Agent Vinod Drops Heavily On Monday

Agent Vinod dropped heavily on Monday as it grossed around 3.75 crore nett as per early estimates. It was expected as the fall in collections on Saturday indicated the film facing a tough ride from Monday onwards. The four day total of the film is 31 crore nett and the film is likely to have a first week of around 39 crore nett

The drops were huge all over at 55-65% from Friday depending on the circuit. Areas like CP Berar and CI dominated by single screens dropped heavily but even multiplexes in Mysore were recording very low collections.

Agent Vinod has competition from Blood Money in week two but that film is not that hot so would not have effected Agent Vinod much if it was holding up but now now not much can be expected in second weekend from Agent Vinod. The film could even struggle to be an average fare looking at drop on Monday.



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