Bichdann Song – Son Of Sardaar

  1. fearlesssoul 10 years ago

    A Classic Song with Fantastic video… By far the best song of the two albums followed by Challa and Heer. I have heard only 3 songs of SOS and have listened to all songs of JTHJ

  2. fearedsoul 10 years ago

    imo – comes no where close to Heer from JTHJ. This song is just a repeat of lot of songs of this genre – it sounds good to the ears but has nothing different in it. Actually the song that is catch for me in SoS is Raja-Rani – it has a tack y video with a overweight Sonakshi in it – but the song tune is pretty catchy

    Listened to 1920 yesterday – pretty decent songs – especially the 2nd track – forget the guy’s name – some new singer. The ARR effect is happening with JTHJ – i believe now it is a damn decent album. I just wish Challa and Heer were in Hindi and not Punjabi.

    • Ritz 10 years ago


      ” comes no where close to Heer from JTHJ.”

      If you start comparing one film songs with another like that then let me tell u that IMO ; JTHJ is one of the big anti-climax of the year …and even if “Heer” is good – it doesnt stand a chance against “Keh ke Lunga” / “Hunter” / Womaniya or many such songs in this year. So far Gangs of Wasseypur is the best of album of the year – not just by 3-4 songs but dozens of them are far more innovative than Rahman has been for years and still sound good to ears also.

      Unless Dabangg2 / Talaash or Khiladi 786 bring some surpises (which I doubt – some 2-3 may be good but not on level of GOW) “Gangs of Wasseypur 1 &2 ” will remain the music of 2012.

      • Ritz 10 years ago

        GOW lyrics beats that of whatever little Gulzar has done in JTHJ or for that anyone has done this year.

        “Khanjar se doodh gire aur
        Ho qatle aam teri keh ke lunga

        Saanso ko saamp soongha ke
        Jangli tilchatta la ke
        Keh ke lunga
        Teri keh ke lunga..

        bichhoo se honth kata ke
        Lori zehreeli ga ke
        Keh ke lunga, keh ke lunga”

        and many more such in those 2 albums.

        It has simply brilliance in every department in music. (havent seen these 2 films though)

        • Fearedsoul 10 years ago

          Ritz, my comment started with an ‘imo’. In music…more so than movies….tastes differ. So everyone is free to list their choices for best music/songs. To me, the songs you listed don’t come close to heer….so…

          There are some songs that connect to all….else mostly music is about what appeals to each individual. So you enjoy your choices and I will enjoy mine 🙂

          Saw English vinglish yday, not only did I love the movie, loved the 2-3 songs in that as well.

          Top 3 songs this year so far for me
          3. Paani da
          2. Darmiyaan from Jodi breakers
          1. Heer

          • Ritz 10 years ago

            @fearedsoul – even my comment started with imo. 🙂

            Btw imo, Heer is also not something very original – just like Bichdann it has similarities to earlier songs.

            About songs ranking of my choice I will comment at the end of the year

        • Ritz 10 years ago

          Had missed this one song from GOW2.

          Not a fan of remixes but this one is really good….i mean really really good…

  3. Ritz 10 years ago

    @Sputnik / Sup / All

    Just like Rotlu, do I have to call out for your opinion ? Whats ur take on this – fav film music in 2012?

    All – (includes Baba/hithere/milind/rotlu….and ALL..i mean ALL)

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      My favorite album of the year is also GOW and Sneha is the best music director of the year until now.

      As far as songs are concerned apart from the ones from GOW I also liked Pareshan and Pani Da Rang.

      I liked Heer from the very first lsten. So its a very good song for me but I agree with you that it sounds like it is based on some folk/old song. The lyrics of Saans are not bad – its the music and the singing that’s bad. As I said before its more of a Rahman failure than a Gulzar failure when it comes to JTHJ album for me.

      • Ritz 10 years ago

        Well, for me – its basically a wrong choice – not a failure of anyone.

        YRF didnt need Rahman.

  4. Rotlu 10 years ago

    Well for me the best album of 2012 so far goes as follows in ascending order;

    Ek deewaana tha
    Agent Vinod
    Ek Tha Tiger
    Vicky Donor

    Now Songs of the year in ascending order;

    Hossana (Ek Deewaana Tha)

    Paani da Rang (Vicky Donor)

    Oh womaniyan (GOW)

    Bichdan (SoS)

    tum hi bandhu (Cocktail)

    Abhi Abhi (Jism 2)

    Jugni (Cocktail)

    Rabta (Agent Vinod)

    Challa (Jab tak hai jaan)

    Saiyara (Ek Tha Tiger)

    • Ritz 10 years ago


      I dont think in Hindi the VV flavour translated very well.

