Synopsis: Shahrukh studies in London…And comes from a small village in India…In London He decides he wants to somehow settle there…he is attempting to get his citizenship there..With this being a long and stressful process, he decides he will need to get married to a resident there…And is aware of this speeding up the process…so begins scheming a plan to trap someone into making this easy for him (through marriage)…so he can start a life there… he begins music classes with Katrina, who heard him playing his guitar on the streets of London…And slowly but steadily she falls for him…They both decide to get married….To Katrina this wedding means the world…to Shahrukh it is a stepping stone…What Katrina is not aware of is the fact that in Mumbai, Shahrukh already has a Fiance…Anushka…As he teaches Katrina the guitar… He also begins to fall in love with her… But soon realises someone is waiting for him back home…someone he had made promises too…on her dying fathers death bed… Who will Shahrukh choose…??? What happens when Anushka turns up to London looking for her Fiance ? Shahrukhs family back home in India have already given Anushka & Shahrukh their blessings….How will he get out of this situation ?

  1. sputnik 11 years ago


    Is this confirmed? If this is true it does look like a reworking/adaptation of Daag.

  2. Author
    Milind 11 years ago

    Regards confirmation,do not know.It surfaced on the net. Its certain there will be a grey shade to SRK’s character.Moreover I presume there will those legendary tissue paper need moments in the film.Yes looks like Daag but after all its old wine with a contemporary feel.Aint it 😉 😉

    Will cross 100 and end at 110-115..not a penny more than that!

  3. narad_muni 11 years ago

    lets keep the predictions on hold for now 🙂
    RA.ONE episode is still fresh 😉

    • jamoon 10 years ago

      Ra.One episode ?? sorry..excuse me ..BOI declared the movie a HIT so I don’t know frankly what episode are you talking about. Are you going by the views and analysis of SRK haters, media and corrupt trade analysts like amod mehra or taran adarsh. Quite ignorant of you…muni

      • narad_muni 10 years ago

        the comment was a reply to Milu, so keep ur nose out of it.
        Anyways, I pardon ur ignorance 🙂

        • jamoon 10 years ago

          Thanks for the “pardon” 😛 ….are you for real ?

  4. jamoon 10 years ago

    It would flop if that’s the story really

  5. Serenzy 10 years ago


    ra1 clearly is a Huge Failure while don2 is a clean Hit(redeemed SRK to an extent).

    @LI Story.
    Story isnt any gr8 shakes…Looks mediocre….Its d Treatment dat will either make it a DDLJ or Mohabbatien(two extremes)

    it can do abt 95cr at Best IMO…A rise abv RNBDJ…Lets see..!!

    • jamoon 10 years ago

      100 cr is a given now for three khans clearly 🙂 Sorry but 3 khans are not an akki or hrithik or ajay that they fail to score a century at box-office every now and then. The khans are beyond box-office while others are struggling to make a mark in the film industry.

      SRK redemption ?? LMAO i hope that was a joke. Nevermind.

      • fearlesssoul 10 years ago

        Hritik has already given 100cr grosser – Agneepath. Soon Ajay and Akshay both will catch up unless they start giving 200cr grossers 😉

        • jamoon 10 years ago

          I also feel Akshay will directly do a 200cr grosser with Rowdy Rathore 😛 He will still not get into that elite 100cr club.

  6. sanket porwal 10 years ago

    Interesting! Liked the synopsis. But I hope this film is made within 2.15 hours and everything happens with a brisk pace unlike Srk’s 2.45 hours melodramas. If the film is edited well, it will definitely have its impact. Anushka may have very small role.

  7. Jasper 10 years ago

    Really doubtful this is the real synopsis. The film should first have solo release; all this talk of clash at Diwali is really unnerving.

  8. sputnik 10 years ago

    @fearlesssoul and @Jasper,

    I noticed that you guys did not have posting rights. I gave you both posting rights.

  9. sputnik 10 years ago

    Hope what you heard about me was good 😉

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