Aamir Khan Pictures from sets of Dhoom 3

  1. aryan 6 years ago

    Mr perfectionist looks great in the first picture and I liked his BMW Bike.

  2. Baba 6 years ago

    looks old and weird.never thought him fit for dhoom type series.

    • Milind 6 years ago

      Babaji..you see those cheeks swollen between the helmets flaps!!

  3. sunil 6 years ago

    The pedals of the bike are arranged upwards so that he could reach them.

    • Milind 6 years ago


      Will anyone give Akki a BMW bike to ride..all he can ride is Honda Dream Yuga…. πŸ˜›

  4. Bored 6 years ago

    Looks good.
    Aamir is going to have a mega 2013 with Dhoom 3 and PK. Just like Salman is going to hit it out of the park with ETT and Dabangg 2 this year.

  5. Bored 6 years ago

    Farhan really missed the bus with his DON series. Had he casted Aamir or Hrithik, he would have had one of the most successful action franchise at present. He kinda wasted his sleek direction on SRK. The failing of Ra. One, inspite of the best special effects seen in a Bollywood movie, further proves this point.

    SRK is not meant for any other genre except romance – even his historical attempt at Asoka faltered inspite of great production values for a period movie. The problem is that a stylized actor depends more on his preferred genre to deliver success than better script/direction/technical/production aspects. Stars like Aamir/ Hrithik get more easily molded to fit into the movie’s specific ‘world’. Recently liked the production values of Karan Malhotra in the Agneepath remake, where Hrithik merged well with it – without trying to snatch the limelight with mannerisms. That was jarring in the original where only aspect appreciated was Amitabh’s ‘style’ by his fans.

    Aditya Chopra is much smarter in this account – enrolling both Hrithik and Aamir in his Dhoom franchise, while casting SRK in their romantic biggie.
    The only problem is that they possibly cant have D4 after this! Aamir can take it on from where Hrithik left, since he brings more grittiness, which can compensate for Hrithik’s physicality. Uday I think has already declared this will be the last Dhoom movie.

    The action in ETT looks top class, the only difference here is the comedy track is being enacted by the Hero himself which makes it more low-brow than having a side character like Uday to do the needful. Akshay’s return to action genre in Rowdy Rathore also had a similar problem – making the lead do both comedy and action in the same movie comes out pretty weird.

    • narad_muni 6 years ago

      one word..WOW!

    • FS 6 years ago

      If Aamir is not good with comedy then it doesn’t allow you to say Akshay/salman enacting comedy track makes it low-brow. Side characters light up the screen only when the main lead act in particular sequence are pathetic. or else those side characters won’t remain side characters for ever, they don’t quit movies due to lack of work. When the lead himself can deliver both comic as well as action better than the side kicks then why producer should be bothered of extra expense hiring a sidekick – Wastage of money πŸ˜‰

      Similarly, Srk’s both Ashoka as well as Ra One failed due to content of the movie not because of its action genre. He was as good as Salman in action scenes of Karan Arjun. He needed one right movie to make it big in action but he used all his career doing romantic movies. Don and Don2 proves your thesis is good for reel than real.

      • Bored 6 years ago

        Akshay and Aamir both are good in comedy. Aamir has a cheeky sense of humour while Akshay/Salman are slapstick – which makes the latter completely lowbrow.

        Irrespective of script, the strength of actors determines how big a hit a genre movie can be. Don, Don 2 had all the material to be big, with Hrithik/Aamir in it they would have been superhits instead commission earners. This is no rocket science.

        SRK does not have a single Superhit/Blockbuster movie in action genre. No other current top star has such a distinction.

        • FS 6 years ago

          Akshay, Salman and Govinda are very good in comedy where as Aamir is too laboured to enact comic scene. Atleast srk has don and don2 as hits in action genre but tell me how many hits has Aamir given in Comedy genre? Nil.. This also proves your opinion is limited to few Aamir fanatics. Now don’t tell 3I qualifies to be in comedy genre.

    • Author
      sputnik 6 years ago

      First of all I think SRK was the right choice for the Don remake but he did not act well in the first one. He should have acted like he did in Baazigar but he was trying too hard to fit into Amitabh’s shoes and it did not help that he was repeating the iconic lines from the original.

