Shanghai loses its bite and fight

The efforts being taken to market Dibakar Banerjee’s upcoming film Shanghai has been leaving a lot of people involved in the project rather unhappy. Earlier, Abhay Deol, one of the male leads in the film was miffed with the negative stories about his rivalry with co-star Emraan Hashmi, being generated to publicise the venture. And now, the director himself has been left with no choice but to sit back and watch as a Sufi number is forcefully added in the already completed movie by the music label T-Series head Bhushan Kumar.

According to the music house, Emraan and Arabic Sufi songs are a formula for success. And thus, they have now notified director Dibakar about the inclusion of a romantic number in the soundtrack of the film. In fact, they have asked him to add a touch of romance to the rough, street-bred character of Emraan in the film. The song will now be shot next month.

When contacted, Dibakar told Mirror, “Yes, they are insisting on the inclusion of a song. But I won’t call it Sufi. It’s a romantic Sufiyana number for Emraan. They want to use the song to promote the film. They said that with the image of Emraan, this is the sort of music they wanted.”

When asked about his feelings about the song inclusion, Dibakar chose to be rather calibrated in his reply.

“The music company has a huge stake in our film. I agree to the concept. Sometimes, you have to go with it. Initially, I wasn’t happy with it. I thought we already had a chartbuster of the year in Bharat Mata Ki Jai. So, when they said that they wanted yet another hit number, I was taken aback. After the reaction to the first song, they wanted to take the album a notch higher. I am okay with the decision now.”

About the shooting schedule, the director said, “We haven’t decided on the concept yet. It all depends on availability of Emraan’s dates. He is extremely busy right now. Whatever we do, we will make sure that Emraan looks best. Vishal Shekhar has composed the song.”



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