Besharam First Look Poster

  1. Serenzy 9 years ago

    Good Poster… Perfect Entry for Ranbir into the Masses!

    Abhinav has a Free Hand to Make this One[Unlike Dbng] and I am Confident he will Make a Qlty Masala Cinema.

    Rishi-Neetu Starring in it as Ranbir’s Nemesis Only Adds More Value to the Movie.

    Highly Awaited on My List but I’m luking forward to YJHD more but Besharam too will be H-U-G-E!
    Perfect Mix for Ranbir with Besharam & YJHD in 2013 and He Shud Not Release Any More than these 2 Next Year[YJHD Can be Barfi!/CDI while Besharam his APKGK/OSO].

    CE Dare Not Release on 2nd Oct… A ‘Clash’ will Harm Each and Everyone in the Process!

    • sauravjha 9 years ago

      CE will probably release around August last week or Sept 1st week. Makers have hinted at Summer 2013 release and since June n July are crowded wid movies they will probably go wid August/Sept release. My guess is 30th august. On the other hand HNY is looking for winter/christmas release, there might be a clash wid Dhoom 3 or might not but they will be close to each other’s release dates.

  2. Reddemon 9 years ago

    Good poster
    Next year will have many biggies coming and stars like ranbir and shahid will be crushed in between them. Intresting times ahead

  3. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    I liked Dabangg and am looking forward to this because of Abhinav Kashyap.

    Now Ranbir is taking on SRK too. Already Barfi grossed more than JTHJ and if this beats CE then it would mean something 😉

    • Reddemon 9 years ago

      2 cr more sputnik. And if we take taran’s no. Than JTHJ is ahead.
      Btw talaash will end at 80 and barfi is 105

  4. Serenzy 9 years ago

    YJHD will Release bfr Besharam.

    His Outfit Reminds Me of that ‘Tai Tai Phish’ Song from Chillar Party.

    I Can Pretty Much Imagine How Ranbir will Play this Character Onscreen.

    Just Want the Script to be Strong One on the lines of Ghajini/Wanted/Agneepath OR Rajamoulli/Vikram Level.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      “His Outfit Reminds Me of that ‘Tai Tai Phish’ Song from Chillar Party.”


  5. Serenzy 9 years ago

    Shahid Can Take Big Strides with Namak and PPNH.
    Even If they don’t Gross like 100+ then also a 70+ with Both and Some Goodwill Coming his Way Won’t Harm Shahid.

    Ranbir is BIG to be ‘Crushed Totally’… YJHD and Besharam.

    Ranveer too Marching in with Lootera & Gunday.

    Arjun Steaming in with Gunday & Aurangzeb

    Imran has MKBKM[Looking Cold ATM] and a Biggie in OUATIMA.

    HR has a Potential 230+ with Krissh3.

    Beware 3Khans,Devgn,Kumar…The Young Uns are Rolling In “BIG Time”.

    2013 is a Crucial Year!

  6. Reddemon 9 years ago

    Let CE release solo but i want HNY to release with aamir/akshay/salman movie that will be fun

  7. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    This looks same like his Chillar party item song. and i am afraid ranbir is going to repeat the same clownish act here ( apkgk,saawriya,barfi in mute and so on). cant say I have seen a “different” performance from him barring Rocket singh.

  8. mate 9 years ago

    PATHETIC, is the word that can aptly describe this First Look.
    Ranbir is totally out of place here. He has the same ‘bhoot’ that HR had been captured by few years ago, to prove him a versatille actor and then failed miserably, and now go back to his comfort zone (Superhero genre). He must know that verstality came from the ‘character development’ rather than trying different genres.

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      but mate, ranbir is in his comfort zone only here. where is he trying to show versatliity?

      • mate 9 years ago

        @Babaji It’s you or me who think so, the majority don’t agree with us. And It’s not just about this particular look, it’s about his choice of movies from past to present to forthcoming projects that give indication how much desperate he is to prove his worth as a versatile actor.

        But I think it’s a very good stretegy for him trying different genres where he would stick to his image/ comfort zone, that shows every time he has tried something different but a little insight into the character, and you will find that he reapeat same act/ mannerisms again and again. For example, You agree to the fact that his Barfi act is copy/ paste of APKGK, a mute version of the latter. But look how media/ movie buffs present it as a path-breaking act, surpassing all his previous acts and blah blah.

        By the way, he looks like trying to imitate Aamir’s act in Rangeela/ Ghulam, and his role seems also on the same lines of a tapori. Actually this reminds me Khandala song where Aamir had the same expressions on his face, and a lot of other scenes too.

    • Ritz 9 years ago

      I dont think its meant to be a retro look. Look at his pant and shirt firtting – definitely not retro. The color is fashy yes..but there are films in which heroes still wear such colors (mainly south films).
      The car and background seems like its location is somewhere in foreign. Maybe this poster is just for promotion.