      The new Agneepath was more of an adaptation of the old one than a straight remake like Don. Hrithik hardly repeated any lines of Amitabh in the new Agneepath and they deliberately made his character into a internal brooding one to avoid comparisons with Amitabh.

      I did not like the first Don – it was all style and basically the same as old Don except for the final scene. Loved the final scene and I think that was only the good scene in the movie. As far as Don 2 is concerned I liked it. The movie was very good and SRK acted really well may be because he did not have the pressure of being compared to Amitabh this time.

      As far as business of Don 2 is concerned I think it did well for the movie that it was. It did not have any OTT South styled action nor it had any item numbers like Chikni Chameli. It had only one song and it was modeled more on the lines of a Hollywood heist thriller rather than a desi masala movie. Farhan anyways makes movies for the classes rather than the masses. How much did DCH do compared to a DDLJ and how much did Lakshya do compared to a Border? A Don or Don 2 with Abbas-Mastan at the helm would have done way more with the same SRK in it.

      I watched Ashoka back when it released and I did not like the movie, SRK or his acting. The problem with SRK is that when he produces a movie he tries to pack in all kinds of stuff to appease everyone. Now that is alright for a OSO but you cannot do that for a Ashoka or a Ra.One. Yes the vfx of Ra.One were good but he added all kinds of unnecessary tracks (Sanjay-Priyanka track, Rajni track, karva chauth track, gay screener track, black lady dancing track) to appeal to all kinds of people which backfired.

      I know SRK has lot of fans who like him in romantic movies but I never really liked him in romantic movies except for a KHKN, Yes Boss and the first half of DDLJ. I think Aditya Chopra is a big idiot if he keeps using SRK only for romantic movies.

      • Baba 6 years ago

        “Hrithik hardly repeated any lines of Amitabh in the new Agneepath”

        The only iconic line of old AP was “pura naam..” and i think the new ap scene was just as good if not better.it came out pretty well.

        “I did not like the first Don – it was all style and basically the same as old Don except for the final scene”

        old don was far more engaging than the new one mainly due to the actors involved.amitabh was rocking as Don and vijay and iftikhar khan as ACP.Boman sucked in don.he was fat and lethargic.

        Bored – srk had KA though salman had a better role.i agree that he is not fit for action films.

        • Baba 6 years ago

          “Farhan anyways makes movies for the classes rather than the masses. ”

          i dont think very highly of farhan as a director.he has good ideas but somehow all his films lack that punch.you always feel something is missing.I think dch is his best film but even that film has some redundant scenes.I revisited lakshya recently.It has some very good conceptual scenes but suffers bcos of ordinary dialogue writing.Like the scene where hrithik sees the pakistani chauki on the border and it makes him feel indian,it is such a great scene conceptually but somehow it doesnt make the same impact on the viewer.I found a similar problem in swades.The scene before dassera where srk talks how our culture is not necessarily better than the US.A great food for thought but the writing was again not upto the mark.But on overall account,i think swades scored may be 2-3 points more than lakshya as a film,some scenes came out well like the railway station scene.

          • Bored 6 years ago

            Farhan as a director is on a steady decline, more due to his fancy in acting, singing, producing, etc.

        • Author
          sputnik 6 years ago

          Yes old Don was good except for an unnecessary fight scene between Amitabh and Pran (which looked like they added just because a similar scene was popular in Zanjeer) and the final fight scene which was stupid.

          Loved Amitabh as Don and he was good as Vijay too. SRK was pathetic as Vijay.

          Agree that Salman had a better role than SRK in Karan Arjun. So SRK is not fit for action films but Aamir is?

          • Baba 6 years ago

            srk is better than aamir in action.i liked him in baazigar.

        • Bored 6 years ago

          Baba – When it comes to action and the Khans, then it is Salman > Aamir > SRK.
          And I would prefer Akshay’s action in the 90s way beyond anything the Khans can do.

          • Baba 6 years ago

            yes,akshay in 90s was best in action though his std today has gone down considerably but then it is ok at his age.among khans,i think its salman > srk > aamir.None of the 3 have great action skills but then srk can be far more intense atleast when he wants to be (CDI,baazigar).he portrays the raw anger better.

