment that is vintage AK rest all like a bad Lasith Malinga over. AOTP.”

    “All people who see it on friday and after will NOT LOVE it. It sure has a few great moments but the film in between is terrible. SORRY.”

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