Aamir to attend rickshaw puller’s son’s wedding in Varanasi

Aamir Khan, who befriended rickshaw puller Ram Lakhan in Varanasi during his country wide promotion of 3 Idiots, has been invited to his son’s wedding.

The 47-year-old actor met Lakhan two and half years ago while travelling in disguise in North of India without any bodyguards to promote his film.

Lakhan has now invited Aamir to attend his son’s wedding in the holy city tomorrow.

Lakhan, who took Aamir on a tour around Varanasi while he was disguised as an old man, developed a strong bond with the actor in three days.

“Lakhan came all the way to Mumbai from Varanasi to invite Aamir for his son’s wedding. Aamir was very touched with this gesture,” a source said.

Aamir will be attending the wedding, according to reports.

The actor-producer is currently busy with his debut TV venture Satyamev Jayate.


  1. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    This is nothing but shameless marketing and exploitation of poor for TRPs of a TV show. Some tweets on this.

    “Aamir Khan is going to Varanasi to attend the marriage of an auto driver’s son. #JustSaying (PS – It hs nothing to do with Satyamev Jayate)”


    “Aamir to attend rickshaw puller’s son’s wedding in Varanasi #ThingsTRPRatingsMakeYouDo”


    Here is a PR piece from Subash K Jha.

    Aamir attends friend’s wedding in Varanasi

    It was a 2-hour stopover in Patna for Aamir Khan. But he won more hearts in those two hours than Shah Rukh Khan did on that seriously botched-up visit to promote Don 2 in Patna last December.

    Confirming his proximity to the grassroots Aamir swept in to Patna post-noon interacted with local people and left by late afternoon by road to attend his friend’s wedding in Varanasi.

    Aamir was on the way to attend the wedding of a Varanasi autorickshaw driver Ram Lakhan’s son. Ram Lakhan had travelled to Mumbai to personally invite Aamir.

    Says a member of his entourage, “Aamir had never visited Patna. He took a flight from Mumbai to Patna, mingled with the locals for two hours and then left by car to reach his friend’s son’s wedding the same evening.”

    In Patna he took time off to stop at a roadside dhaba to have the Bihari delicacy litti-chokha. The incredulous and ecstatic food vendor served Aamir a plate filled with 5 large littis. Aamir had two litti. He then requested the litti-wallah to let him take the remaining three littis to eat in the car.

    Aamir then sped away on the highway from Patna to Varanasi with the promise of returning to the Bihar capital in the near future.’


  2. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    One more.

    Aamir Khan enjoys litti chokha in Bihar

    Superstar Aamir Khan had a taste of the famous Bihari delicacy, litti chokha, at a dhaba near Sanjay Gandhi Zoological Park, sending onlookers and shutterbugs into a tizzy, official sources said.

    Known as the Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood, Khan after attending a programme organised by a national Hindi daily, drove straight to gate no. 1 of the zoo where he had a taste of litti and Brinjal bharta, the sources said.

    The owner of the dhaba, Santosh Kumar, was surprised to see Aamir Khan at his stall and wondered as to who had informed the superstar about his stall, added the sources.

    There was a near stampede-like situation at the gate of the zoo with hundreds of onlookers and mediapersons trying to have a close glimpse of the Lagaan star, police said.

    Aamir stayed at the stall for just ten minutes.

    He left the place in a huff without entertaining any query from the media, sources said.’


    Tight security arrangements were in place for Khan’s visit, police said.

    • hithere 12 years ago

      Chokha could be aloo or Baigan. But it is more commonly made with Aloo.

  3. aryan 12 years ago

    Debut TV venture Satyamev Jayate ke liye kuch bhe karega.

  4. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    First pictures of Aamir and Kiran’s son Azad Rao Khan with the driver from Varanasi.


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