      • Bored 6 years ago

        DCH was a small budget movie, and its business being restricted to A centers did not hurt anyone.

        Don, Don 2 are typical action thrillers with big budgets and the returns were hardly enough to justify their budgets. And could have done with better editing. With all their slickness, both were kinda slow. Agneepath remake was paced better. But yes, there is a difference in their style – one is raw desi action and the other hollywood style, both had their respective ‘thrills’ – be it a Chikni Chameli or suave bar dancing item numbers.

        Lakshya was an underperformer due to high budget, much like Ra. One. Now this is only from the box office aspect; as a movie Lakshya was quite good. Same cant be said about Ra. One.

        SRK’s problem is mannerisms, and mannerisms usually become more problematic with age. Aamir/Hrithik have advantage there.

        • Author
          sputnik 6 years ago

          I don’t know about DCH’s budget but it may not have been low budget either as half of it was shot in Sydney. DCH was a commission earner too according to Komal Nahta (may be Doga can confirm)

          DCH (185 min), Lakshya (187min) and Don (178 min) were all 3 hrs long and could have done with better editing. Moreover Farhan always has scenes with no background music and this adds to the feeling that the movie is slow paced. That is why I said Don would have done better at Boxoffice if it had been directed by Abbas-Mustan.

          All actors have mannerisms but mannerisms are different from overacting. SRK overacts most of the times and that is his problem. Aamir was consistently good till RDB but since then he has started to overact too.

          • Bored 6 years ago

            Yes Aamir has been trying too hard in recent times – I guess after some solid box office numbers behind; everyone tries a bit too hard to please their audience.

            But in my books method actors are better in adapting to different genres and tones instead of stylized mannerism prone actors (Don 2 had SRK playing out to his the gallery with his typical mannerisms).

          • Milind 6 years ago

            Yes we saw theSOLID BO numbers of DG. Talaash is getting stiff competition in SS from K786. πŸ˜€

            Aamir adapts– ROFL–He is the most monotonous actor–same mannerism,same expression..no charisma..nothing that can catch your attention even in passing times..average dialogue delivery..no understanding of context..over stress on useless stuffs rather than getting diction correct..playing high toned roles as low and vice-versa..no versatility in expressions..no minor variations..forget major ones!

  6. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    Video of the shooting.

  7. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    Ok comment on topic – Bike is very good but it seems too big for Aamir from these stills but he may still look good on screen.

    On Aamir and Salman’s comedy – I think both are good. I prefer comedy which is integral to the plot than a sidekick doing comedy for the sake of it. I would rather watch Salman do comedy than some Tsunami guy.

    Having said that Salman doing his usual comedy in Dabangg goes with the character but it may seem odd when he is playing a raw agent in Ek Tha Tiger. It would be good if he has more smart one liners like the “kapde utar nahi raha hoon” from the latest dialogue promo rather than his usual comedy.

    • hithere 6 years ago

      For some reason I don’t like the bike. Especially the headlamp.It is small compared to bike.

      ps – I am not an expert on bikes.

  8. Milind 6 years ago

    If SRK’s damn good HIT DON AND DON 2 does not qualify him as good in action then going by the BO parameter stated here by someone above, Aamir never excelled in comedy given the fact that the supposed classic AAA was a big FLOP! The day some one as incompetent as Aamir who has also turned monotonous and laboured recently equals what SRK has done in the climax of Baazigar ,Darr,KA,– I will qualify him as an action material. Aamir’s greatest action adventures failed miserably– Aaatank Hi Aatank, Baazi,Mela..his period saga opened well and then fizzled out–Mangal Pandey. A Swades in 2003 and Paheli in 2005 did more than what DG could afford in 2011. So what should we brand Aamir? Incompetent actor?

    Yes SRK has done less action based saga but then dloing romance is not easy. Ask yourself why don’t you have a single actor sans SRK who qualifies as a demi-God in romance whilst there are 10 actors who will qualify as an action star better than Aamir or Hrithik. Hell,Even Suniel Shetty in Vinashak and Anth is at his supreme. Don;t give me this shit that Ghajini was a great action saga.If that was so then Tu Chor Main Sipahi featuring Akshay and Saif was also very good outing!