      Is this a remake of south movie or old hindi movie Besharam?

      • Ritz 9 years ago

        Just read the line “Shooting starts today” . So its only for promotional purpose.

  9. FS 9 years ago

    I hate this kind of retro look… Hated ‘OSO, Action Reply n TMK’. This is even more pathetic thn just Retro look coz his chavanni chap image doesnt suit him… Instead of cashing on his good looking image abhinav is digging his own grave making him unbearable…. For the first time i may skip his movie if the promos are as bad as this poster.

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      agreed fs. dont know if this whole fil is retro theme but i hate retor themed filsm. you took the right names in OSO,AR and TMK. garbage served in the name of homage is not something i can be patient with.

  10. Ritz 9 years ago

    Decent poster. Looking forward to it mainly because of the director. Liked the hindi line on the poster too.

    • aryan 9 years ago

      Good poster I like the car with two Silencers and number plate Ranbir looks reminding me of Aamir Khan’s Rangeela.

  11. mate 9 years ago

    By the way, I prefer Abhinav directing Dabangg sequels over this. And he is more a Salman khan/ Ajay Devgan director than the likes of Ranbir or Shahid. From the current crop, Ranvir Singh may be the best choice for this role, but he already have Gunday of the same genre. And I am afraid that Abhinav would not be another Sanjay Gadhvi, b’coz a lot of things are common btw these two.

    • aryan 9 years ago

      I have full confidence of Abhinav’s direction,story selection from the first film he gave blockbuster and both critics and audiences accepted and just see the Besharam poster how smart will be his direction.

    • Ritz 9 years ago

      “he is more a Salman khan/ Ajay Devgan director than the likes of Ranbir or Shahid. ”

      How many movies he has directed to conclude like this?

      Only One.

  12. Ritz 9 years ago

    @mate – can you rate top 5 or 10 actors by their versatility ?

    • sauravjha 9 years ago

      Ritz if you allow me the pleasure then i would like to rate few best/popular actor/superstars of India.

      1)Kamal Hassan 4.5/5 (By far India’s best actor/superstar)

      2)Vikram/Ajay Devgan/Surya 4/5 (They have all been very versatile in their career tho Ajay n surya seems to b going off their path a bit but still cant undermine their earlier work)

      3) Aamir Khan/Amitabh 3.5/5 ( Both brilliant actors with some brilliant movies to their credits)

      4) Hrithik Roshan/Ranbir kapoor 3/5 ( Both young n good actors with some tough and different choice of movies )

      5)SRK 2.5/5 (Good actor but limited himself at his peak shud have continued the way he first made his mark ala Darr, Baazigar n DDLJ but going by his recent attempts seems determined to do different stuffs so lets see.)

      These are my favourite actors of India Ritz would like to see your list too Thanks !

      • Ritz 9 years ago

        Thanks for rating Saurav, I will comment later. 🙂

      • mate 9 years ago


        If you allow me the pleasure then i would like to tell you Ranbir is miles behind to be considered among the top actors, first let him prove his abilities in his own ‘limits’ then make some comparisons with biggies like DK, AB and Srk. And you put him ahead of an actor whom he follow till date. Where he stands today, only because of a fraction of what he adopted from his idol, he is not even close to the dust of his shoes. And you are talking. And HR is a non-actor simple as that, first ask him to learn some acting classes then we will talk about how good he is. Aamir can act, but he is the symbol of mediocracy, a uni-dimensional actor can never rise above the script, even if there is an ample space of proving it, MP and the recent Talaash are the biggest examples of his sub-standard acting skills. And I am really surprised how an actor like Ajay Devgan having only one expression can survive in BW, he carry the same intense look in all his movies whether it’s action comedy or romance, but thank God he has atleast an expression that he can boast about and not a wooden like HR. I did’nt watch enough Hindi work of Kamal Hassan so can’t comment, btw he was good in Hey Ram. Don’t know who is Surya and Vikram, did they work in any Hindi movie. I think they are south actors, do you watch any of their regional movie, or just pick them from Satyam’s favourite list and post here as your favourites. 😉

        Ok just kiddin. I am sure they are good actors in sourth/north or whatever the industry they work. 😀

        • Ritz 9 years ago

          @mate, why so much frustration?

          There is definitely some merit in what you say. But there is a lot of exaggeration and urgency too. Just my opinion.

        • sauravjha 9 years ago

          @Mate i follow Tamil films cos I had my higher education in TN and now doing job here too hence i have seen some of their works. I don’t know who or what Satyam is so didn’t get your that point.

          On Hrithik’s / Ranbir work i liked the choices of movies they have made and they have certainly shown versatility in their choices and as far as their acting goes they have shown glimpses of their brilliant performances in some of their movies but all this won’t matter if you don’t like them at all or hate them.