      Though the song u posted translated well.

      But for me best of VV was Omana Penne :

      • Ritz 10 years ago

        I am not very fond of Simbu, but in VV he was good – his movements were matching to the song above (in fact in all songs he was good than the hindi counterpart of his) . Whereas in Hindi the lead (Prateik) was not so in sync with the song.

        • Ritz 10 years ago

          btw, Paani Da was kind of just OK song IMO. Didnt get the meaning of it. Its in Punjabi which I dont understand and tune is just about average.

          Didnt get meaning of Heer also fully for it being in punjabi – but the use of word Mirza was lovely, so it stands out.

          But so far, VD is best movie for me in this year – so far .

          • Rotlu 10 years ago

            ritz – I liked hindi more than this version may be i have listened to that song innumerable times i guess.

  5. Rotlu 10 years ago

    In future Gustakh Dil from english vinglish can replace any one song from my top ten list

  6. fearedsoul 10 years ago

    I have to comment on Ek Tha Tiger. To me there are 2 movies that brought out Salman’s star power – one is Bodyguard and now more so ETT. Why so?

    Bodyguard is probably one of the worst Salman movies after Marigold – and it made 140cr! Wow!
    ETT is probably the worst music in a Salman movie for ages – and it made 190cr! Double Wow!

    Something has clicked for that guy since Dabaang – no one knows what. Veer was a much better movie than Ready or BG or probably even ETT – but with Dabaang something changed for Salman. I think its fair to say that over time – Dabaang will be considered Salman’s Zanjeer. Looking forward to Dabaang 2 – I think that should make at least 250cr easily. There are still lot of us who would never go to a Salman or Akshay movie – but we would go and see a Dabaang and a OMG and hopefully a Khiladi

    • shan 10 years ago

      Well said fearedsoul! Totally agree on your points about weaknesses of Bodyguard and ETT. And yeah, Veer was a decent movie as compared to crap like Bodyguard and to some extent Ready. It was overlong, had terrible acting from the supporting cast, and could have been more focused, but it was still a decent film. Not exactly sure what changed after Dabangg, but somehow it became “cool” to watch and like Salman movies after Dabangg. Even so-called hip and “high-class” youngsters started making beelines to watch a Salman movie. Its somewhat similar to the Rajnikant phenomenon, albeit to a much lesser degree. And as a result, even third-rate products like Bodyguard made 140 cr. While this is all fine since the movie industry made a profit, the bad consequence is this has made Salman believe that his fans want to see him in Bodyguard type of over-the-top, stupid movies. I am really hoping he does not do such substandard movies with random directors in future. But alas, its not in our hands, is it? 🙂

  7. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Some of My Fav’s of the
    Year :-

    Dil Ye Bekarar Kyun Hain

    Dhadeng Dhang,Pritam
    Pyaare,Chinta Ta[Rowdy

    Jeene De, Piya[TNLHG]

    Deva Shree Ganesha, Gun Guna,Chikni Chameli[AP]

    Saiyaara, Mashallah[ETT]

    Womaniya, Hunter, Jeeye Ho
    MAGIK OF DevD …. OLLO was Better than GOW and Ritz and Sputnik are Trying to be Too High-Brow here.

    Paani Da Rang[VD]
    Right Now Now[HF2]
    Shirt Da Button[KSKHH]
    Sing Raja[Joker]
    Chalao Na Naino Se Baan Re
    Jo Tere Sang[Blood Money]

    “ Ishaqzaade, Jannat2, Agent Vinod & Cocktail, Barfi! –> Pretty Much the Entire Album….My Top5!”

    p.s – Yet to Listen to Jism2 and Post-Barfi! Songs.

  8. rajesh 10 years ago

    Favourite album of the year – Cocktail
    Favourite song – Saiyaara from ETT

  9. Suprabh 10 years ago

    For me GOW was a good once in a while listen album..I dont think the music has a great repeat value.

    I dont have any favorites from 2012.. I think mostly all albums were duds with no songs that I could stick to.

  10. Aditya007 10 years ago

    Its a great Romantic track after ‘Mai Jahan Rahun'[Namstey London] from Himesh & Rahat combo!!!

  11. Fearedsoul 10 years ago

    I think best albums are still jthj and cocktail…actually quite like soty also. Other movies have 1 or 2 ggod songs but not a great album per se

  12. Rotlu 10 years ago

    In JTHJ i liked Isqh shawa more which is also inspired song i believe including some of its lyrics. But Challa stands out tall in whole jthj album. Heer is not growing on me. So overall an average album.

  13. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    Rani-raja is retarded but hummable,this is also good.

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