    None has been as versatile as SRK.. Negative roles..[Aamir has one and that too in a flop/average film–remember people were dealing in terms like comission earner earlier in this thread]…Romantic[He is unbeatable]…College Boy…Patriotic…Sports[Pensive,Brooding,Upright]…Action…Ethic and Colourful[Paheli]…Mentally unstable..aspergers syndrome…Superhero…Masala..[MHN and OSO were good urban masala].. and what not!

    Let’s not bullcrap here! People vcan atleast tolerate SRK in Amitabh’s shoes… but they would ridicule Aamir..moreover Aamir ain;t so big to fit into Amitabh’s shoes!!

  9. Milind 6 years ago

    Aamir might hit big with PK but this D3 is looking like a child stuffed on a machine! No more No Less!

  10. FS 6 years ago

    On the Topic, D3 and PK will definitely be the biggest release and might be the biggest grosser of all time. Aamir has so many films to his credit that one can revisit his old films and watch many times compared those of likes of Salman/Aamir or Akshay/HR. Slow and steady wins the race and right now AAMIR IS VERY BIG many folds compared to his height.

  11. Milind 6 years ago

    None has as many films to be revisited as SRK– Right from his Baazigar which is a staple food for Zee Cinema and Zee Premier to Darr to KHNH to DDLJ. KKHH trends… Swades is a cult.. Baadshah might have been more watched than DDLJ. K3G is the modern day Waqt. RNBDJ,OSO,MHN,KHNH,VZ all have tremendous repeat values.

    Aamir will always be SHORTER amongst THREE KHANS !!

  12. Milind 6 years ago

    Every big film of any star gets a bigger release and bigger buzz than previous film of rival star. What’s the big deal here!!

    • FS 6 years ago

      that means srk’s will have bigger release than ETT?

      above repeat values you mentioned are subjected to its core fan base not all.

      Right now Aamir is still no 1 – lets agree to disagree…

      • Milind 6 years ago

        Yes SRK will have bigger release than ETT. πŸ˜€

        “above repeat values you mentioned are subjected to its core fan base not all.”

        Why think so highly of yourself so as to impinge your opinion to “all” and discard mine?? πŸ˜‰

        Yes Aamir is No.1 in terms of lacklustre performances and laboured acting. I agree!

  13. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    More videos from the shoot.

    Watch this video till the last πŸ˜‰

  14. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    More pictures.

  15. Bored 6 years ago

    Whats the hat for? Looks weird.

  16. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

  17. John Galt 6 years ago

    I kind of agree and disagree with Bored.. Srk is indeed meant for only one genre- Romance–having said that , he is meant for Romance only for his candyfloss fans.

    • John Galt 6 years ago

      I however, have always liked him in, his non-romantic roles.. (barring a KHKN) like Yes Boss, RBGG, Swades, CDI.

      He sucked big time in first Don as Vijay ,He was decent enough as Don. He was decent enough in Don2 but the movie itself was one of the biggest disappointment and a massive show off. In recent times, I haven’t been more disappointed by a movie than Don2, not even Ra.One.

      Regarding Aamir and Action– NO WAY…The only way he would fit in Dhoom 3 is , if he has a highly negative role.. No He wouldn’t look good doing action scenes and no I would believe that anyone would get hurt if Aamir punches them

      Regarding Srk and Action– I think, it will still be a joke if aamir and Srk together hit a gunda and win… Srk 6 packs in OSO resembled a kathakali gay dancer rather than any action hero.

      Neither Srk nor Aamir have what it takes to do even a decent action scene.

      regarding aamir’s memorable/repeat watch movies

      LAGAAN (the best entertainer since Sholay)
      3 IDIOTS

      regarding Srk’s memorable/repeat watch
      YES BOSS
      KARAN ARJUN (Although I wouldn’t credit srk for a repeat watch here)
      DDLJ (not for me, but for millions out there)
      DIL SE

      • Baba 6 years ago

        ” Srk 6 packs in OSO resembled a kathakali gay dancer rather than any action hero.” πŸ˜†

        “Neither Srk nor Aamir have what it takes to do even a decent action scene.”