          I am also an SRK fan and because i have follwed him religiously from 1994 i can see where he went wrong (m not saying u cant) and what he did right as for Aamir/Ajay u just have to see Sarfarosh/Ghulam or Zakhm to see how good they can get.

          Anyways u have your own opinion and i respect that.

          • mate 9 years ago

            If you change your priorities by reading comments from here and there, then it only shows your lack of firmity. If you wanna show yourself diplomatic and trying to get into these blogs getting attention of these so-called objective fans, as it present you an impartial fan in their view, then you are hugely mistaken. Because even if you make you or your favourite star bare infront of them, they still don’t satisfy and ask for more. The interesting thing is that they will force you to be objective in your thoughts but don’t leave their centre under some centripetal force. Ask any Aamir’s fan to say a single word against Talaash even after it’s debacle, and they will show you hell before death. So why not stick to your original thoughts, as it’s having some dignity. World does’nt end here, there’s lot more to do outside these blogs. Your comments don’t show your impartiality but rather show your star in bad light. It gives others the impression you are ashamed of being his fan, that’s why you pull him down without any reason. If you would be a fan of some 3rd class seasonal star then it’s fine, but you are a fan of an actor, who defines an era of bollywood, who rules BW for over 15 years, whose non-performers earn 200 cr Worldwide in his doom days, who is the biggest cultural icon of BW, who is the inventor and leader of a territory named Overseas, the world recognizes BW with his name. He is an actor capable of pulling an outdated genre off his sheer screen presence in the age of mindless masala. Every other star want to become Srk, Media want to make every upcoming star compete with Srk.

            And whatever you commented just for the sake of commenting, I wanna ask you, how many Zakhms (assuming it a quality act to raise a point) Ajay did in his entire career, 1 or 2 in a decade. Don’t you able to find much more and better zakhms of your favourite star and put him behind on the basis of just one or two media-made classics. What kind of fan you are, Even a non-fan can tell you MNIK, CDI and Swades as his favourite performances over an average Sarfarosh/Ghulam. Ask Ajay to do one of these roles without his typical mannerisms, forget about at that level where Srk pull it off. If Aamir would take seven janams yet he can’t be able to deliver as convincing and memorable acts as Srk did in Baazigar, KHKN and DDLJ. Because mediocre is a word, that is the endpoint of their limit, and excellence is a word that’s the initial point of Srk. May be there is an exaggeration in my wordings, but sometimes only exaggeration can do justice to the grand stature of someone.

            I know you are a Srk fan, so that’s why it’s only directed to you. Take it in good spirit. And I don’t want your reply on this, just read and delete from your memory. 😉

      • Reddemon 9 years ago

        this is your personal opinion so i dont have anything to ask further. I would have appreciated the comment if the names of the actor were supported with the movies from which they are proving there versality rather than randomly naming them.

        A ghulam doesnt matter even salman has tere naam and akshay have namastey london. Lol on mentioning zakhm for ajay. Mate said throughout his comment that ajay has carried same intense look throughout his career and ua giving example of zakhm in which ajay did same thing

  13. Ritz 9 years ago

    For me there is nothing like a versatile actor in Indian cinema. Each actor has his domain and acts within it with some variation. In bollywood – – They even change the scripts / story to suit their requirement. They change scenes to suit their needs and show their acting prowess.

  14. Raj 9 years ago

    Srk is a great actor,Aamir is a mediocre one & Hrithik is a non actor…ROFL……

    • Bored 9 years ago

      Considering SRK fans consider SRK as versatile – their rating of Hrithik/Ranbir or even Aamir as NON-versatile definitely means a lot! 🙂

  15. Bored 9 years ago

    Its a bit disappointing to see Ranbir and Hrithik wasting time on the likes of JawaniDeewani/Besharam and Krrish stuff. Both are after box-office next year. So is Aamir with Dhoom 3.

    All three should have ventured straight into Bombay Velvet, Paani and PK imo.

    Akshay/Ajay are better off with Special Chhabis and Satyagraha.

    • Baba Ji 9 years ago

      dont know about paani and BV, but pk is full commercial film.

      • Bored 9 years ago

        All of these are commercial, but thats not what I meant.
        Surely a Hirani film is more interesting than a Dhoom 3?

        • Baba Ji 9 years ago

          actually i know how aamir is going to be in pk. in dhoom 3 , i dont know how his persona is going to shape up for obvious reasons 😉 it will be more interesting for me.

          • Bored 9 years ago

            Aamir’s films have always been more interesting than him, Talaash was a rare exception.
            Dhoom 3/Krrish 3 are likely to be poor movies. Besharam will be Azab Ghazab Kahani part 2.

          • Baba Ji 9 years ago


  16. Antares 9 years ago

    bakwas! Not suit him

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