      • Bored 6 years ago

        Of all the movies you listed I could only revisit the following:

        Aamir – JJWS, AAA, Earth, Sarfarosh, Lagaan, DCH, RDB, TZP, 3 Idiots
        SRK – KHKN, Swades, CDI

        The ratio is 3:1 for Aamir and SRK.

        • Baba 6 years ago

          earth and sarfarosh are slightyl overhyped.rest of the choices are decent to great.

          • Bored 6 years ago

            Earth and Sarfarosh were good movies that never got their due compared to other Aamir movies I mentioned.

            Movies like Ghulam, HHRPK, DHKMN, AHAT are all very much over-hyped (by fans specially) and are quite poor remakes of the Hollywood classics they were copied from. Ghajini also falls in the same category.

            Also, never thought much of the likes of Dil Se, Yess Boss, Baazigar or Darr – always felt they may had been better movies if SRK could have restricted his facial contortions (had the same issue with DON and DON 2 – both I may have liked much better with a more restrained star). And Karan Arjun was a terrible movie even by Rakesh Roshan’s cheesy standards.

            I forgot to add that QSQT and DDLJ can be revisited, but only for guilty pleasure.

          • Bored 6 years ago

            Unfortunately I never had the inclination of revisiting any Akshay/Salman movie as such; inspite of having enjoyed the entertainment factor in some their outings.

            Apart from Aamir/SRK, I guess Hrithik is the only other superstar whose few films are worth revisiting – Lakshya was inspiring, ZNMD is one of the best buddy films I have seen apart from DCH. And Agneepath may remain one of the better remakes made in Bollywood.

            And Ajay Devgan has a few movies I like to revisit – Company, TLOBS, Gangajaal.

          • Baba 6 years ago

            I keep revisiting some akshay action films like KKK,mohra etc. I have salmans veergati in my laptop πŸ˜€ I think his veergati-KA avatar is his best onscreen outing but it has not been explored much besides these two films.

            ajay – i watch TLBOS,gangajal,jigar.

            hrithik – znmd,lakshya,agneepath,JA.

            srk – cdi,swades,pardes,baazigar (darr can be watched occasionally for his performance)

          • Bored 6 years ago

            When Darr was being made, Yash Chopra wanted Aamir in Sunny’s role. Now that could have saved the movie.
            But Sunny’s moronic act in romance, coupled with SRK’s facial contortions and distortions made an amusingly entertaining film, but nothing more than that.

          • Baba 6 years ago

            aamir in sunnys role would have been even more moronic but interesting because of srk-aamir clash!

      • Author
        sputnik 6 years ago

        I said same above.

        “I know SRK has lot of fans who like him in romantic movies but I never really liked him in romantic movies except for a KHKN, Yes Boss and the first half of DDLJ.”

        SRK’s 6 packs looked bad in OSO but I don’t think you need to add kathakali and gay together. He looked gay – Farah said she was objectifying men but I suspect its more Karan’s advice.

        As far as action scenes are concerned SRK never had a problem with action scenes since his first movie itself. Its Aamir who had a problem in his earlier movies because of chocolate looks. Even Aamir compensated with his acting in Sarfarosh/Ghulam. Now action without emotion is useless. SRK in the final fight scenes of Baazigar is far more convincing and effective than a lot of action heroes. He copies Amitabh in those scenes and is as good as Amitabh.

        I liked Sarfarosh but I have not revisited it in a long time.
        I saw QSQT only once never seen it again
        I love JJWS and I can watch it over and over again. Same with AAA.
        Did not like DHKMN when I first saw it and have never seen it again. Hated the whole Rakesh Bedi track and the Anupam Kher hamming – “Beti Bhaag Jaa”
        Liked HHRPK when I first saw it and its still watchable but its hypocrisy when people don’t have problem with the southern stereotypes (Iyer father and the effeminate male dancer) in this movie while pointing at southern stereotypes in other movies.
        Loved AHAT a lot in the 90s but ever since I saw Kramer vs Kramer I dont care for it anymore.
        Liked Ghulam back then but have never revisited it.
        Loved Earth.
        I think Lagaan is the best movie of the decade but I never watch it in full because its too lengthy.
        Can watch first half of DCH many times but cannot watch 2nd half.
        Liked RDB but have never revisited it.
        Did not like 2nd half of TZP and never revisit it.
        Loved 3 IDIOTS on first watch but cannot stand it now even for a few scenes.

        As far as SRK movies

        I can watch Baazigar except for some silly comedy scenes, Darr again mainly for SRK’s performance (hate Anupam Kher’s track), KHKN, first half of DDLJ, CDI. I have not watched Swades again even though I liked it a lot because of the length. I can watch Yes Boss too except for the final scenes but have not seen it also since a long time. I can watch HTHS multiple times because its so bad its good. πŸ˜‰

        • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

          “Liked HHRPK when I first saw it and its still watchable but its hypocrisy when people don’t have problem with the southern stereotypes (Iyer father and the effeminate male dancer) in this movie while pointing at southern stereotypes in other movies.”

          Dont remember when that effeminate dancer scene is there. I remember Aamir taking the kids to a Indian dance festival. Didnt find that mocking or overdoing.

          All I remember about HHRPK was – they wasted lots of eggs in the ending and I was angry when the scene was going on. As I was hungry too….and what a wastage of food man!

          • Author
            sputnik 6 years ago

            Juhi’s father wants her to marry the effeminate dancer because he is a Iyer. There is a scene where he is talking moving his hands in a effeminate manner and Juhi tells him “Aap haath hilay bagair baat nahin kar sakte” and he says “Good Joke”. There is another scene also where she says she does not want to marry the “Cartoon” and that “Is ka har ang teda hai”.

            Aha. The egg throwing and cake throwing scenes were standard for comic party scenes since Naseeb.

        • Baba 6 years ago


          I like the if… but formula you used throughout the aamir filmography. πŸ˜€

          • Author
            sputnik 6 years ago

            I have used similar style for SRK’s filmography and have mentioned lesser movies for him. I have mentioned every Aamir movie that suprabh mentioned since my comment was in response to that.

            Conspiracy theorists always see what they want to see and ignore anything that doesn’t fit into their conspiracy theory πŸ˜‰

  18. John Galt 6 years ago

    Do you have an auto refresh on the page ?… I wrote a long comment and went out for coffee.before posting it..and come back to see the page has refreshed or something.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      u went out for coffee “before” posting it and u expected the comment to be here when u come back!

      Sorry…there is no software so far in the world which can do this.

      • John Galt 6 years ago


        I had gone out before posting it, because I had to add more to it.. Then I locked my computer and left.. (I do this a lot) and when I came back,,The page was still there but my comment wasn’t there..(in the white comment box that is).. It only could have happened…if the page refreshed. πŸ˜•

        • Author
          sputnik 6 years ago

          I don’t have a auto refresh on the page atleast not to my knowledge.

          LOL on Ritz’s comment πŸ˜€

  19. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago


    “When Darr was being made, Yash Chopra wanted Aamir in Sunny’s role. Now that could have saved the movie.”

    Aamir was offered SRK’s part and Aamir said he was thrown out because he demanded a joint narration with Sunny. The role was also offered to Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt and they refused it too according to Yash Chopra.

    Here are links about that.

    Yash Chopra in conversation with Uday Chopra – Darr

    Casting doubts

    Darr was a hit fllm as well as the movie that made SRK the superstar after Baazigar. His performance was acclaimed by the masses as well as the critics. I consider it to be one of his best performances.

    • Baba 6 years ago

      yes sputnik .aamir cant act in such roles. he overdoes roles where he has to show intensity. MP/ghajini etc.he doesnt know difference between an angry man and a horny monkey.

    • Bored 6 years ago

      I read reports at that time that Aamir rejected Sunny’s role at one point, cause he thought the anti-hero role was stronger. The 3 Khans always had issues working with each other. After so many years they only have 2 films (KA and AAA) where two of them shared parallel roles. In the same way we dont get to see the likes of Ranbir/Imran getting casted together (although Zoya did try for ZNMD).

      Darr was liked by the masses and was a hit. It made a movie star out of a TV actor (that is a lot of prestige for any TV actor) but srk was hardly a Superstar then. His status after Darr/Baazigar was similar to the star status that Ranbir enjoys now (although the fan demographics are contrasting here).

      I think its a bit of a stretch of consider Ranbir as a big Superstar right now as the 3 Khans. Even Ajay, Akshay or Hrithik can be loosely termed as Superstars. But Ranbir? Seriously? Same argument went for SRK during pre-DDLJ phase.

      Ranbir needs a real big hit of about 150+ cr to build a pan-India base to graduate into a ‘Superstar’ – to draw the analogy he needs a DDLJ. Working with the likes of Basu, Kashyap or Imtiaz is unlikely to do the trick. He should actually do Besharam for free – as that looks like his best bet at the moment.

      • Baba 6 years ago

        “His status after Darr/Baazigar was similar to the star status that Ranbir enjoys now”

        absolutely wrong.after baazigar,srk was a mass star.Ranbir I am not sure has a following outside pinkvilla girls and aunties!

        • Bored 6 years ago

          Thats why I said the fan demographics are different.
          SRK didnt have the girls/aunties then and Ranbir dont have the masses now.

          To be a Superstar universal acceptance is essential, but thats not the only criteria.

      • Author
        sputnik 6 years ago

        This is the first time I heard that Aamir refused Sunny’s role.

        Deewana already made SRK, a TV actor into a star and no TV actor had made it big then. I remember some of my friends used to joke that people are watching Deewana from the interval because of the first half being Chitrahaar and Rishi with a paunch romancing daughter’s age Divya (which is what might happen with SRK in Yash Chopra’s next πŸ˜‰ )

        Back then SRK got all the credit for Deewana and of having overshadowed Rishi. I found it funny when I read some people saying online that SRK was a supporting actor in Deewana. The interview of Rishi himself confirms that he played second fiddle to SRK.

        Blast from the Past: Rishi Kapoor Interview from the 90s

        • Bored 6 years ago

          SRK was indeed a rising star at that point, he not only overshadowed Rishi in Deewana, but also Sunny in Darr. And in Baazigar he found super chemistry with Kajol – it was a rising curve phase of his career.
          But at that point he hardly had the craze equal to Amitabh in his heydays or what Salman is enjoying now.

          • Author
            sputnik 6 years ago

            “But at that point he hardly had the craze equal to Amitabh in his heydays or what Salman is enjoying now.”

            Agree but I think he was at the point where Amitabh was after Deewar and Sholay but never reached the point where Amitabh was in 1977 during Amar Akbar Antony phase. SRK gave bunch of flops in 1996 even after DDLJ.

          • Bored 6 years ago

            Not really.
            Srk’s career from Deewana to pre-DDLJ was similar to Amitabh’s from Zanjeer to pre-Deewar. Both were rising stars in those phases, overshadowing other established stars quite effortlessly and delivering Hits in the process.
            DDLJ and Deewar were the films from whereon they started delivering blockbusters as the dominant leading superstar in their respective genres.

  20. Serenzy 6 years ago

    Some of My AllTime Fav SRK Movies :-


    Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa[Beyond Rating]

    DDLJ[Beyond Rating]

    Karan Arjun[Total Masala Entertainer…Punar Janam!]

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hain[Cheesy but LOVE every bit of it]

    Baadshah[The BEST COMEDY MOVIE of SRK…Hilarious!]

    Josh[I don’t know why I like it but I can Rewatch it a Number of Times]

    Asoka[Brilliant Effort…I am a Huge Fan of the Movie.
    Sad, it Flopped]

    Kal Ho Naa Ho[One of the Best Romantic Movies Ever]

    Chak De India

    p.s- I haven’t seen Mohabbatien & Veer Zaara as of yet.

    ‘Swades’ is a Good Film[Not My Fav] with Mindblowing Acting Performance of Shah Rukh[Same with MNIK].

  21. Baba 6 years ago

    “DDLJ[Beyond Rating]” “β€˜Swades’ is a Good Film[Not My Fav]”

    dhanya ho!

  22. FS 6 years ago

    β€œDDLJ[Beyond Rating]” ——– Was it so pathetic? πŸ˜› I can rate it atleast 2 stars…

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